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  1. I want to apologize for not keeping up. Between AC issues and the short trip, it's hard to do a Live review. Having dinner in Chops now. It is very nice and surprisingly crowded
  2. 8172 aft JS Like I said earlier, lots of signage No one eats dinner in Chops for free, suites and Pinnacle get breakfast there
  3. Kind of like trying to read this post on a phone. Not Fun. 😉 In case you weren't aware, the font you chose turns to cursive script on most phones.
  4. Pretty sure I have 14 or 15 of the old spice menus. Many were awful. IMHO.
  5. Change is hard could apply to CC as well. 😉
  6. More likely FCC. Trying not to complain.
  7. John&LaLa


    The Eagle ones were fantastic, I was thinking we have been getting much better ones lately
  8. Yes, probably loosened Friday afternoon
  9. I think its build up inside the vents. 😱 Loosened by the technicians working on dampers. @chengkp75
  10. Internet getting spotty, to frustrating to continue now.
  11. Chops for breakfast, they opened at 8:00. Had a small rush and were understaffed. Our waitress was just overloaded, Mgr said they did not expect it to be busy. Maybe he should have helped. I doubt we'll go back. My omelette was good
  12. Headed back to Lattetudes at 7:00. Got our coffee, but as I said earlier, staff seemed confused. Only wanted to do Tall, Laura talked her into Venti. They were good. Laura got a Grande later in the day. Less confusion. Actually met Asst Beverage Mgr in CL tonight and he apologized for confusion.
  13. Went for coffee at 5:30. CL still broke, DL machine turned off, Lattetudes not open. Will head back at 7:00. Ship was very empty.