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  1. Thanks much! Loved your video. Sailed on Adventure OTS 10 years ago and will be on B2B sailings in Dec. The ship looks great!
  2. After leaving the terminal building (security, check-in, photo area), proceed straight to the end of walkway just before the ramp. There'll be security personnel stationed there and anyone with any physical challenges will be allowed to walk over directly to deck 1 of Grandeur and access the ship from there using the elevators. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. Quick Question: Sailing on the Brillance of the Seas next summer. Rooms are available at the Movenpick and DoubleTree by Hilton at similar rates. Looking for cleanliness and convenience (easy transfer from airport, to cruise terminal and local transportation for sightseeing and canal rides, etc.) as our top priorities. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks much!
  4. I have noticed passengers were allowed to bring several unopened bottles of water onboard at various ports. Opened bottles had to be tossed.
  5. Just sharing many recent observations --- Upon disembarking the ship from quite a few cruises this year in NOLA, Sydney, Port Everglades, Miami and Cape Liberty, we've seen cases of water with luggage tags attached, along with full-sized irons, steamers, mini crock-pots, large extension cords and even a rice cooker on the "Naughty Table" for cruisers to re-claim after cruising. The porters outside were telling cruisers the cases of water would not be accepted but the advice wasn't heeded in many instances. I also overheard several supervisors telling the cruise staff not to deliver the cases of water as it's not allowed anymore.
  6. We only buy the basic Surf VOOM package and have used our cell for Wifi calling, texting and WhatsApp to call around the world from the ship!
  7. I was also scheduled to sail on the Oasis TA, but life happens... Question: Were your Oasis OBCs from Next Cruise (from previously booking onboard) or from your TA? Thanks again for your thorough review! Will be sailing B2B on the Adventure on Dec 1st. I just realized that the sign in the Solarium (at least on the Symphony) says "Age 16 and above". It's a shame we couldn't have a "real" adult area - not implying that everyone say 25 an older will be well-behaved! Or a Quiet Zone, especially since the upper deck of the Solarium is now the Hooked Restaurant on Symphony and soon to be converted on other Oasis class ships.
  8. Was on Majesty for the Apr 27- May 4th sailing. The CD was Mickey Urrutia from Peru and it was his first week. He has been with RC for 11 years and I believe he was most recently the Activities Manager. He was good, personable and very visible around the ship. He also attended our Meet & Mingle. Not quite sure where Tonya went (vacation?) but overheard one saying she may be going to Anthem.
  9. Your flight time is good. We do it quite often - book a SW flight out of FLL about 10:30 -11 AM when disembarking at Port Everglades during the 6 to 7-ish time-frame. Plenty of available taxis and a short 10- minute ride to the airport. Enjoy your upcoming cruise!
  10. My husband and I are on this cruise - we booked last Oct. I've been checking availability from time to time to see if a better balcony location opens up. The itinerary (Bermuda & the Caribbean) and the dates being over the Memorial Day holiday weekend makes it very appealing; thus the cabins filled up fast and prices started climbing. One day Royal's website shows all categories sold-out except one or two high-end suites; another day it shows several Interior and/or OV cabins available. We've received several invites to bid on an upgraded cabin via the Royal Up program. Hopefully several bids will be accepted for the suites and a cabin may open for you as a result of the "domino" affect of others upgrading. As others have said, keep checking back with Royal and let them know you would really like to join your family and friends on this cruise now! Hope you're successful and will join us on-board this beautiful ship in May!
  11. You just have to BOOK a cruise by the expiration date of the Future Cruise Credit. My FCC expiration date is 30 Apr 2020 and I just applied my credit to a cruise reservation I already had for a date later than 30 Apr 2020 and received my confirmation. Hope this helps clarify the date issue. Royal should have expressly stated this in their emailed letter. (I mentioned it to them when I called for clarification and to apply my credit.) Really gonna miss my planned Oasis TA later this month... but wishing everyone favorable future cruise planning!
  12. We are sailing on Anthem OTS on May 23rd. Prefer to relax and take the Amtrak train up from our area. Which station is more convenient to arrive at/depart from and offer better pre- and post-cruise shuttle or Uber options: Newark Penn Station (NWK) or Newark Airport (EWR)? Amtrak offers multiple schedule times and the cost difference per station is only $5 each way, so looking for the best connecting transportation (same day) options to the cruise port. Thank you!
  13. Royal Caribbean sold Splendor OTS in 2016 and Legend OTS in 2017. We were on the final B2B sailings on both ships. Vision, which recently completed the Panama Canal itinerary, is indeed sailing from NOLA til March.
  14. Relax and don't stress too much. Get a "system" that works well for you - use a watch set to ship time or as I've seen some cruisers use their cellphone alarm or timer. When doing non-ship excursions or just walking around and shopping, I tend to depart the ship early and plan to return at least two+ hours before the stated "All Aboard" time. I also do whatever we plan that's furthest away first and then work my way back closer to the ship as it gets later in the day. Have also found that most locals and tour operators know what time each ship arrives in port and when we're supposed to be back onboard. Enjoy your cruise travels!
  15. Currently on Grandeur. Anticpating the upcoming southern storm, the Captain had informed us a day prior that we needed to be back onboard Wed by 4pm in Nassau for a 4:30 departure versus our original scheduled 5:30 onboard/ 6pm departure to get ahead of the storm. The Compass and frequent announcements reminded us. Well, two were left behind after we waited nearly an hour for them and their passports were turned over to the Nassau officials! We are now speeding up the coast with a little side-to-side rocking and rolling to make up time and stay ahead of the storm. Some wil never be on time regardless of local time, ship time or their time!
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