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  1. There could be a very heavy door you need to open
  2. So why don't you create the perfect poll.😉 If you'll read the introduction, the main point of this poll is to judge changes in lounge access. Nothing more. Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player.
  3. I've often watched it from deck 7, its a great location and rarely crowded. We had the Starboard A1 on Allure for 12 days. Fabulous balcony to hang out
  4. Best thing about Pinnacle lunch is watching people arrive and get annoyed where they are sitting😉 And if you are lucky, you might see someone trying to move place cards around. 🤣🤣 Key word is trying😉
  5. I find it to be ridiculously high for a show designed to be seen from Deck 6, but that's just me.😉 Hey, but it is a unique view
  6. Sure you can, you are assuming drive by posters will even take the time to fill out a 1 question survey😉 Plus do you think those 1845 views are 1845 unique members. Also can non members vote? Way to many holes in your theory
  7. It's not always about the food😉 I recall one where we were at same table with Captain and he had choice words about the merchants near Orient Beach that were disrupting traffic between ship and beach. In a nutshell he said they were punishing the cruise line passengers to try and negotiate rent increase. He was not in their corner
  8. It's really a forgotten hideaway. Kind of likevthe little balconies on deck 9 overlooking Central Park
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