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  1. The hooks for the one I posted are flat metal. In the fall of 2018, we didn't have any problems with these on the Coral Princess after I rebent them.
  2. LA is our home port so I cant answer the Valet question, but as far as time, there is usually a note on your reservation indicating earliest time. If you book thru EZair, it should only give you allowed times.
  3. Whenever we had someone with a diet restriction in our party, each time a member of the staff met the person each night with the next night's menu and did a pre-order of a meal meeting their needs. The staff member even came into a specialty restaraunt one night to get the next night's order.
  4. Check with the TA. When I did this one time, I thought the TA heard from Princess at that time. I didn't get an email.
  5. I hope you are not talking from personal experience of doing this! LOL As for the buffet, I thought they were still using a syrup.
  6. We have used one that was four shoes wide and had clips. They will have to be re-bent possibly as the doors are thicker than a standard US interior door. Ours was very similar to this one. LINK
  7. Don't worry, the chair won't be able to buy drinks or shop in the stores on board with your medallion. As others have mentioned, they can whip them up real quick. May have to stand in an additional line when checking in though.
  8. Can you provide a number for the cabin you see as 250. I only see 222 in all aft BD cabins.
  9. This is how we interpreted it. Our son had enough to be Platinum, and that is what he got.
  10. A very simple search or ask would have found the info. Sounds like you are mad and looking for blame. Consider yourself lucky as it appears it wasn't a major hit, and lesson Learned. As some have pointed out above, Princess insurance is OK under some conditions. We will take it for a coastal out of California, but that is as far as we would go. Where it comes up short is medical emergency and covering outside expenses. As soon as you are doing outside tours and travel along with hotel stays not booked with princess, the coverage is not there. Basic Princess coverage for getting you home in an emergency is only 50K (100K if you qualify for the Platinum coverage). That can be exceeded very quickly. For those on Medicare, the vast majority are not covered outside of the USA and in 2013 the MedEvac bill was over 40K (second hand info) for a person on our land tour through Princess to get back home after being injured in Switzerland. We now buy a 250K MedEvac minimum policy when cruising outside of the US.
  11. Our experience has been you can have the wine held to the end, bring up to two on and pay corkage for the rest, or do a combination. We have done all three multiple times and never had any problems. Bring it back through security and the will point you where to go. We have never had a problem with the ship holding wines for us until the end on the cruise. We have bought very high end wines while on tour and checked them.
  12. Have you called princess to report you aren't going? Make sure you follow instructions for reporting, that is the main thing!
  13. We like the C409/C410 layout of the balcony (which can be found on all decks with a balcony). You can actually sit and look all the way forward without leaning over the rail.
  14. That has been my experience. Once we would show them the bottle, they would happily take it with a smile and were back in a minute with glasses and the bottle opened.
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