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  1. I've been adding up the days to file for this or that, and even without any delays I'd be surprised to see a 7 day cruise out of any port but miami or florida, before march. Each ship has to be inspected, how many inspectors are there? Quarantine the crew etc. I'd say February iffy. All we can do is wait and see how fast this plays out.
  2. Why not call carnival and just ask about say moving it to late 2023 while you still can?
  3. Ok let's revisit this say in a month and compare where ccl and rcl are toward resuming. Unfortunately its ccl I own a bunch of shares in. I'd like to see more forward progress than I have.
  4. I'd check my email first for the reservation #. That's what I had to do.
  5. I think they said somewhere its updated regularly...I'd have to go back and find the post. You ignored that there are no carnival ships on the list. As a ccl shareholder I'm disappointed they dont seem to be jumping thru hoops like the others. I'd say at minimum it's going to take at least 3 months once you start jumping. Also reading crew has to quarantine on land, then on the ship for 14 days. Adding up days I dont see a cruise before march or april. Attached is another if and or butt... regarding ships not currently is US waters.
  6. If by projections you mean I think people here like you go out of their way to be a little mean, yea it's what i think. Entitled to my opinion. When i was disappointed by the move from allure to liberty i got such comments as well you knew allure wasnt going. Or it's all part of the same thing about pier 3. Like I'm not entitled to be disappointed they sent Liberty back. There are so many ships of rcl I have not been on I hoped they would send a new ship, different than liberty. True, I didnt expect allure, but also true I hoped for a ship new to me. I do think some are unnecessarily unkind. Just no reason for it. And yes it's my opinion. I'm projecting my opinion.
  7. Assume its 2021, not 2020. Says until changed 7 days or less only. They would have to either cancel or cut some days. Order expires in November though it can be amended.
  8. This was posted on another forum, which ships are green to turn in papers I guess for provisional sailing. No carnival ships listed, 0, none.. my april rcl liberty OTS is listed, so it looks like go. Carnival needs to get on the ball. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html
  9. I'm hoping there are so many who dont want it, there will be enough doses early on for those over a certain age. I keep hearing people post anti vaccine
  10. My ta wouldnt book me on a b2b. The cant be over 7 days isnt clear for sure, but he doesnt want me to wind up with unused fcc
  11. I'm just hoping they make it. At least now there is a chance. Idk anyone thinking it will disappear, more that we can find a way to live with it. I was at the home last night of a guy and his gf who both got it and he has lingering effects, congestion, slight headache, cant sleep as well. Sounds fun.
  12. Going to have trouble finding volunteers then as it requires a note from your doctor for the pre cruises needed to file to sail. It almost looks like cdc found a way to throw so much paperwork in the way they got their way and extended the no sail as will takes months to clear every ship.
  13. I'm aware of those things, the judge in miami etc. They were just trying like everyone else to figure out all the filing dealings of this cdc lifting the ban, but still probably cant cruise until spring at best. Who knows. But I've followed it. They werent confusing the two.
  14. Someone on the ccl board posted there is a 30 and a 60 day submit papers kind of thing. Idk, but sounds like it might take a little while. My april cruise still might be cutting it close.
  15. Why attack me. I was just saying I copied a answer from above, and trying to help. Why get angry? I didnt think it right to copy someone else without giving them credit... as I said trying to help.
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