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  1. Some rental agencies allow taking the vehicle to STJ, just look at that when comparing agencies. We’ve always used Budget at the airport with great results. There was an office at Sapphire but no longer... This is a different webcam, if you go to the sapphireinthesun.com site the drone video is still active. I had mentioned Hawksnest and Soloman for less crowds, Trunk for amenities with more ppl, Maho for snorkeling...
  2. Taxis will return, your driver will probably give you a time to expect him/her
  3. Several safari-type taxis will show up to return you to the pier
  4. Have you asked on TA for SBRM owner contact recommendations yet? That is a good source. I never have had to sift through all the options on VRBO because we were fortunate to have a few owners recommended to contact directly (cheaper as well). If you haven’t, take a moment to ask for recs there, some may also send you their info via messages...Always good to have feedback from others who were looking for the same accommodation...I will just look for any further questions from you there since this thread is getting long and it is a cruise forum after all... note - the “In Mexico” in post #26 was the start of a comparison between typical Airbnb and other sites that I meant to delete. 🤤
  5. Yes you are right MN, that would indeed be a big concern anywhere. I was just surprised to see this topic become such a discussion here. I recall seeing it discussed on TA some time ago but haven’t seen a lot since. Perhaps I’m just behind times... yes Mitsugirly look at the locations and quality between the condos listed on Airbnb and VRBO too. Not that Airbnb is inferior, just a different option. Condos at SBRM will be pricier than those at the Village, or further away from the beach. In Mexico. Remember you can also rent directly some owners too...You will find the owner I sent you is much less in the Village, for example. Now that you are using TA you will get excellent feedback there too!
  6. LOL...Provide an innocent answer and get a reply like O2B@C’s - someone needs to get a life...? I do not own in Sapphire, and I would rather be there during an outage than Secret Harbour or anywhere on the island. I have recommended Bill’s villa here and elsewhere along with other owners. Have to say that we have never experienced an option usage with several visits to STT and I think bringing this topic up in a travel forum was unnecessary...
  7. Beautiful Bill had shared this link on the TA STT forum...Imagine listening to the waves at night...We liked staying on the balcony floors at SBRM so we could leave the balcony door open for that reason...The first level with a patio gives you direct beach access but we don’t mind walking around the building to access the water... https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=EJDrwUY4EzU&app=desktop Looks like the beach bar cam is currently offline?
  8. Yes same in many other Carib islands and in Mexico for us, power outages are an occasional pain for residents and long-term visitors, but certainly not events that are worth the time spent here for visitors... Mitsugirly I hope you are able to swing either a villa at SBRM or a one-bedroom suite at the Village. For beach lovers and snorkelers, nothing compares to staying on Sapphire. Researching is important, but again, if you start a thread on TA as suggested you will get messages with excellent condo recommendations. And renting directly through an owner there (via VRBO or directly) is important so you know exactly what you are renting. Enjoy!
  9. >> Regarding power- Power will be fine for a couple months and then have a spate of outages, not always island wide. << Thanks - I know that regional outages do occasionally occur in the islands. We’ve only stayed on STT a few different times but have never experienced frequent outages as mentioned earlier, ergo my question if something has changed recently? Do be sure to take advantage of the destination experts like Beautiful Bill, STTResident, MS411, etc on the STT/STJ forums on TripAdvisor.com, especially regarding the latest updates. Enjoy your first land visit to STT!
  10. I don’t know the answer to that, I would certainly research that before bringing any meats or other food into the VI’s. I know bareboaters and land vacationers bring in frozen meats and other foods through STT and customs at the Tortola ferry pier. I don’t know what the customs regs are for STT, but reading others’ reports the BVI customs fee seems to vary, if even applied. For sailing it has less to do with saving money or finding the right quality, than it does with wanting items essentially prepared in advance to save effort on the boat. But yes do check the customs requirements to be sure...
  11. I’ve not followed recent news there, is the power grid failing frequently today?
  12. There may be an excursion through the ship, not sure? For ferry service, Speedy’s offers a 7:30 departure to VG, and an 11:30 departure from VG (30 min ferry ONLY Mon - Sat). So you could have at least 2.5 hours to see the Baths. They may be crowded with fellow passengers, but it is a viable option. https://bestofbvi.com/bvi-ferry-schedules/?from=Tortola&to=Virgin-Gorda
  13. Yes you should include VRBO in your search. Beautiful Bill is an owner at SBRM and has one of the villas on the 3rd and 4th floors. We have only stayed in suites on the second floor. So he can help guide you toward nice units at that property. You should pose these questions on the TripAdvisor STT forum, and you can message Bill there directly. As mentioned you can find one-bedroom condos are the Village, not sure about two-bedroom... https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g147404-i172-St_Thomas_U_S_Virgin_Islands.html We don’t take anything, everything is pricier in the islands, but we buy groceries at Moe’s or the other market and eat breakfast and most lunches at the condo to save $$. If you go through a lot of cereal, for example you could bring that...Many bareboaters or longer-term renters will bring a suitcase of frozen meat... Check the historic area of course, Bill has a guide that he offers in a thread on the TripAdvisor forum, get that now so you can get some ideas... We always fly Delta but that is our one and only option...
  14. Missed your comment about your passport so ignore my BVI comment...But you will definitely have enough to experience between STT and STJ during your visit! Oh and are you looking for a studio, one-bedroom with a sleeper couch, or a two-bedroom?
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