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  1. End of October isnt that far away. I'm not booked until October anyway, a few days what's the difference. I assume someone from canada can fly to a port and cruise idk, might get quarantined ... but a few days one way or another no biggie. I could wait a month. Waited this long.
  2. You have to change before the lift and switch I was told. On the cruise you have now The lift and switch has to be to the same category
  3. Me too, even before people would say they wouldnt be on a ship where all they could see is water. Idk what to say back. And that was before the virus.
  4. Where do us lowly pax see the solo rate. I can see a rate and oh it's a good rate, but I dont see the 150% or 175% anywhere. Even if I see a good rate it doesnt say how much the supplement is Gotta be a easier way than what I'm doing.
  5. February 2021 has some prices very kind to solo cruises. There should be a easier way to find discounted solo and senior rates than clicking on rates for 3 hours. If anyone knows a short cut let me know. I know one site I can put 1 pax, but not senior, doesnt give me the real rate
  6. Yes I got it off the rcl site, though it's up some since last weeks sale that ended Tuesday. I'm solo so I'm sure my prices arent the same as yours. But yes I got it from rcl site. I'm not only doing b2b first 2 weeks of feb, I also booked week 4, Feb 28, you have to upgrade to a d2 or d4 ... and did a lift and shift to allure of a d2 outside view balcony. The cheapest balcony was a 6d, and allure doesnt have them, so you have to upgrade to a category on allure, same itinerary and can lift and shift price to allure in 2022, though they might send another ship. Prices were so good I booked 3 lol. Hopefully they send a really nice ship if not allure, as I lifted and shifted the feb 28th jewel balcony to a balcony on allure.
  7. I'm on jewel b2b next feb. Yes jewel leaves sometime in april I think, depending which week the op is considering. For april liberty is the nicest ship but sure to cost more. I'll take my jewel b2b, 2 for the price of 1. I was told we probably wouldnt get anthem as it is specially made for cold water and out of colder ports. Everyone has a guess about allure. I hope I get a nice ship is all. I'm booking another b2b for march 2022. Looking for one more good deal to fit into my schedule. Maybe after august 1st there will be some who cancel if rcl does even a partial schedule. I'm ready to go.
  8. Odyssey, that's a new guess I hadnt seen before. I'm booked on allure spring 2022 but will be happy with whatever ship they send. Odyssey would be nice too. Everyone has their own guess if it's coming or not on time.
  9. Jewel is smaller and beautiful but less to do. Jewel has a awesome sale for next feb, for some reason, but you want april. Of course Libety is the nicer ship and will cost more. Hands down. There is a reason it costs more. I had libety booked this past april 26, cancelled, had a really good deal. Has the promenade which I love. If money didnt matter of course liberty.
  10. I've never heard of amber cove so I guess I'm out of it. I'm not sailing until oct 4th but tempted to book something out of Galveston, even a 5 day, I want to vacation so bad. I'm post due. I do have the perfect day at coco cay booked feb 7th. Seems to be all women signing up, saying me too, me too. I'm so ready for carnival to get started. I'd even take a chair hog thread about now.
  11. I think I've read if your fcc covers the entire amount of the new cruise then yes you can book it that way, just dont make a deposit ... call and get the fcc applied. A new fcc will be issued for the remainder
  12. Seems like the best part is you can see what's going on. If you can see them they can see you. Arent the rock walls close by? That's why I'd want one, you can see so much of the diving show and other shows they have there.
  13. Cty judge said masks are required. Governor or someone said cant penalize if no mask. Most wear them out of courtesy but it's not exactly required here. Simon property malls says have to wear one to come in and shop. Idk, do they hand you one if you dont have one. Actually I was surprised how late to game airlines were. We had been wearing them to shop but you could board a airplane here without one until just a few weeks ago. That airlines didnt require them until just recently makes no sense to me.
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