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  1. @geoherb, I feel your. pain. I experienced all of those same incidents at various times when contacting Princess. I, too, was after the magical 5 PM hour. Today, I was on hold then connected to the same surly OCEAN Navigator you had (they must taint the coffee in the morning). At least you were fortunate to get an arrival time. They could do nothing for me (cruise is less than 100 days out). Told the same story. Priority boarding is non-existent. I will be assigned a time (by deck). These are not satisfactory resolutions. Princess needs to fix this ASAP. Tomorrow is a new APP update
  2. If you are on the 10/27 cruise, then I will take care of the Grand for you. Have we cruised together before?
  3. I'm doing 4 days to San Diego. (I could drive it, but this will be more fun). I'll add you to the list of people I may run into at the terminal, coming or going. I wonder who else????? Would have done a b2b but Princess wouldn't allow me to book one.
  4. The gods must be with all of you. The seas have been calm and what a gorgeous day to visit Glacier Bay (thank you bridge cam).
  5. Are "we" cruising together or are you on the Majestic 10/23 like all of my other friends? I made final payment before August due date. Made no difference to getting a boarding time or to get the app to work any better. I'm probably stressing for nothing since everyone on the Alaskan cruise are having fun. Sure wish the messaging app for CC worked.
  6. I was able to book Crown Grill a long time ago (or seems like an eternity). Went into DMW app. I was able to book my daily times (although in Club Class...so not sure if Princess knows the difference). Saw an opportunity to book specialty restaurant. Went for it. That's when more problems showed up. I'm fine. I have a table for 2 (booked only for me) at the time I wanted. Will take my cabin mate along with her voucher. Not messing with any edits in fear of losing what I do already have. Have a screen shot because I don't trust Princess. App accepted complimentary as pay
  7. Yes, I am in a suite, but on a short cruise (no comp first night dinner). This was a promotional item. I no longer understand anything that Princess does.
  8. Mine asked for payment, then showed complimentary. I was able to book a table for 2 at $0.00 for me but not my cabin mate. Go figure.
  9. Chat update on Princess.com: Agent told me that she just received an update that arrival window will open 30-45 days before cruise. I could not comprehend why the window. Who gets 30 and who gets 45. No mention of priority to Elite/Suites (courtesy notice of upcoming opening). Out of my control. I need to let this go.
  10. One hour and 7 minutes. Called 844 number. What a surprise when agent told me that he had to connect to an Ocean Navigator. Another wait. At least I could speak to the Ocean Navigator Dxxxxxx. First announcement: New update coming on Friday. "Should" fix glitches. Bad news. She could not get into my app/account to assign me a boarding time. What???? Others have been able to call in and get boarding time. Nope...I have to wait to be assigned a time according to my cabin location. Doesn't matter that I am an Elite in a suite. "That is the way of th
  11. I would jump on any cruise that was a one way. Unfortunately, the PVSA prevents this from happening unless the cruise departs from Vancouver (or Mexico).
  12. Carnival Cruise line is ported out of Long Beach. Sometimes....Princess stops for a day in Long Beach from a San Francisco itinerary. San Pedro is used by NCL, RCL and sometimes Celebrity (although Celebrity and Holland America usually depart from San Diego).
  13. Double duty today while I was on chat with Princess this afternoon. She couldn't solve one issue so I moved on to the next. Can she help me with getting an arrival time. She took me all over the app. I told her that I could "see" nothing that she was referring to. "We" were on hold as she contacted OCEAN Navigator. Useless as always. They know of the problem (not being able to get an assigned time). They could not/would not get me an assigned time. They told me to check back daily. They told me that I would get an email when this is resolved. I'm not holding me breath un
  14. Okay, I took the challenge. Went to Chat on Princess.com. Connected to an agent...of course had to connect to OCEAN Navigator. "Bon Voyage" is an automatic response. Means nothing. Mine says PAX1 Bon Voyage paid. I did not go into he said, she said...this offer, that offer. Another wasted hour with Princess. But heck, I'm retired and have nothing better to do with my time.
  15. Yes, you can, but the cost would remain the same. I noticed that the trio dessert tray is no longer offered. Nor the lemon meringue item is not on the list.
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