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  1. blue_water

    Closest Beach

    Would taxi to either Magens, or to one of the East end beaches like Sapphire or Secret Harbor (Sapphire would be our choice). Sapphire and SH are home to condo properties and the beach is open to the public, no entry fees and both offer food & drinks. 20 - 30 minute taxi, leaving at 4 would leave you plenty of time...
  2. blue_water

    Tortola snorkeling Brewers vs long Bay

    When we stay on Tortola we stop to grab a baguette sub to take to the beach, delicious imported cheeses and meats, paradise food in paradise...
  3. blue_water

    First timer

    Yes for your first time snorkeling O2B is right on. Look at a cruise line or an independent group excursion that offers guidance and support. There are some good ones for St Thomas. Even though you are on a boat in deeper water you will wear a vest so you can float easily. However the current can be very swift so the itinerary/destination is important for a novice. What other ports do you hit on your cruise?
  4. blue_water

    Safe St Thomas beach

    Wow...very strange to read of that experience at Sapphire (harassed by a drunk local)! What was the nature of the harassment? Wondering if this was a condo renter perhaps? Locals are not normally on this beach. This is more typical of Coki... I know more and more day visitors (cruisers) are going to Sapphire, for good reason, but there are areas to get away from the main “huddle” on busy days.
  5. blue_water

    Tortola snorkeling Brewers vs long Bay

    http://frenchdelibvi.com/ Amazing baguette subs and they carry wines, etc. Definitely worth stopping! Wickhams Cay II, directions to The Moorings, in the old Clarence Thomas Limited building. They are closed Sundays.
  6. blue_water

    Best Beach on Tortola????

    WOW... Another gorgeous, off-the-beaten-track beach now with all those amenities... I’d read that cruise lines were now offering excursions to LB (Beef Island) and including lounges, but had no idea it had been built up that much! So sad to read...it won’t be quiet now...
  7. That is very odd, the ferries are usually very reliable and they even add ferries on busier days. You should always allow for any delays due to heavier crowds, especially with the number of cruisers visiting today. Taking the cruise line excursion is a good option if a short port stop...
  8. blue_water

    Secret Harbour, Emerald, or Saphire Beach?

    HB on WI is a nice enough beach but just gets so crowded today, especially with a ship in Crown Bay. Lindqvist is arguably the nicest STT beach but right, fewer amenities than Sapphire...
  9. blue_water

    Boat over to Jost from Tortola

    You should allow 25 - 30 minutes for the taxi between the pier and the West End ferry, and there should be taxis waiting when the ferry returns to WE. The Soggy $ in White Bay is walkable from Great Harbor where you are dropped, but it is over a hill and it’s worth spending $5/adult to get there faster and easier by taxi...
  10. blue_water

    Boat over to Jost from Tortola

    $14pp each way per adult, 1/2 fare for kids 10 or under, free for 3 yrs and younger. You will need to taxi or walk, would recommend a taxi to save time. 20 min ferry...
  11. blue_water

    Tortola snorkeling Brewers vs long Bay

    Gotchya! You cannot go wrong with Brewers, and you’d have less time to enjoy snorkeling if going to VG. Not to confuse you even more, but if you would be more comfortable with a busier beach vibe for your son while the rest of you snorkel, a resident of CGB has posted that he finds good snorkeling right in CGB but it’s not widely known or talked about. I don’t know if this is in an area away from the main beach, and if so it wouldn’t help with your son being around other kids. But I can forward you his post if interested. But if your son is fine with a more laid back beach Brewers should be your first choice. Enjoy your visit to Tortola!
  12. blue_water

    Tortola snorkeling Brewers vs long Bay

    How long are you in port? The best snorkeling would be from a daysail or even Savannah or Spring Bay on Virgin Gorda if that is your main goal. Otherwise for a nice beach with snorkeling right on Tortola Brewers is your best choice IMHO. The ride isn’t that bad, there are a few steeper areas but drivers make this run several times a day all year...
  13. blue_water

    First timer..Do you think I'll have enough time?

    Many of your fellow cruisers will visit the Baths, either on the cruise ship excursion or on their own. The only problem with visiting the Baths on such a short port call is you are not able to avoid the crowds from your ship. Just read through the many threads here on this topic for more feedback.