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  1. I also bought a nice looking watch at the $10.00 sale ($9 with Elite discount). I couldn't set the time and had another small issue, so took it to the "expensive watch" store on board. He was most gracious and fixed my problem. I was tired of constantly looking at my phone for the time. Best purchase on board.
  2. and ... it has/had barrel chairs! Why doesn't Princess add all of these great cabins (rather than such a limited supply). 2 on the Golden and so few Window Suites.
  3. I'm so easily confused. Why are very old threads resurrected? I didn't even notice the date of the OP. Are these cabins still on the Golden? Aren't they like the new ones on the Coral? Thanks for the clarification.
  4. If these are Club Class cabins, I'd look at comparing the price to Window Suites. I didn't know these existed (very nice), but I'd take a WS anytime (Grand/Golden/Caribbean). Or does CC stand for another category?
  5. I'm just spoiled. F301 is smaller, but the same perks. If you can keep the hallway door closed, you won't have any problems with the cigar lounge. The "furthest" forward I've been is F307. It's above the "bow" and sometimes you can "feel" where the ship cuts through the waves. The further away from the Princess Theater, the smoother the ride. Best perk for F301 is that you have an "emergency" bathroom right outside your hallway. Good to know fact. I agree, once you've experienced Window Suites on the Grand, Golden, and Caribbean, it's really hard to book anything else. Location, location, location. Sure wish Princess would have built newer ships with Window Suites on the Fiesta Deck (not on the higher deck as on the Sky).
  6. I'm not quite sure what your comment means. Most of my "friends" are still alive.
  7. Ballroom dancing is decided by the Entertainment Director. Mark (on the Ruby) was very approachable and I had several conversations with him. Dancing was pre-dinner in Club Fusion. The first couple of nights had horrible music. No one could dance. After our conversation, the music was great (5:30 - 6:30 ish). Unfortunately, the back of the ship is not the most stable area for dancing. Then we had to ask the maintenance people to turn off the strobe lights, flashing lights, etc. All worked out well, but definitely not enough dancing for me. It is the luck of the draw as to who will be playing in the Explorer's lounge or Wheelhouse on either ship. I've had terrific bands and not so good ones. Who can dance to an acoustical guitar????? Another suggestion....if Window Suites are still available on the Golden....grab any one but F301. You will love the location and full suite perks. Keep in mind that you will have lots of sea days. With 500 extra passengers and no one getting off the ship, it will be more difficult to find seating in public areas.
  8. I love the Golden Princess. One less deck (500 passengers) than the Ruby. Showroom aft so that the CD could possibly schedule 2 performers to break up the crowd. Other than those two differences, they are "sister" ships. Which itinerary are you thinking of? The Golden has a covered pool but no thermal spa.
  9. Let me get this straight: On other lines....you can reserve a show, but not a seat? You still have to show up 15 minutes before the show? I'll opt for the way Princess doesn't have restrictions. But I do wish CD staff would be in the theater to monitor crowds and offenders.
  10. Only the Island and the Coral are Panamax ships. The Caribbean Princess was/is too wide to fit through the "historic" locks. No way could you have been on the Caribbean Princess transiting the old locks. OP is asking about "historic" verses new. You will find many who recommend the Coral Princess and a full transit. If you can swing the extra days, it will well worth the time. I've done both and was rather underwhelmed by the new locks. Ho-Hum.
  11. I didn't know you used a CPAP? Goes to show you how much I know. I did purchase an adapter with multiple outlets from Amazon so that I could plug in my CPAP machine AND the night stand lamp). You have to crawl down low to reach that plug behind the bed. So much easier in a Window Suite! (sneaker-sneaker) Aloha from the land beyond. PS....listen to JF. She knows her stuff. First time I traveled with my CPAP...I forgot a piece and I had a frantic time trying to replace a small part that isn't sold separately.
  12. I didn't know you used a CPAP? Goes to show you how much I know. I did purchase an adapter with multiple outlets from Amazon so that I could plug in my CPAP machine AND the night stand lamp). You have to crawl down low to reach that plug behind the bed. So much easier in a Window Suite! (sneaker-sneaker)
  13. I've never had problems getting wine glasses from my steward. On my last cruise, he stocked my cabin with 4 since I was the one inviting guests for "cocktails". He was one super duper steward and kept up with all of my needs.
  14. I thought about the child after I posted. Yes, you are correct. OP had mentioned something about the child not being able to be booked on EZ air with Grandparents. That's what I meant the Power of Attorney was for. Maybe that would help with the suite switch. Agree. Wife/Husband should be in same suite with one child. It would help if OP clarified ages of children. Are there any family suites on the Emerald? I would guess they are all sold out by now.
  15. Are there two of you? There is one closet for each of you and a third closet to store ALL of your luggage. I have fit 4 large suitcases, 3 carry ons, and miscellaneous things I wanted to hide. And still there was room to put short clothes items or fill it to the brim. All closets have doors. Keep in mind, that if the boat is rocking and rolling, so will your suitcases with wheels (lol). There are 21 drawers and a few smaller cupboards and shelves. If no one takes a jacuzzi tub bath, you can store more luggage in the huge tub.
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