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  1. Skip the pasta and the sauce. Peppers, onions, garlic. Rice should be available, ask for soy sauce
  2. Casino after dinner. We didn't lose the farm.πŸ˜‰ We'll be back Got a picture with CJ, walked around the Promenade a bit. Bionic Bar was hopping. Then off to our 9:30 comic. Laura actually made it. Front row First guy was OK. The second guy was hillarious. I'll verify their names later That pretty much covers day 3
  3. WJ for dinner. Want to do the Mongolian Grill Laura does her usual. Peppers, Onions, Galic, Chili flakes, and a combo of soy/terriaki I am more creative. Plus I like the Sweet Chili sauce. I also used basmati rice and had him add it to the wok Oh, and no view of ocean from WJ Yep, nothing
  4. You know, I'm not sure. Someone earlier said they had 6pm MTD as well. I'll try and ask tonight
  5. Off to see the lovely Wanpen. πŸ˜€ Once again a perfect massage. I did tell her when she was doing my back that I really liked the warm oil. Next thing I know i have a gallon of it on me. Very slippery. πŸ˜‚ We did a selfie for you all. She will be onboard until March for all your treatment needs. As mentioned earlier, I got talked into a hot stone massage later in the week. $20 extra, but worth it, as I found out. There is an available duplex outlet in the treatment room as well. Knowing where power is can be helpful.
  6. Lunch in MDR since this is the only chance we can go this week. They were doing Pasta, but Laura turned it into Stir Fry. It was very good, but sadly no pictures, my phone was charging. If you don't take a picture, did it really happen? Sailing past Cuba Western point of Cuba. Fridge in a GS seems bigger than the one in our balcony. It is very cold as well. last week's specifications This week, 25 liters bigger
  7. Hideaway Heist Look, a diving board. 😁 He's really big for a diver. Synchronized Swimming Synchronized Exiting. It was a fun event. The full show is done twice in the afternoon on Day 7. No reservations needed
  8. Yes, Happy Hour is 4:30 - 8:00 Might is the key wordπŸ˜‰
  9. Yes, it's odd. The Maitre D tried to explain it to me. He says the MDR on Harmony is smaller than Oasis/Allure and they need an extra fixed time dining slot. If you go to the Group Sales/Charter web page I think it lists MDR capacity if you want to verify
  10. Well it's on the right side as you walk into American Icon, which is the Port/Left side of the ship. However, MTD doesn't start until 6:30. They use American Icon for one round of Early Seating at 5pm. Oasis never did that. Remember to go the back podium. JS qualifies for that service. They should seat you right away, but there are seats back there if you need to sit down
  11. Ran into the Pop Up Piano Player on the way to the event. He was there as well two weeks ago. I've only seen him on the elevator once so far. Captain Johnny, the CD, and Julia the Revenue Manager. We haven't sailed with CJ since he was on Mariner in PC 11 years ago Looks like a couple of New Pinnacles this week. Nope, turns out the blocks are for Milestone events. Both are for the 1050 level. Free Cruise πŸ›³οΈπŸ˜€ We were not in a good position to take a picture, but this is Alysia and Kent Krueger. Probably misspelled it, sorry. They are from Phoenix I think Kent sees me. Since this was a Welcome Party, the entire ship was invited for free drinks. This seems new. It still was not very well attended. That's a shame, we had a little preview of the Dive show later in the week. And free cocktails. 🍹
  12. I was hoping they would delay it till next week. πŸ˜₯ Glad it went well.πŸš€
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