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  1. I think most of the ones having trouble getting status match are Americans. I just applied again after booking a cruise and getting a Voyagers #. Don't know if it will help.
  2. We just booked MCsC Fantasia in April to continue in Europe another week after our Epic Epic transatlantic. I'm a little nervous about liking it because it is an older ship and probably 95% Europeans. But we did get a great price for an aft balcony.
  3. We booked sailway BX for Breakaway in September and got cabin 8142 over back of theater. Hopefully there won't be any noise when we go to sleep.
  4. We are going to Bermuda on the Breakaway in September. The only day the excursion for Restless Native catamaran that was available was the first day we are there the other catamaran excursions were available all three days. It came out cheaper booking through NCL with the $50 off plus platinum discount. We also booked NCLs mini bus tour for the second day. It was cheaper also plus they aren't certain yet if buses and ferries will be running on schedule yet.
  5. I need to reschedule a 2022 cruise and would love to do a 2023 European cruise. When do the 2023 European schedules come out?
  6. We usually start picking a cruise by destination then price. In the past NCL always came in first. Not any longer. Unless they become more competitive with other lines we may have to look elsewhere.
  7. I don't want to fly right now so the September and October Bermuda cruises on the Breakaway are still pretty reasonable.
  8. I was waiting for six weeks. I even got a reference # in an email then nothing. I finally booked a sailing because the price increased by $50pp Joined the Voyagers Club. Still nothing. Would also like to apply for the heath workers discount but afraid that also will be ignored.
  9. Thank you for a great review. We will be going on our first Royal Caribbean cruise in 25 years on the Oasis in October and after reading this regret we haven't tried it again sooner.
  10. This is exactly what I said about NCL and Princess. We both have to adjust for RCI
  11. We took the ferry between the five towns. It was very beautiful but a long day. Make sure you have enough time to get back to the ship.
  12. I'm doing my first RCI cruise in 25 years on Oasis in October. I had been looking at excursions and finally decided what we wanted to do. I now see many of them went up in price. If I knew this I would have booked earlier. On NCL and Princess the prices do not change until you get on board. Lesson learned
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