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  1. I do know that on Sky Princess in February my husband lost his medallion (fell out the opposite end of the lanyard connection) on his way to the gym about three doors from our cabin. He noticed it was gone as he left the gym two hours later. An intruder would've had two hours to enter our cabin, and do who-knows-what. It's creepy. The Medallion was very convenient for charging corking fees, buying coffee at International Cafe, embarking/disembarking, and even entry to cabin. The security IS an issue. I think it would be super easy for Princess I.T. gurus to combine the door op
  2. Cellular At Sea is "there", but is about 90% unreliable. Useless, basically. And it costs. With unlimited internet, technically you can do wifi calling FREE -- if it works. (We learned the hard way that wifi calling with Verizon doesn't work well, if at all, if using a Bring Your Own Device [BYOD] phone. So beware.) Wifi calling didn't work for us except sporadically, but did work perfectly for others. If you're doing wifi calling/texting, the other party doesn't need to have anything special at their end, e.g., be connected to internet. It's handled as a regular call as far
  3. There is a problem with security. Hubby returned from the gym and noticed that his Medallion was missing. The side holding the lanyard was intact, but the other side had separated and the Medallion fell out. We found it very close to our cabin (using my Medallion). Anyone could have found it, walked by nearby cabins, and our door would have let them in.
  4. That's interesting and good to know you found a workaround, and I thank you for the tip. It was one of the iterations a VZW techie came up with that didn't work for us. In any case, I will copy/paste it into my Word doc for "Cellular" for future reference. When we got home, I Googled the issue, and there are HUNDREDS of posts about this problem. It crosses all providers, all devices, iphone/Android, etc. (Technology is the best thing ever, and the worst thing ever. LOL!!)
  5. It's Verizon; it definitely supports wi-fi calling, and does so perfectly at home. And before each trip we verify that our devices are open for international calling -- not that that should be relevant when using wi-fi calling. We won't do business with AT&T, but I am going to look in to T-Mobile which seems to focus on international calling more than others -- IF we decide to cruise again.
  6. We were on Sky Feb. 1-8, and wi-fi calling didn't work for us -- me with a BlackBerry Android Priv, and my sister with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. When trying to make a call, we got pop-ups saying to turn off Airplane Mode to make a call. If we did that, then it would go to Cellular At Sea, or a nearby cell provider on land, and not wi-fi calling. Three hour-long internet chats over three days with Verizon Tier 2 Tech Coach never resulted in a solution. They tweaked every possible iteration and configuration to no avail. Wi-fi itself was excellent and it was so worth the cost, but the
  7. To use the basic Medallion apps -- Compass, Now, etc. -- you don't need the internet, or even a phone. It grabs the ship's intranet and can be used with a tablet that isn't connected to a mobile provider phone number.
  8. When we were on Sky Princess last week, internet / wi-fi was active even while in ports.
  9. Airplane Mode and Cellular Data/Mobile Data do different things. I did research on this just yesterday and here's what I found. Basically, airplane mode means to turn off all electronic communication on the iphone. This means it wont send any signals for making phone calls, sending or receiving text messages, wifi, GPS, location services, or any cell tower information. This is what you turn on if you are traveling in another country and want to just use your iphone as a camera for example. Be aware that you can turn on airplane mode but then enable wifi after it, a very important
  10. You might check out WhatsApp. It was a life saver for our group of four, and back home also. See my post #501.
  11. Ideally it does. Practically, it does not unless all are blessed with ESP. Messages might be sent and received, but the person on the receiving end doesn't know -- no notification. We just got off Sky. We all downloaded free WhatsApp on our Androids (maybe it works on iphone, too), and were able to call and text perfectly among ourselves. And if family and friends at home download it, too, it's perfect to communicate with them, too -- also free. Just have to remember it works via wi-fi at both ends. We bought unlimited wi-fi, so could communicate 24/7.
  12. We didn't order lanyards, but received two with the Medallions. "Do they sell these or any other accessories on the ship?" LOL! Are you kidding me? The retail shop for this c**p is large, and that's probably why the Library (at least on Sky Princess) is no more. If they can make money, they're gonna do it.
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