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  1. Could anyone tell me how to get out of receiving notices on this thread? I am weary of getting so many notifications through my email. Thanks ahead of time.
  2. Thanks one and all! I love real cats, but I really do hate the show. I saw it 30 years ago in Toronto, and I really disliked it, and I love Broadway!
  3. I just received a Royal Up offer on Tuesday, and we leave this Sunday on the Oasis. We can bid up starting at $50 for a boardwalk balcony, then up from there all the way to Junior Suite starting at $400 pp. The boardwalk balcony states "exclusive amenities available only to Park View or Boardwalk View balcony stateroom." Any idea what the amentities are surrounding this room? Right now we have a ocean view. Any suggestions? We are traveling with a group of people in five rooms. I don't think they would have a breakdown, if we were to win and leave the area. I just wanted suggestions on bidding, if I choose to go this route, and why did the offer come so late in the game? Any ideas? Thanks to all you folks!
  4. I leave on Sunday for a week on the Oasis. I would like everyone's take, on what five foods, events, shows, etc., not to miss? What is a the best meal/dessert I should blow my diet for? Best place to dine if I am going to pay? Best game to play for prizes? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  5. We are considering booking a beach day with Holland House. Any of you kind folks use this resort in the past? I am wondering if the beach is nice. We have been to St, Martin twice before, but I can't recall the placement of this beach, in regards to the town. We have companions that will want to wander the town, etc., and not spend the entire day at the beach. Any and all suggestions and comments are welcomed, and appreciated.
  6. Thanks one and all. We will probably go the taxi route, and have more time at the beach. I appreciate you all taking the time to comment and offer suggestions.
  7. Thanks. Have you ever used the public buses? There are 10 of us, and some of the travelers are on strict budgets. They have been saving for this trip for a very long time. Any advice is appreciated!
  8. My husband and I have been to Sapphire beach in the past, and I think we went up on a van, and were dropped off. We then rented our chairs, and spent the day, and returned the same way. There are 10 of us this time. Four children/six adults. We are considering a beach package, but it only gives us 3 hours at the beach, and I don't think the kids will see this as enough time. The tour is $38 for transportation, chairs and one drink. None of us drink (accept my husband on rare occasions has a beer) so the drink is not so much a big deal., Could we do better monetarily on our own, as well as staying a little longer? All suggestions are appreciated. Also, we are considering Sonny Liston tours.
  9. Is this is a nice beach, or worth it to just go to another one?
  10. Is this is a nice beach, or worth it to just go to another one?
  11. I went ahead and reserved with Tyrone Wilson's VIP Tours. He answered first. They have great reviews, and if you have to cancel, you have to 24 hours before the trip to do so. The other one was no refunds. Have a great time.
  12. I sent an email to her through the website. I am hoping to here from her. There are 10 of us, and I can't get the drop down selection to enter 10 people. It will only let me select 9. Thanks for replying.
  13. I was hoping someone would answer you, as I am considering the same two tours.
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