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  1. @Astro Flyer Go ahead...post and boast that you have all 5 green checks. `Aka iki......
  2. @joepekaHopefully the web version will be up and running. Announcement said October/November....but then again, it took 4 years to roll out Medallion ships to be fully functional.
  3. Ocean Navigator tells me that my "app" with the QR Code (blue/green or other) is your boarding pass. Those without a smart device? I don't know what you would do. I am guessing you show up and someone will direct you to wherever. Do you at least have a medallion?
  4. My Medallion Net problem begins before I even get on the ship. "Somebody" deleted my purchase. Luckily I caught it, called Princess, they reissued purchase...and I have copies of all credits/payments/OBC, etc.....just in case.
  5. Same here. I can see it. They can see it...It just won't "register". Thank you for sharing this with me. I already feel better. Are you Blue Cleared?
  6. @cruzin4us Thanks for the lovely photo journey. I was a newbie when I had my first SPA experience (Seaweed wrap) on some random ship. I was pulled in to their sales pitch. I am a very fast learner. Haven't been back to the SPA for any treatments.
  7. Thank you for your suggestion but this was something that needed to be fixed by the Navigator. I have tried several avenues, but since I am working with a travel agent, PVP's would not take my calls (I think). I am good...just frustrated at Princess). I WILL get on this ship.
  8. I do not answer (robocalls) or calls that do not show up on my caller ID. Do you have a number. So far,, I've received unanswered calls from: 510-804-3479 206-672-2522 213-293-0833 None left a voice message. How are we suppose to know to answer these "important" calls? I am waiting to hear from Ocean Navigator that they fixed my problem. But I will not answer an unidentified caller ID.
  9. My most recent experience. CSR over the weekend could not help me because Ocean Navigator department was closed. Really nice guy. Suggested that I call when Princess first opens and the queue is not "that" long. So I did that. Set my alarm for 7:55 AM. Did a test call. Yup, Princess still closed. Called back at 8 AM. Had to "mansplain" to CSR what I needed to do before she would connect me to Ocean Navigator. Even then, she got it incorrect and I had to explain again why I needed their help. Entered near expiring credit card Green Lane/received Medallion Blue Lane kicked out near expiring credit card Tried to re-enter new card with distant expiration date on APP NO CAN DO....couldn't save it Spent two hours with a very nice Ocean Navigator who couldn't get past my same problem. Told me just to show up, go through blue line, and have Pier enter my credit card information. In the meantime, she would escalate my issue to their IT department (the guys that created the app). I would not have "priority" even though my cruise is just around the corner. Minor problem compared to those still trying to get app ready. In the meantime, I receive 2 emails from Princess telling me to make sure I have all my green check marks to get on board the fastest way. One even said to be sure I am finished or I may be denied/delayed boarding. Ocean Navigator "assured" me that I would not be denied boarding for a credit card issue. I haven't document the hours spent on this app, but I am wondering if I have spent more time with Princess online/chat/phone than will actually be on the ship..... I give up and will take @Bgwestadvice and just move on. Not worth the agony of defeat. Even tried to have cabin mate authorize me on her card....she couldn't do it.
  10. Just be aware, CVS doesn't have appointments 2 weeks out in many locations. I've been watching, at all hours, for the past 3 weeks. I am lucky to run across one for the next day. Unable to book dayssss out. This is a recent problem. At the early start, I did the Walgreen PCR non-rapid test 2 times. Both were returned within 40 hours. I have done 2 Rapid Tests with CVS and both were reported back in 15 minutes with printable results within the hour. I currently hold an appointment at a private clinic for a rapid test. Others have said they are quick and it works for Princess cruises. There is an "administrative" fee, but insurance will cover test. I am glad everyone is being tested. It is just so stressful. Good luck to all
  11. I have 4 (within 10 miles) who offer rapid tests. NONE have availability. I do not understand the discrepancies among CVS's. San Diego seems to have many locations.
  12. You are the fortunate one. I was able to schedule two rapid (non cruise related rapid tests in early September/early October. One Rapid Antigen/One Rapid PCR. Now that I want one for my cruise, they are not to be found anywhere in my area. So I am paying another venue to get myself on a cruise. Sure wish my area had a CVS with availability. Lots of. PCR's that are not guaranteed back in 2 days. Not willing to take the chance. Like Princess....it all depends. Policies are changing constantly.
  13. Princess will accept a Rapid Antigen test as well as a Rapid PCR/NAAT test. https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/us-cruises/ Guests must be tested with a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) viral test that could be either an antigen test or a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). Antigen tests include: Rapid antigen test Viral antigen test Antigen Chromatographic Digital Immunoassay, Antigen Chemiluminescence Immunoassay, or Antigen Lateral Flow Fluorescence NAAT include: PCR - Polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR – reverse transcription real time PCR Quantitative PCR (qPCR) Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) test Transcription-mediated amplification (TMA) test Molecular test or molecular diagnostic test Isothermal amplification Droplet Digital PCR or digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)
  14. If you can find it, CVS, Walgreens, Other paid venues have rapid tests. Survey only says (Free - Pray the results come back in time for embarkation). Options should be: 1. Home Proctored Test kit 2. CVS, etc standard PCR Test (Free - Pray the results come back in time for embarkation) 3. CVS, etc Rapid test (paid venues included) Princess does testing at the pier outside of the United States for all passengers.
  15. Did your friends use this as the only test for their Princess Cruise? It would not be considered a valid COVID test: 1. Over the counter. 2. Not proctored. 3. No verified lab results
  16. Not enough voting options. What about testing with cruise line at the pier? What about paid rapid test?
  17. Pink would be nice. But I don't think they offer a pink one. Color isn't important to me since it will be out of sight more often than not. If the "purser" desk line isn't long, I may exchange it. Otherwise...a nice souvenir.
  18. Only through my diligence am I able to get issues fixed on the Medallion Class Act. Today, I live chatted with Miriam to fix a missing Medallion Net order. Seems as though "someone" cancelled my order but I never received credit back to my card. After spending a good amount of time on chat, they were able to reissue plan. I will never know what happened to initial order. But it is a reminder to make sure everything is in order before sailing. I also was on the phone with a wonderful CSR on Saturday. Unfortunately, he was unable to "fix" app since it will require me calling back Monday-Friday so CSR can text Ocean Navigator. I entered credit card with "iffy" expiration date. I received Medallion. Princess then decided credit card would not be considered valid. But since I already have my medallion...long story. Only OCEAN Navigator can fix this on my app. He was the first CSR that actually made sense and could clearly communicate what my problems are. And insult to injury....my medallion is blue. 🥶
  19. I was wondering about your itinerary. It seems as though it went like this: LA/Ensenada/San Diego/Sea Day/LA. (couldn't confirm since that cruise is no longer available on Princess.com).] Did you have to go through customs because you stopped in Ensenada first? I know they do the same if Princess hits Ensenada before arriving in Hilo (not the norm).
  20. That was my same philosophy. I was just "checking"...not entering anything new. Lucky me...I am now in the blue lane because my credit card is not valid. It doesn't expire until November. I tried to enter another credit card. No changes to lane status. Spoke to Live Chat. She suggested that I delete app and reinstall. Do you think I am going to do this at such a late date? Not a chance. I do have my Plan B with all printed documents. So san diego sue...are we sailing together again or on different ships?
  21. No need to bring singles. The cashier will gladly take your $20's and give you change. There's no service charge either (haha). They will get it all in the long run.
  22. Most performances are copyrighted...so yes, it would be against the rules. But we all DO know about rules and who follows them. Even Live theater performances staged on land are having a difficult time enforcing the no video taping law.
  23. Yes it can, but the quality is very limited. In the past, I've paid the difference to upgrade to a wine of my choice.
  24. I always enjoy your blogs. Thanks for the ride. Sorry for all of the changes, but you here and ready to sail.
  25. @AF-1 Glad you enjoyed the Window Suite. Was suite breakfast on disembarkation day in Crown Grill or Club Class? Usually not served on the last day. But with fewer passengers...just wondering.
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