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    San Juan
  1. We’re all reduced to arm chair travelers these days. I don’t know about you, but I took comfort from the Sky Princess blazing “We will be back” in lights across the ship. But in the meanwhile, how can we satisfy our insatiable appetite for cruising? Well, here are a few suggestions: Book it. Not the trip, your photos. Do something awfully old-fashioned—create a photo album. Yeah, having them on your cell phone is great. But seeing them in print, laid out in a slick coffee table book is even better. It’s cheap to put together and it will keep your mind off the vacation you didn’t have. Stack the deck. Put your favorite photos onto a deck of cards, a mouse pad or luggage tag. Do what you never had time for. We had Shutterstock make up luggage tags with our faces on them. It would be hard for someone to take the wrong suitcase now. See a disaster. Watch “Titanic” or “Poseidon Adventure.” Not something you’d want to do while you’re cruising. But now, while we’re all in dry dock, why not? Heck, you might even check out the YouTube videos on the sinking of the Concordia. Root for Royal. And Carnival. They’ve been heroes, letting us off the hook while facing large losses. Plan your next one. You know there will be a next one. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but at some point, your ship will sail again. And you want to make sure you’re on it.
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