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  1. I was thinking they could set up a conveyor system like a sushi-go-round I forgot about touch screens on robotic bar
  2. Symphony does crepes next to the stir fry in the back. Overall that's my favorite jammer
  3. I'll graze, and its ususlly disappointing, but im a slow learner. Good idea for a live review though. Life in the Slammer, I mean Jammer. 😉
  4. What do you eat up there🤔 I take it no CFA in Rhode Island? It's addictive, and don't get me started on waffle fries and peach shakes
  5. Yes, had a great view of the launch, but she went behind a cloud about 2 minutes into flight. For some strange reason, I always crave Chick fill A on Sunday. Those sandwiches can last about 30 minutes in those foil bags. Genius. Now the grilled chicken sandwich in CK for lunch is better in some ways than Chick fill A, but only a few people can get that. The jammer used to be better, or I have a lousy memory.
  6. Big ship, small circle. 😉 FWIW, sharing multi access codes was big business on the roll call
  7. I wouldn't get to excited about Empress and Majesty.
  8. Laura and I split the meal, and i could use my drink vouchers for Bud Light😁 Lots of stripes getting takeout
  9. They sell it as 3 meats, 2 sides, and a dessert
  10. Brisket, the msnager felt bad and brought over some burnt ends. They were just OK. #1 was ribs #2 was pulled pork Didn't try the chicken as I recall
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