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  1. Kim I thought of you when I read this recent post on snorkeling STJ...seems we had a discussion on this somewhere...? https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g147409-i432-k13435200-Maho_or_Cinnamon_Bay_beach_for_the_day-St_John_U_S_Virgin_Islands.html
  2. Crew sweeper is correct. Many who just want some beach time will take a quick taxi to Lindbergh Bay (aka Emerald Beach) and enjoy the facilities at the Emerald Beach Resort. Some prefer to walk and if you want some beach time it is an option... Tickles Dockside Pub is a great spot for a cold drink and snacks near the ship... https://www.ticklesdocksidepub.com/
  3. Q Roo will remain Yellow through next week. https://reactivemosq.roo.gob.mx/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Semáforo-sur-del-2-al-8-de-noviembre.pdf Arzeena, since this is the STT/STJ forum I won’t add any more posts here on Mexico. But you can of course find a ton of info on the beautiful areas of the RM, IM, and Coz on those Trip Advisor and other local area forums. Enjoy your research!
  4. We don’t plan to return to the Riviera Maya until early Jan and we are talking to neighbors and friends there on a regular basis and following the COVID-19 status. It’s been several weeks since tourism really picked up and we’ve been waiting to see if that increase in visitors creates a spike in cases with residents and workers. So far the numbers have remained steady, but now we may be seeing a jump which may send us back th the dreaded Orange status, just as we are in here in our upstate NY community (due to a church ignoring the safety protocols, amazing). But you can still travel to the ar
  5. Yes there are no travel restrictions with arriving at CUN other than completing a healthcare form (online prior to arrival) and temp scan at the airport. Q Roo is currently in a Yellow condition: According to the guidelines, Yellow means the maximum capacity at hotels, restaurants, theme parks and cinemas is 60%, and beaches and parks can open with 60% capacity. Gyms can also open. Archaeological sites can open under Yellow. Not allowed to open until Green: bars, nightclubs.
  6. Aah, the Seashell House! Nice location, our favorite area to be is on the wilder east coast... Yes fly into CUN, transfer to Puerto Juarez and ferry over. There is also a ferry departing from terminals in the Hotel Zone (El Embarcadero, Playa Tortugas, and Playa Caracol) but there are only a few departure times. The Puerto Juarez ferry departs every hour on the hour. You can hire a private transfer from CUN like Canada Transfers ($90 total round trip CUN - Puerto Juarez), or check to see if the ADO bus goes there.
  7. Coz is a great destination for a land vacation, we take friends visiting us from the US there on day trips. Also Isla Mujeres, most friends say they fall in love with IM and want to return for a longer visit. I’ve only read about the snorkeling there, you’d need to check in the TA forum and other sources for more expert feedback. It is getting busier there now, but you get around on golf carts and it is still a unique place. The water is so crystal clear in both areas, as well as where we are in the Riviera Maya... I assume you’ve been to Belize on cruises? That is another snorkele
  8. The government is still meeting with stakeholders to finalize the requirements for the Dec 1 reopening. There are currently zero active cases in the BVI(!), and the big question for everyone planning to visit these islands is the testing and quarantine requirements that will be imposed to prevent a spread of the virus. Currently the only entry point being considered is flying into EIS, and the testing/quarantine requirements being proposed are a hurdle even to visitors who normally spend one night on an island before sailing for a week or two. So day visitors from the USVI - and of c
  9. Maybe you missed my post #31 while you were going back and forth Todd... Peace & Love! 🙂
  10. Many areas were devastated in 2018 by Irma and Maria, none moreso than the BVI and USVI. It helped the reef systems recover in SXM, the BVI, STT and elsewhere from overuse however. Similarly COVID-19 has...That was exactly my point.
  11. The biggest variable IMHO is not a change in conditions from one day to the next, but the number of people and the damage caused. I would expect conditions to be much improved for Mitsugirly’s recent visit simply because fewer people have been there. At least that seems to be the situation being reported in many areas... [EDIT] And of course having the time and interest to seek out and explore different areas rather than just the most popular spot there...
  12. And yes, Todd it is absolutely the reason we all share experiences here - each experience is unique! So sorry that you had that terrible experience with the needle! We’ve stayed on OB on SXM and enjoyed it there. We’ve stopped there while traveling the island but we really enjoyed Friar’s Bay - beautiful and less busy... We are all so fortunate to be able to enjoy these Caribbean destinations! Many take it for granted because cruising has made it so easy and affordable. But others we know can only read about them, which is so sad.... As the pandemic roars through t
  13. PHEW! Simple? Trunk is a popular snorkeling beach and also popular for those just wanting to admire the beauty from a lounge. The reef trail has been damaged over the years, but you can enjoy other areas as Mitsugirly mentioned. To answer this question though there are better snorkel spots on STJ, Trunk also tends to get more crowded as it is an easy option for day visitors... We’ve taken half-day day sails when cruising to SXM and and full-day day sails when staying on SXM and found the snorkeling to be just ok. I think you will find that STT and the islands of the BVI offer ex
  14. You can ask that question on the Coz forum. From what I’ve heard the northern hotel zone near the Westin suffered the most damage...
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