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  1. That is close to what we understood. When we booked, there were no other Princess sailings available after ours. That could have changed. We were told on board by the crew the ship would sail under the P&O flag to Sydney, but would still be named the Regal Princes until it went under the conversion to the Pacific Dawn. Doesn't matter, both sailings were at the end. 31st sounds right. We left for Hawaii on the 16th for 15 nights.
  2. We sailed what we believed was the last sailing of the Regal in Aug of 2007, round trip LA to Hawaii. It was our understanding the above cruise was actually flagged under P&O though the ship still had the Regal Princess name on it. We also got to experience the Tasman sea on the Star. We stayed in bed and and tried to enjoy the rockin' and rollin' The Regal wasn't in as good of shape as Atro Flyer mentioned above. We got a knock on our door at 2AM first night out asking if we had water in our room, After first saying no, we heard a loud slosh. We were on deck 13 I believe so ei
  3. Use this LINK to get to a site with a video of the view from the Royal C410. https://sites.google.com/site/2013royalhorn/home C409 and C410 definitely are bigger and are the only balcony rooms we will book. FYI, there is enough room for a UBD.
  4. Mine comes from my last name spelled correctly in Dutch. (See my email)
  5. We have stayed in both C410 and C409 on Royal class ships (just below D408/D407). These have a view forward where as the D409-412 face inside the arc. D409 and D410 would have sufficient room for a UBD as they definitely have more room than other balconies in this area of the ship. Not sure how tight it would be for a UBD D411/412. Balconies are larger than the others, but only by a much smaller amount.
  6. LOL I flew over 100 USAF test flights as a test engineer/trainer/System-SW Engineer for problem solving. Flight safety was drilled into everyone for over 15 minute to a half hour EVERY flight.
  7. Yes on Better Training and building a habit. If all they did was the video, the part of getting one to the muster station would be missed and the Chaos will increase. I hope there is some way down stream they are able to ensure cruisers put on their vest at the end of the video. By going to the muster station and performing the act of getting the vest on, a cruiser has the majority of the skills needed in a real emergency.
  8. Paraphrasing the saying, you train as you would perform. There have been several examples of how training has changed, here are two examples: The FBI used to teach their agents to hold onto their brass at the firing range to help keep the range clean. That was until they found spent brass in the hands of agent that were killed while reloading their guns. Same with the airline safety speech. A lady survived a crash landing where a fire soon broke out. She got out of the emergency exit even though she was several rows away and numerous passengers blocked the aisles. These passengers we
  9. I received my notifications for years through Yahoo. Several years back CC had a problem with Yahoo passing emails through so I swithed to Gmail. Have not had a problem since. That said, I found I needed to contact CC, and in those communications, I learned CC was trying to determine the problem with that email service. Might want to try writing CC.
  10. Princess now has a TA in April 22 with a similar itinerary on the Enchanted Princes sailing 4/9/22 followed by a Scandinavian cruise. We are booked as of now.
  11. Here is a link to the roll call for the Sept 11 TA on the Sky LINK
  12. The 8/18 8/30 and 9/11 cruises are priced on the princess site. May have to search in TA and/or under sky.
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