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  1. Yes but this is after November 1st. All the Sky 7 day cruises before us in September and October. Are not available either.
  2. This is the same for the Sky Princess. All Canada & New England cruises plus my 14 day cruise NY to Ft Lauderdale for Nov 6th also says not currently available.
  3. I did get the credit. So did my husband but so far it has not yet been credited to my account. It's now three weeks since I applied.
  4. I work in the ICU as a unit assistant, scheduling tests, transfers, answering phones, etc.
  5. After the form they ask you to fax your license (husband) and/or proof of employment such as a pay stub and copy of badge (mine).
  6. I am booked on a 14 day Sky Princess cruise NY to Ft. Lauderdale November 6, 2021. I was so happy that it was after the Nov. 1st cancellation of longer cruises. Today, when I went to the Princess website to check prices it says "no longer available to book". Also all the 7 day Canada and NE cruises say the same. I know that the transatlantic from Southampton to NY was cancelled already. Does this mean all of the cruises out of NY will also be cancelled?
  7. Both my husband (podiatrist) and myself (hospital worker) applied on Nov. 4th and were approved instantly. Said to wait two weeks to be applied to cruise. Wednesday was two weeks and not yet applied. Called yesterday and they said to give it a few more days.
  8. I had a September cruise that was cancelled where I paid a refundable deposit of $500. At that time Carnival sent me the info that I can rebook a cruise by December 31st with $600 OBC. It is getting close to that date now so I'm thinking of booking a European cruise on the Legend for June. If that cruise is cancelled too will I still have my choice of a cash refund or a deposit for another cruise with the same $600 OBC? I know this cruise is longer than 7 days but I don't think the 7 day mandate extends to cruises in Europe.
  9. I cancelled my 11 day Getaway NY to Miami January 3 2021 before final payment. It is still available on the NCL website but not listed on any port websites for that date.
  10. Yes. They are back for me as well.
  11. Today the blue dots and stars are gone, replaced by small rectangles. Now it's impossible to see right away where you commented on.
  12. Last October I booked a cruise with a large internet TA because I was seduced by the large amount of OBC they were giving. I did see that they had a charge of $50 pp if the cruise got cancelled but waived if you rebooked another cruise. Never in a million years did I think it would get cancelled. Well my cruise did get cancelled but now their charge is $100 pp for a cancellation. I will not book again with them. My regular TA states right on their website that there are no cancellation fees now.
  13. I know but we aren't booking any other Princess cruises now for 2021. It is a 14 day cruise so we either get the $500 OBC total if it goes or we just wasted our time applying.
  14. On mine and my husbands it came up as a $100 statement credit but it is only good until 12/31/20. I'm not sure I want to give them $1000 now for a Nov. 2021 cruise that might not go.
  15. So we didn't get the Fall Frenzy promo, but....we DID get the medical professional promo for BOTH OF US. My DH is a DPM so he just had to submit his license. For me, I didn't have any licenses so I submitted my ID picture badge and a pay stub from the hospital I work in. Both approved in about 15 minutes.
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