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  1. A gratuity is a voluntary amount of money given in exchange for a service performed. also referred to as a tip. Tips should also be given freely (without coercion) and the customer giving the tip should be able to determine who receives the payment. On the RCI website during the booking process, they give the option to 'prepay gratuities' and clearly state they are not mandatory. A service charge is compulsory and is not an amount that customers choose to pay. It is pre determined by the vendor. I think RCI causes confusion over 'service charge' and 'gratuity'. On our booking invoice, the prepaid 'gratuity' is listed as On Board Service Charge.
  2. Its not long ago (2015) that the original sports bar on the promenade was ripped out and replaced by shops!
  3. Great idea... just take away all the benefits..... I'm sure those that have legitimately earned them will be very happy with your suggestion !! Joking aside ^^^ this^^^ has to be contributing to the issue.
  4. Last time I checked it was $1 = £0.79 not sure how often it is updated. 01932 834 243 was the tel number for adding OBC, although I'm not sure if this number is still valid.
  5. This is disappointing, but to be fair, RCI shows a picture of the vehicle used. Certainly wouldn't pay £66pp, but for £41 will try to avoid getting in the 'boot'! I guess only guests staying at the island hotels get the traditional safari style vehicles.
  6. Then my recollection must have been the dreaded 'Spanish Tax'
  7. Does anyone have 553 points spare that we could borrow before our next sailing?
  8. Was on Explorer two months ago, she has a little bit of 'wear and tear' here and there if you go looking for it, but nothing that is likely to spoil your vacation.
  9. Yes, the quality of the food is, apparently, the waiters responsibility. I've been told that several times and my reply was: You didn't cook it, so why should you be expected to take responsibility for it? We bring more until you are happy.
  10. A '10 draft beer for $49' card appeared day 4 on Rhapsody a few weeks ago
  11. A recent cruise compass for Radiance has traditional dining times as 5.30pm and 8pm with the shows at 6.30pm and 8.30pm. Except for first evening when there is one show around 9.45pm and a late night mid-cruise showtime of 10.15pm. If you reserve your times in advance and then once on board you find there is a clash, you can usually adjust the timings to suit.
  12. We must have been really lucky, we always select option B to allow card issuer to make the conversion and have had no issues (now probably jinxed).
  13. To be honest, that's what I would expect to happen. I should have been more clear and wrote '18% from every drink ordered that is charged to your onboard account'.
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