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  1. The CN people on the ship really push for you to buy four, making it sound like you are getting a better value but the value of buying two is just the same. In a perfect world where you cruise at least once a year there would be no problem to use them all. Especially if you can use two at the same time. But with the cancellations continuing month after month, the time to use them is dwindling. Yes, NCL should give you an extension if they are expiring. Yes, NCL should reduce final payment back to 90 days instead of 120. Yes, NCL should refund well before 90 days. Yes, NCL should notify you of cancellations before final payment. We can only hope.
  2. We were on the same cruise. Got our full refunds today - 85 days.
  3. When I booked a cruise in May, 2019 I used a CN that expires in March, 2021. That cruise was cancelled in March, 2020. I was able to transfer it as a second CN to a previously booked cruise for January, 2021 thinking it will be safe to cruise by then. Now I am not at all sure if I want to go on this cruise because the pandemic is not easing up. If I cancel this cruise I do not think I want to book another until I actually see ships sailing for a few weeks and people are not getting sick and there are no limitations like wearing face masks. So can I be able to use this CN if I book by March, 2021 but not sail until later in 2021 or will I lose it? The T&C's say book and sail by expiration date but I called an agent today at NCL and she said just book by. I will not take her word as verbatum so if anyone knows how they are working the CN's during these trying times I would appreciate it. I also think that you can ask for one extension as per another post on this forum.
  4. Off the topic but do you have to book by the expiration date or sail by the expiration date?
  5. No. It is not fair. I have a cruise next certif attached to a cruise for Jan. 2021 that expires March 2021. It was from a cancelled cruise in April. I am 99% certain that I will cancel this cruise before my final payment in August. Will NCL extend it for me because there is no way I will book a cruise before March. We'll just have to wait and see.
  6. I think he means that the original cruise next had or will have expired before this cancelled cruise would sail so they gave him an extension. Now that he cannot sail on the cruise to which it was intended it goes back to the original expiration date which is now expired.
  7. I have a cruise for Jan. 3rd booked back in October before all this happened. Used a cruise next which expires 3/21. Also used a new TA who wants payment 8/5 where NCL wants it 9/5. Didn't read the fine print and now see they will automatically charge my cc. Besides that, they will charge me a $100 cancellation charge. 😥 I'm just waiting to get my refund for my cancelled April Bliss cruise. I am pretty sure I will cancel the above cruise before NCL cancels it but I'm hoping I can get that cruise next extended and also hope that TA will give me a voucher to book another cruise when I see all the ships are sailing.🥴
  8. I am a new Carnival cruiser also and hope to follow along with your great tips.
  9. Wow! they now have two more days in Bermuda at the same price. Lucky them.
  10. I think this is for new bookings only. If you have a balcony already booked, check if you can add it to your booking or if you have to rebook and your price and other amenities stay the same. Sometimes the prices go up.
  11. https://www.cruisemapper.com/news/7605-ncl-norwegian-cruise-line-cancels-remainder-alaska-cruise-season?fbclid=IwAR1PAM7L9jHlABw62x1rO2C9yMhrl6N-poJHRaHWN1jtTol3_BH4uFVYZJI
  12. We are on the January 3 Getaway NY to Miami. Doubt this will happen.
  13. If you rebook a cruise (not early saver but regular refundable price) with the $600 OBC they are giving you for their cancelled cruise and you see a price drop, will you lose the $600 if you ask for it?
  14. Seeing that at least 10 from my roll call got their full refunds for our 4/19 Bliss cruise and knowing I might have trouble because my expiration date changed I called the main NCL number pressed "1" and waited for an agent no more than 5 minutes. He was very nice and took my updated info and said it should take 7 to 10 days. This was yesterday. Hope this didn't put me back in the refund pool and have to wait another 90 days. I keep looking at my email every few hours and check my CC every morning. Very stressful.
  15. I , too was on this cruise. Many others have gotten their refunds also but not me. Called NCL today with new expiration date on my credit card. He said wait one to two weeks to hear anything. Hope I didn't make a mistake and it reset my refund to wait another 90 days.
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