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  1. Apologies, I was mainly speaking of Oasis. I have two so far, many planned.
  2. But none on Oasis, so you don't have a basis to declare it's worse than Harmony. Harmony was crowded on President cruise, never, ever, said it wasn't. That was an anomaly and you were warned not to go. Noro cruise Oasis had 42 pins, not overwhelmed at all. Plenty of JS passengers ate in CK. Will be back in 3 weeks, hopefully no Noro
  3. Correct, but we're in the same shipping lanes all week I think.
  4. 2 cruises makes you an expert 🤔
  5. John&LaLa

    No AC on Anthem of the Seas

    A couple 🤔, try two thirds, it sounds better. 😉
  6. Is there a pre muster meet and greet? I need to see a Dr about a dog allergy. 😉
  7. Oasis has by far the best CK lunch and breakfast of the first three Oasis ships. I have not sailed Symphony. Harmony has that nice buffet area, but that's about it. The SL furniture is nicer as well. The odd thing about Harmony is that no man's land between CK and SL. Is it CK or is it SL? Very confusing
  8. The original CK menus were created as part of Dynamic Dining. And they were fantastic. Then they killed DD and butchered the CK menus to come up with 7. Only a couple are worth going to. In my opinion.
  9. I think we are shadowing a day behind you on Adventure next week
  10. Book the Allure TA next spring. I doubt I'll step foot in CK that trip.
  11. Are you Andy's mom?
  12. John&LaLa

    Staying off ship overnight mid-cruise

    We were going to do that on the Explorer TP. Get off in Honolulu, and catch the ship in Maui. FWIW, that is how you go see Taj Mahal, tons of folks did that on Mariner
  13. Are you within the final payment window still? If not, then no. Any OS available? You might look into upgrading
  14. Royal is turning 50. 😉