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  1. I meant to reply to travelicious, just easy to contact the hotel with questions like that...
  2. Actually the major resorts along the Riviera Maya (and many boutique hotels) provide an approved test report for entry into the US for free, a few charge for it. Just contact your hotel to find out!
  3. Merida is definitely worth a visit if you are interested at all in seeing the historic area, the cathedral and other churches, and grand parks...We were lucky enough to attend a mass in the Cathedral while visiting from Playa and it was amazing...
  4. Hi, yes we are also well, thanks! We've been spending winters in Mexico at our home there. We feel safe there as the locals are doing a better job with the safety protocols than many around us here in NYS. We are in a tourist area in Mexico, and their livelihood depends on them being healthy... Glad to read you are also doing well and able to travel the US. We are also thinking about a trip out west this fall, so many places in the US we've yet to see! We hope to cruise again soon, we do miss it!! Stay well and enjoy your summer!
  5. Agree, Chankanaab is worth a look for a variety of options
  6. Lol… That is too funny, you continue to miss the point. But no worries, and thanks for your “feedback”!…😀
  7. No I am not an admin, just a member. And yes I do offer "unsolicited" feedback when I think it may benefit someone. We draw from our decades of experience, and we learned so much from the "unsolicited" feedback from others before us when we were just asking one question. But I do not tell someone what they should or should not do. That is the difference... But enough of that, enjoy your travels! 😀
  8. Still, we do not need your views, the poster is asking for feedback from others with this experience, and not the sentiment and advice against it you shared. You can share that with those asking to be educated on the subject - solicited advice is always welcome on these forums 😀
  9. Yes we experienced much of the Caribbean by cruising before returning for longer visits. Cruising is definitely a great way to see so much in a short time. We recently spent a week at Secrets in Huatulco (in the state of Oaxaca), nice area to visit with the towns of Crucecita and Santa Cruz. The beach at this resort is made up of coarse sand and is hot, but there are nicer beaches in the area. We saw whales from our room and enjoyed meeting locals in town. We also enjoyed spending time in Puerto Vallarta- again not the Caribbean beaches, but the romantic zone is a nice area.
  10. I don’t miss those days! One of the perks of retirement is that Inbox is GONE! 😉👍☺️
  11. Posts 3 & 4, you are entitled to your views on any topic, but we do not need your guidance or leadership, thank you - these forums are full of unsolicited advice... 😉
  12. I agree with c-leg5's recs, and I would also suggest posing this question on the Cozumel forum on TripAdvisor for feedback from residents and current visitors. Very helpful forum for questions like this... https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g150809-i66-Cozumel_Yucatan_Peninsula.html
  13. Callgirl49 you are not seeing the right numbers - take another look, people are indeed dying, just as everywhere else including the US. In July over 300 new cases on 4 different days in the BVI, and as you noted almost 200 cases on 2 days. Hospitalization rates jumped, as have deaths from 1 to 25.
  14. I would definitely not ride a scooter here, rent a car if you want to drive. Scooters are not as unsafe outside San Miguel, but still you're better off in a car and you can see more of thr island faster. But if you want to enjoy yourself just take an excursion or tour that sounds interesting to you. If you plan on drinking obviously don't drive, enjoy the ride with a guide. Our favorite watering hole is the Bob Marley Bar at the southern edge of the east coast. Our favorite beach club is Playa Palancar (when not packed with cruisers). But really not an interesting day just to drive
  15. Yes we were at Yellow in January so still needed to mask up in banks, gov't bldgs, stores, when not seated indoors, etc. The resort should have also been requiring masking while not seated indoors (FWIW). We stayed at a RIU Palace in Playa in January and they were working hard to comply...
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