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  1. That’s great! They must have changed their policy....I think it’s a great option
  2. I could be wrong but I thought I read somewhere that once cruise is cancelled you can no longer lift and shift?
  3. Good question...I would rather have a few cutbacks and keep the pricing competitive. Some of our cruise prices were more expensive back in the day compared to now.
  4. I must be in the minority.....I’m in an IV and loving it!
  5. I’m on the Edge right now and think it’s great! Don’t know what you need improved?!
  6. Great review and pics! I know what you mean about that song! We’re back on the Edge in a few weeks and that song keeps going through my head! I remember walking around singing it onboard! Did they finally get rid of the shrubs that used to block view of movie screen? Do you know what any of the movies were?
  7. Did they add a liquor store? I don't remember one when we were onboard last year?
  8. Is there a hotel in Ft Lauderdale where we could leave our car for a week and get a shuttle to and from the port?
  9. The difference is that this perk was offered as an INCENTIVE to book this class cabin
  10. Cannot find anything about this on Facebook. I am probably looking in the wrong place. Where on Facebook can I go to voice my complaint?
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