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  1. I am not a trivia person, but have random answers from the recesses of my brain. I'm glad to see you post the questions. I may be able to add a few to my nonsensical compartment in my brain.
  2. It is my understanding that there are 7 day round trips from Seattle with a stop in Victoria. Mute point right now since Canada isn't allowing ships in. Round trip from Vancouver has always been back to back trips. Vancouver to Whittier (7 days), same reverse itinerary Whittier to Vancouver (7 days).
  3. I, too, misread your post. I hope Hawaii will be ready since I have a voyage to Hawaii booked for March 2022. Since I live part time on Oahu, I go for the ride.
  4. I was like 8 years old then....I've learned to love fishing now. No, I do not have photos of my inside cabin. Ordinary, nothing to write home about. But my next cruise to Hawaii is booked in a Window Suite on the Grand.
  5. I do hope your cruise is a go. Unfortunately, Hawaii isn't ready for tourists, just yet. As of Tuesday, they are requiring air passengers to have their pre-travel COVID test negative within 72 hours of departure. The bad news is that their "trusted" providers are now saying that the results are delayed (maybe 4-7 days). If you do not receive the results before you leave , but they are on your phone upon arrival...too bad. You are now quarantined for the entire 14 days. The news around town is that Hawaii will not open for cruises until late 2021. Nothing in th
  6. The island you see in the distance at the beginning theme of the second and third season is an actual island called Coconut Island or Mokuoloe. It is located in Oahu's Kaneohe Bay and is the home of the Institute of Marine Biology. The 1st season island seen in the distance is an island in the Bahamas called Sandy Cay. As a little girl, I used to go fishing off Mokuoloe. All I remember was stuffing hotdogs down the Akule that we caught with hand lines. I was that bored.
  7. April 8, 2019 - Port of Los Angeles Web Cam April 10, 2019
  8. Haven't checked in for a while, but here are a couple of links: Beyonce: https://startsat60.com/media/lifestyle/entertainment/hilarious-beyonce-parody-made-for-the-over-60s-will-have-you-in-stitches Sea conditions: https://www.passageweather.com How to make a yarn lei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1qDgmdGtv0
  9. International Cafe favorites: Cinnamon doughnut (not everyday), peanut butter cookies, tiramisu, and watermelon with feta cheese. Did you know that if you are in the piazza around 4 PM, they have a cart with milk and cookies? Tea at 3:30 (scones) Milk and Cookies at 4:00 Elite pupu's at 5:00 Dinner at 5:30
  10. Iowa's sister ship is the Missouri ported at Pearl Harbor (Oahu). I was leaving San Francisco on a Princess sister ship when the Iowa was being towed to San Pedro. Mahalo for resurrecting these memories.
  11. And to HighJack your thread....Hello to my cruising buddies. Amazing what attracts them to this thread. I'm on a Hawaii cruise in 2022....Joining me in a Window Suite????? Too bad. F311 is already booked for a b2b.
  12. I am sure you will return to California for another cruise. Store this for your future trip: Santa Monica Seafood Restaurant. Amazing that your photos show such blue skies. Lucky you. https://santamonicaseafood.com
  13. Good day Ellie, You have shown me places that I have not been to, although I live right here in So Cal. Thanks for the tour. Beautiful photos.
  14. I am also impressed with DH's water abilities. I grew up on Oahu, with a famous surfing beach around the corner on the weekends....and I still don't know how to swim.
  15. It IS one of the worst airports to fly into. Unfortunately, it's all we have. With construction for the next few years, getting a "ride" will be a miserable experience too. All arriving passengers will need to be "transported"/walk to an area to be picked up by taxi, ride share, etc. Glad you are on your final leg before the ship. Hope the next few days are wonderful.
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