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  1. No, they will just refund your money instead of downgrading
  2. Sometimes its nice to 'share' a cabin, regarless of type
  3. Reprice at 5pm when she's already in the cabin. Just don't see them doing that
  4. As mentioned, there is always a possibility the revenue TA may cancel. I hope not, but I'm sure it will be here in mid November
  5. I think I have, need to look at my notes. @xpcdoojk does them 48 hours I believe. I think I did 24 last time. Will finish on the Egg
  6. 4 blocks is almost a cruise certificate 😉 I think we get 7 in 12 months. Then the dbl points thing ends😪 But September '22 and November '22 are wide open😁
  7. Welcome to 2021 And some ships were swiping for 'inventory control' a few years ago. May have been a dry run for this😉
  8. Two weeks prior, plus it's the supposed day they will have all the Allure passengers locked in for the Wonder TA. Easier to move us then. It's really just oportunistic sarcasm
  9. Apparently I still need to book a 2021 Prime Tier cruise. Does anyone know what happens if the person on the certificate is a no show? Here's the scenario. Laura and I both qualify. I booked her solo on Feb 13. I have both of us booked for Feb 20. It's the same cabin, so I'll just meet her on the ship for the 2nd leg. What if I don't show up? I think I have the dog sitter overwhelmed and don't want to push it.
  10. Thanks, apparently they are in short supply for February 2022 on Harmony Ended up booking BW View instead. Price was negligible, $60 additional, more or less
  11. There is a TA headed to Pt Canaveral for Winter 2022. I would guess she sticks around till spring 2023 at the least
  12. Now I know the OP is retired, but are those of you that need to 'disconnect' still working for the most part? We retired 4+ years ago. Pretty much disconnected from reality ever since. 😉
  13. I swear there's always one when I come into town. Lots of subs and destroyers this past week from what I understand. Interesting that the capsule got back before the booster did
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