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  1. TheRabbit

    On board credits

    I hope you are successful.
  2. TheRabbit

    On board credits

    Sounds like it is time to call. Make sure you have all the paperwork from the cruise showing the bill was partially paid on board with OBC.
  3. TheRabbit

    First time having to make a claim on Princess insurance

    Just beware, when you insure through princess they only cover the cruise and their flights. If you have multiple add ons as we do some times, make sure to get insurance to cover it all. Last year we cancelled a river cruise, land tour prior to cruise, private land tours in ports, upgraded flights, along with a princess cruise. Took us 3 months to straighten it all out, but was made completely whole in the end.
  4. TheRabbit

    Bed on Balcony

    Can you imagine waking up in the morning? "Honey, I think you have a bad case of the pox!" LOL
  5. TheRabbit

    Bed on Balcony

    Does one really want to put ones bed on the balcony?
  6. TheRabbit

    Soot under foot?

    Is it possible this was wet droppings from the auto window cleaner from the upper decks?
  7. TheRabbit

    The Ultimate Cruise Song Playlist

    I just had to go back and shoot six wholes in my freezer! The only cabin fever I have is wanting to get back in a cruise cabin. Somebody sound the alarm. LOL
  8. TheRabbit

    chef's table

    There is a button on the phone.
  9. TheRabbit

    Free internet minutes?

    Make sure to sign out/disconnect correctly each time to prevent loosing all your new free minutes.
  10. TheRabbit

    Sail Away Traditions

    We did a UBD last month on the Coral. When they set up the table, we added the speaker first thing before sitting down.
  11. TheRabbit

    chef's table

    I think every bar has one posted you can look at and you can go to the pursers office and get one. Usually they are set out on the counter for you to grab without standing in line.
  12. TheRabbit

    chef's table

    So many people don't really look at the Patter the first day then ask later "when did they have the signups for that!" On the first day there are usually signups for escape room, egg drop, scrap heap challenge, and many more one time only events along with instructions for things like the Chef's Table you mentioned and many other fine dining opportunities.
  13. TheRabbit

    Sail Away Traditions

    Poseidon? Isn't that a three hour tour?
  14. TheRabbit

    Sail Away Traditions

    Roll out the Barrel of Bier!!!!
  15. TheRabbit

    Sail Away Traditions

    Mostly rock for me along with Jimmy. DW likes all kinds. So we have play lists we have put together and down load before a cruise. (I also have a conga line play list for fun.) Then all we have to do is play the music on our Ipod or phones and enable the Blue Tooth. Playing the Bose on loud in the room, you can not hear it on the Balcony to give you an idea of the volume. If you are familiar with the small Bose speakers, they give you a surround sound effect, but not by blasting you out. If you play it in a room, it covers the whole room, but not to well in the next room over.