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  1. Dont forget the covid test for b2b carnival will call you to do. I've done any number of b2bs on more than 1 cruiseline but maybe I like to handle my stuff myself. I even offered the steward a big tip but then when he wasnt around last time, moved myself. Oct next one, then jan then march then sept and dec, 4 in 2022. 1 this oct. So 5 coming up. I try and book b2b
  2. Lol I dont smoke but that's going pretty far. I guess if you smoke you have your mask off?
  3. Dont believe him. Hes just stirring the hornets nest and not respecting our opinions if they don't agree with his. His idea of fun maybe? He says he knows by osmosis what the majority think about these new mandates. Unless you believe in esp ... just ignore it. Your opinion is valid too. There are people not posting who dont like it. Will they do it, probably, but like it no. Carnival has to cya.
  4. Everytime I've moved myself. The cabin steward would have disappeared just then or whatever. I pack light and probably will do it myself again for breeze. I'm moving from deck 2 to deck 9 lol. Could have stayed close but picked the best cabins and not worrying. They will give you a b2b covid test I hear the day before or morning of. And a b2b letter where to meet, usually near guest services.
  5. He seemed to think whomever made a frowing face wasnt a real cruiser and dismissed it. He only accepts smiley faces. I'm not smiling. Dang. Sure takes away from the anticipation. Turns out a friend is on first leg of breeze who just made his final payment and then wham.
  6. A good bit of my roll calls throwing in the towels. People dont want this. Check your price tomorrow and maybe it's gone down.
  7. Unvaccinated kids can only get off in bubble tours. And no they arent testing kids in particular. Being test to board, unvaccinated of any age tested before debark, hasnt changed. There are some ports with restrictions, none of mine.
  8. You can book the test 2 weeks prior. Yes going to get harder to get tested. P cr test or the other. Big sigh here. Not what I signed up for.
  9. I take it back how glad I am to be cruising on carnival and not rcl. Now the same, doesnt matter.
  10. The 4 day plus wdw, if the 5 days doesnt include the park. Independence is a newer amped ship. Lower cabins mid ship have the least motion. So the cheaper options on lower decks may make sense. Lower decks have more walking and elevator time to get to the pools. Can you fly into a airport near orlando? That would be more convenient to go out of port Canaveral. Miami is a bit of a zoo but probably cheaper, but I'd check flying into both airports. I think cwc now you can book thru sept 30, but id have to reread terms. Calling them wouldnt help for prices but maybe help if you have questions. Bring some seasick meds, you will be fine. Bahamas is a close cruise.
  11. For free or for a charge? I saw a post from a b2b with carnival then rcl that was never really answered if she can show up at the rcl and get a free covid test to board. Does rcl charge me to test on a b2b. Birdtravels post said he thinks a charge.
  12. I've seen half dozen comments on the steakhouse from other ships, so they paid for the experience. Anything from overbooking, long waits and the steak didnt seem up to par or as good as they remembered it. Of course most commenting are because they had complaints. I'd like to read how great it was. Not they got my appetizers mixed up. Doesnt matter what ship.
  13. When was the blog shot? This new protocol just hit I think last Thursday so idk myself how it will work. I think give it a couple weeks to see how its handled. How would you get thru screening without a test in hand? Rcl is making me dizzy so many changes. Give it a couple of weeks. What you suggest might work. I'd want rcl to confirm it before I just assumed it will work. Good idea!
  14. Idk. If your cruise is soon, i would want to know and call. If carnival has a hard and fast rule it's not published.
  15. Free? I've seen nothing indicating free tests. Rcl says $178 and there are some questions if I would have to pay that to do a rcl b2b. Their policy to board says to bring it with you to board. Maybe someone has a idea how to get faster turn around at CVS, but a free test .. not trying to sound like a smart aleck, but if they give you a free covid test to board, everyone else here wants a free one too at boarding. None of us want to pay for it or have the hassle of getting one ahead of time.
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