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  1. EllieinNJ

    Cafe Select Premium Coffee Card

    I have a card that has 4 punches left. I am going on a cruise that starts 8/29/19. Can I use it for the 3 days?
  2. On the old format you were able to consolidate a thread and print it for future use. I cannot find it now. If I try to print regular from my computer, it only shows the first and last page. HELP!!
  3. EllieinNJ

    New Amex Offer

    On previous offers from Amex, I had gotten it on twice (me & husband) on three different cards and was able to use it 6 times on one cruise for a total of $600 off. This time when I applied it to one of my cards it did not appear on the other cards. Then Amazon ran a special and he got another Amex card from them. So I went to look for the offer and it was there but when I tried to add it to the card it said we already have this offer on another card and it dissappeared. They sure became very vigilant.
  4. Thanks for all your answers. I was told to contact my TA to contact NCL about the lower port charge. It is around $50 less now than when I booked in Sept. for my Feb. 2019 cruise. It just might come off automatically once we are onboard.
  5. Do you get a credit or OBC if you see the taxes and port charges go down after final payment?
  6. EllieinNJ

    Upsell phone number

    Yes, but that number is still in service and they helped me get my bid in.
  7. EllieinNJ

    Upsell phone number

    I called the upgrade number when at 75 days didn't get the bid notice. It took them several hours but I finally got the offer to bid from them.
  8. EllieinNJ

    NCL "sales" ???

    I had been waiting for months for the NCL British Isles cruises to come down but they haven't. They are almost double what you would pay for other European cruises. So finally during the Black Friday events I booked this cruise with Princess, even though I have three more FCCs. They had the "Three for Free" sale plus their balconies were $1000pp cheaper.
  9. EllieinNJ

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    On my cruise on the Sun for 2/2/19, I am in an inside "sailaway" cabin and assigned a IA sideways. The balconies have said sold out for several weeks. I just bid the maximum for a balcony because my DH really would like it. At that price, it would bring our cost to what I originally paid for my 1A inside before I changed to "sailaway". Do I have any shot in getting a balcony? The minis are also saying sold out and there are just regular suites left. No Haven.
  10. EllieinNJ

    $1 deposits - November 26

    This is such a bummer for me. I don't do Princess that often but saw a good price on a British Isles cruise so booked this past Monday, the LAST DAY for the "Three For Free". Was waiting for the Amex $100 off $500 or the $1 deposit but hadn't shown up yet. Then, of course, the former showed up the VERY NEXT DAY after I put down $500 and now you say the $1 deposits are on cyber Monday. I guess I could still use the Amex offer before March 31, 2019 to pay off more of the cruise. Just venting.
  11. EllieinNJ

    New Amex Offer

    The offer was on my Blue Cash card but not on the Blue Sky or Business Platinum. In the past I had them on all three cards.
  12. We will be on this cruise and thanks for the info. I know of at least four more who would take this tour. Please post it on our cc roll call for NCL Sun Feb. 2, 2019. I bet you will get others. Ellie
  13. EllieinNJ

    Use your Amex Platinum

    We have an Amex platinum business card which is free. Does this count for the above benefits?
  14. EllieinNJ

    Live Breakaway Repo NYC-NO with crazy start

    At one time I was thinking of booking this cruise. Now I'll live vicariously through your blog.
  15. EllieinNJ

    What I ate on NCL Getaway 10/14 Eastern Caribbean

    I am on the Sun in February and hope the food looks and is as good as the Getaway. Someone on another thread said that the lava cake was gone but hope it was a mistake as you said you had it.