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  1. EllieinNJ

    Specialty Restaurant Prices Exceeding $20

    I was on the Sun last week and was told in Cagneys you can order an entree and a side that totals $25pp for the platinum dinner. So if the entree is $23 and a side is $4 they will bill you $2. In Le Bistro you can order any entree up to $25 which includes the potato and a side. We also asked if we can substitute the dessert for an extra app. At first they said no but then the head waiter came over and said we can have the extra app (mushroom soup) and they still gave us dessert. In Moderno no extra charges at all.
  2. EllieinNJ

    Coffee on Epic

    Coffee on ALL NCL ships is horrible except from the coffeemaker in the room. The Atrium bar may have Starbucks.
  3. EllieinNJ

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Just got my bid accepted from an inside to a balcony for this Saturday Feb 2. We are on the NCL Sun out of Buenos Aires. The balconies have been sold out for months so we are ecstatic. Only trouble is we are already here and have no place to re print e docs and luggage tags. We also bid the maximum amount and it still came out $2000 cheaper than if we got a balcony in the first place.
  4. EllieinNJ

    Need help organizing a slot pull

    got it. Thanks.
  5. EllieinNJ

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I am leaving today for South America for my 2/2/19 Sun cruise. Have printed the e docs but will still wait until an hour before we leave to print luggage tags. Some balconies opened up but the prices they are asking are crazy. Waiting and hoping.
  6. EllieinNJ

    Need help organizing a slot pull

    Re-e-mailed you.
  7. EllieinNJ

    Need help organizing a slot pull

    Just saw this post. I e-mailed you. Can you send me the spreadsheet today asap? I am leaving for the airport today at 4pm .
  8. EllieinNJ

    Epic Deck 8 Balconies & Life Boats View??

    You can still see the water but deck 8 is totally open so if it rains there is no protection.
  9. EllieinNJ

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I bid the maximum for a balcony on the 2/2/19 Sun. It shows as poor. Would there be something wrong?
  10. EllieinNJ

    Alternatives to NCL?

    I loooove NCL and would cruise on them exclusively if not for the increasing prices. I am cruising next week and still waiting for my upgrade bid to be accepted. I do not like this process. It's too stressful. That being said, we booked a balcony cabin on Princess for Aug. 2019. We paid $2600pp. NCL's equivalent was $3600pp. This is for the 12 day British Isles cruise.
  11. In 2016 on a Panama Canal cruise we did the cave tubing/zip lining tour with lunch through a private vendor. It was one of the best excursions we ever had.
  12. EllieinNJ

    Help with train to Southhampton

    We are also in a hotel close to Victoria Station. Our Princess cruise is 8/29/19. How early should we book the bus? In a related question, we are also considering taking the National Express bus from LHR to our hotel. Do we need to reserve that bus since the plane might be late, going through customs, etc.
  13. EllieinNJ

    Help! Snow coming, but I have NCL Insurance

    We are leaving 1/28 from JFK to South America. Our cruise isn't until 2/2 but we are also going to Iguazu Falls the day after we land. If there is a snowstorm the day we leave, we probably will miss the trip to the falls, but thankfully not the cruise. Hope our trip insurance covers the flights to the falls and the two night hotel stay. Remind me not to book a winter cruise again if we have to fly somewhere. It's too stressful.
  14. EllieinNJ

    Worst nightmare ever, scamming to the next level

    If all else fails, contact Chris Elliot at his advocacy website: https://www.elliott.org/