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  1. I agree. But posters have had some good suggestions.
  2. Just returned from a 12 night cruise with my CPAP. I had requested it on my personalizer. Asked steward when he introduced himself. I had it before I went to bed. Used less than half the gallon. How many days are you cruising? Wow...4-5 gallons? I was feeling bad that I had left over water and wondered what they did with it. One gallon usually lasts me abut 1.5 months.
  3. cr8tiv1

    Dismbarkation Checklist

    I always change my time to a slot that is 30 minutes earlier than I need to get off (example: 10 changed to 9:30). They often run late. My luggage is ready and I can walk off anytime after 9:30. My last exit in San Pedro was delayed by over an hour. It didn't work well.
  4. cr8tiv1

    No Show vs cancellation

    I had the same thing happen to me (years ago - so not sure if it is still applicable). It was past the final refund period. Cabin Mate decided not to go. I asked for several days to work out another plan. I could do a name change for $50.00. No go. She gave me 24 hours (impossible situation). She told them to cancel HER booking. That left me scrambling. I was hit with a single supplement plus had to rebook for a more expensive last minute inside cabin as a solo. Of course, neither of us had insurance. That was the ONLY time in my life and I would never travel again without insurance. Ask your cabin mate to think about you and be a no-show.
  5. A six year old will be unimpressed with the canal. Although I do not like the Island for her modifications, the old locks will be more interesting to you. That said....Is it the cruising or the itinerary you are interested in? Cartegena has a cute "zoo" for free at the end of the pier.
  6. cr8tiv1

    Club Class dining no longer Shared tables

    I was on the Caribbean Princess (CC) and the window tables were all set for twos. They were so close it was like sharing (okay with me). I was ont he Golden Princess (CC) and all of the window tables were set for 4's and 6's. Occasionally, the larger tables would be used by a couple. I preferred the Caribbean set up. It allowed me to dine "alone" yet with pleasant neighbors to chat with.
  7. cr8tiv1


    I prefer a smaller ship when sailing anywhere (including Hawaii). The Emerald has an extra deck. Tendering in Lahaina will be slightly more time consuming. If you could move your cruise up to February or Early March, you will have a much better chance of seeing whales. Yes, they are still here in April, but many have already started the migration back to Alaska. Weather and sea conditions are not very predictable. Spring is a very nice time to visit the islands, but bring rain gear (umbrella, rain parka, etc).
  8. cr8tiv1

    SKY S107 S108 Window suites

    No photo on Princess but it is on Sky Deck way forward. Might be a nice Window Suite, but not in a convenient location. A step in the right direction....more Window Suites please.
  9. Where are the whales in your "back yard"? I read that the numbers have not been as strong recently.
  10. A day late and a dollar short, story of my life. MEMORIAL ACCESS UPDATE as of October 31, 2018: The USS Arizona Memorial is currently closed. Visitor access to the memorial was suspended in May 2018 due to movement of the loading dock and corresponding movement of the loading ramp to the memorial, which posed a safety concern for our visitors. Repairs are expected to be completed by March 2019. In lieu of USS Arizona Memorial programs, visitors will be taken on a 30-minute narrated harbor tour of Battleship Row and the area around the USS Arizona Memorial. Tickets are still required. Visitors can get walk-in tickets at the visitor center on a first come, first served basis, or reserve tickets online at www.recreation.gov. The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, museums, and bookstore are still open as usual from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, seven days a week. Our partner sites – the Battleship Missouri Memorial, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum – are also open as usual.
  11. Disclaimer: This is my best guess and not an authoritative reply to customs and immigrations when you reach Honolulu port. You have already cleared all US customs requirement since Guam is a U.S. Territory. Your ship will need to clear port authorities (the same as if it were sailing from LA to HNL). You "should not" have any more delays. That being said...I have a story to tell you about me bringing Trader Joe's items from LA to HNL(direct/not via Ensenada) on a voyage. Weather report for Sunday: High: 80 degrees Low: 72 degrees. Sunny and no rain (except for the occasional possible "mauka" showers in the morning). Humidity in the 60's % with NNE trade winds.
  12. cr8tiv1

    Grand Princess

    You will absolutely love the location of the Window Suites when it comes to Suite Breakfast (Golden was held at the Crown Grill...just outside your rooms). Down the hall to Club Class dining. The private hallway is super quiet. Between public decks (don't need to get into an elevator). I never missed a balcony. Almost direct route to Princess Theater. Additional (public) bathroom down the hall in case of an "emergency".
  13. cr8tiv1

    Grand Princess

    I have only sailed in a balcony on an NCL ship. Is it the balcony that is twice the size or the cabin itself? There are three grand class ships with Window Suites (no balcony) but twice the size of a normal cabin. Caribbean, Grand, and Golden. They are my first preference of cabins.
  14. I just got off the Golden in late September. Luckily I don' have to deal with LAX. My assigned time was 9:15 AM. Walked off the ship at 10:30. Out the door at 11. We were on hold for an hour. No one...was allowed off the ship. Princess wasn't saying anything. Customs official laughed...it was Princess' "machines" that were the problem. Are you planning to self disembark? Before 9:15, they were already running 30 minutes late.
  15. cr8tiv1

    Platinum/Elite Lounge

    It is so late in the afternoon (5-7) that many who dine early are unable to attend this daily event. Then they start to wrap it up before 7. On a 12 night cruise, I was able to make it once.