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  1. This is exactly why from the time we leave port to the time we get back I leave my phone in airport mode. I’m not trying to go on the internet or text anybody or anything with my phone other than take pictures.
  2. Does anybody that has been to the new Perfect Day Coco Cay know if they still have jet Skis or not?!
  3. If you think this is drama you should have been on here back during the smoking on the balcony days when people could still smoke on them! 🤓
  4. Wow! So I guess the $47 I paid for my upcoming cruise on Freedom next month in October is a good price! When I paid it I was like.... this is a lot, but now this post has made me happy I purchased it! 😎
  5. Great comments! As I said with me, I always thought the meet & mingle was to meet and mingle and put faces to the names you have been communicating with in the roll call. But to have let’s say 60 people show up to the meet and mingle for a roll call that have had maybe 5 or 6 people communicating in the roll call every 3 or 4 months is not worth it to me as there was never any bonds made of people I would want to meet. It would really just be faces there as anywhere else on the ship.
  6. Roll Calls are nowhere near as what they use to be in the day where it was a chance to get to know other people that will be on your cruise and then finally meet each other and the meet & greet as well as other events you all might have set up. My upcoming cruise in October has had a roll call for well over a year but there has been very low and minimum participation but there are people signed up for the meet & mingle well above the number of people that have been in the roll call. This will be my first cruise where I did not sign up for the meet and mingle as I didn’t see the point of doing so when there was never really any communication in the roll call where bonds were established or anything as have been the case in all roll calls in the past that I have been in. So with all that said do you do you all think that roll calls and meet and mingles are becoming a thing of the past and is on its way out?? Like that is so yesteryear???? What you think??
  7. I have never really understood why Royal don’t change these things up. I know there are new cruisers but there are a lot of repeat cruisers also. If it was changed up sometime it would still be new the new cruisers but something fresh for the repeaters over the years. I do not go to the 70’s party anymore because after so many years you get tired of The village People routine on every cruise on every ship and the rest of the songs that is played and song at that party. Love and marriage same questions on every ship every show. They need to come up with a better idea as far as picking the couples for that. I still like Quest but there is only so many adult themed things you can ask for without it getting too risqué! It’s the participants that make The Quest still fun to watch except for the ones that have played time and time again and are not spontaneous but rehearsed to get a laugh.
  8. Of all my cruises o think I remember the names of 2. Before my cruises I don’t research who the CD is because it’s not a big deal to me. I have been on cruises though where I thought the Activities person was better than the CD.
  9. I ate in the CK on Oasis and was not impressed. I had two nights booked but I did not go the 2nd night as we just didn’t like it!
  10. Hey it’s been a long time! How you folks been doing? Hope all is well with you!
  11. Even if you were able to make the connection more than likely your luggage won’t make it to the connecting flight on time.
  12. It might be just me but I cruise the Mediterranean for the ports. It might be intensive but the ports are what I take that cruise for. I can take Oasis Class Western Caribbean cruises for Sea Days and to stay on the ship!
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