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  1. Actually, Carnival figured it out in their Fantasy Class as I recall The suites were low and mid ship
  2. Probably should have started with just one😉🍷
  3. That was the norm for All Royal ships before Oasis. Suites on highest deck
  4. German shipping company Hapag-Lloyd is currently re-flagging Korean built cargo ships with US flags. Apparently been doing it for a while. https://www.seafarers.org/seafarerslogs/2020/01/containership-rio-grande-express-reflags-u-s/ Seems odd
  5. Just having fun. Spirited debate on defining summer. July is mid summer to me
  6. I'm guessing you had to give some basic info when you visited the appointment site.
  7. So you just showed up and waited in line. No appointment?
  8. You should apply for a job in HR So much knowledge 😉
  9. I can see Freeport becoming a cruise departure point. Take the ferry over😉
  10. So, if you applied at 16 different sites, didn't you have to provide them some information. 🤔 And when you got the shot, did you have to show an ID? We did a lot of information at Walgreens to get ours. Even had to create an online account
  11. Neither of those ships could board using temporary terminals they will be using
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