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  1. Following. Love the photos! Alaska was my retirement cruise in 2007... ready to go again, but an Alaskan cruisetour the next time.
  2. I've also been told that its highly possible I'd be able to apply one FCC to my B2B cruises, which RC should automatically allow anyway. Will have to call and request a supervisor to intervene. Less tracking balances, remembering to apply the balance of a used FCC to another cruise after returning from a cruise, etc. (A refund wasn't an option since it was originally was a FCC for a storm-related sailing.)
  3. We were previously booked on the cancelled B2B Transpacific & Hawaii sailings for April/May 2020. Nonstop flight on United (LAX-SYD) via Air2Sea was $576 pp. Later, after flight was ticketed, we upgraded to business class directly thru United website for $600 and 30K points. Premium Economy was only $189 pp additional. Our friends' return flight from Hawaii (via LAX) to the Washington DC area (HNL-IAD) on United was less than $400. Flights from Vancouver via Seattle to DC (our itinerary) were $268. Hope this helps! We truly missed those great two sailings; hopefully can book again in 2022 in either direction.
  4. That is correct. You must book a cruise using the "Next Cruise Open Booking" within 60 days of issuance to keep the associated OBC.
  5. OK, thanks! Maybe RC is just waiting til after final payment (Jun 27th). It doesn't seem rationale that they'd bring a ship here from wherever it is now (Manila?) with all Alaska & Hawaii sailings cancelled, just to sail to back Sydney and NZ is supposedly closed to cruises thru the end of this year.
  6. Assume this impacts the Ovation TP departing from Honolulu to Sydney? Certainly would have been helpful for RC to list the impacted sailings! Seems as their website isn't accessible at the moment and I've tried using 3 different browsers and cleared my cookies
  7. Just curious. If one uses a FCC to cover the entire cruise fare, will you earn points for that cruise? Or should one pay at least $1 or more towards the fare (in addition to fees and taxes) to ensure points will be awarded? Thanks!
  8. On March 13th, I cancelled our Oasis (June 14) cruise with a $500 deposit and still haven't received our FCCs although I do have a confirmation # for the cancellation. Was told today by RC D+ rep that "we were having trouble and your FCCs still haven't been issued yet". On May 21st, I cancelled my Canada/NE sailing on Adventure (Sep 10) that was booked with a $500 refundable deposit. A refund was posted to my credit card on May 28th.
  9. Last week I submitted an online request for Shareholder OBC benefits for our seven pending cruises departing Oct 2020 thru Nov 2021. The next day I received confirmation of the ($100-$250) OBCs and the following day, all OBCs were reflected in my cruise planner accounts! The fastest service ever!
  10. Also sadly agree we probably won't sail from NJ this summer. "Lifted and Shifted" my Oasis Perfect Day Bahamas and ADV Canada/New England sailings to 2021 while cabin availability was good.
  11. Also the ultimate port for a 2.5 hour Amtrak ride from the DC area at a great $98 r/t Super Saver rate!
  12. BruceMuzz, Thanks much for sharing info on Narita & Haneda airports! Appreciate it.
  13. In reading thru this thread I noticed that most flew into Haneda. Just curious if there was a particular reason - availability and price of flights better than Narita? My reason in asking is we'll be on a repositioning cruise from Tokyo (Yokohama) on Ovation of the Seas, which I've been told will dock at Daikoku. We're reading and trying to decide: (There's four of us traveling together) 1) What touring and sites we'd like to visit in Tokyo and Yokohama, time permitting 2) If we want to stay multiple nights pre-cruise in Tokyo or Yokohama and commute to the opposite city for some sightseeing there also 3) What, if any, is the advantage of flying into NRT or HND (There are non-stop flights from the US into both airports; those into NRT offer better options, multiple departures and slightly better pricing.) 4) Removing costs from the equation, wondering if we should place our emphasis first on which airport arrival and go from there in selecting a convenient hotel and then proceed to research/select tours. Our preference is convenience, especially transferring from the airport - hotel and hotel - cruise port, with two 28" spinner bags & a carry-on pp. Appreciate any insight and thoughts you may share. Thanks much!
  14. And it's safe to assume if no Alaska season, then Ovation probably won't come do the scheduled Hawaii sailings and the subsequent TP from Honolulu to Australia?
  15. My L&S change was the same 9N itinerary almost 5 weeks later (4 weeks, 6 days) but quickly approved with no problems. Wishing you success, also!
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