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  1. I dont remember the cabin #, but i got moved to one of the 4Js that was HC and hated it. the bathroom was half the cabin. No sofa, and beds were end to end, didnt push together. I would avoid the HC 4J. personally id rather have a port hole where you dont have to close your curtains at night and more s.f.
  2. They will make you leave your cabin quite early, including luggage so they can be starting to get the cabins turned over for the next group. Yes, you can relax over breakfast but with your luggage and then should be able to walk off when you are ready as your deck will already have been called. I guess it depends on your definition of early is. Seems like we had to clear the cabin by 8 am which does leave you with plenty of time to breakfast first. No such thing as sleeping in Ive found, even when i tried, the people next door were slamming doors and drawers loud enough you couldnt sleep. Might as well make up your mind just to eat and get off the ship. google miami and ft lauderdale and see what is in your budget. I love airboats, especially out in the everglades, but they are pricey. so fun. there is the zoo and other less pricey options. South Beach and its brighly painted houses worth seeing.
  3. Maybe there is a way to change the settings so i dont have to read people beating up on me and everytime Im quoted. Excuse me for being of the older generation. If a cabin steward tells me at 2 pm he is going to do my cabin daily from 6 to 8 pm, naturally i dont think he means ....starting tomorrow, i assumed he meant the day he said it. Us oldies think your word is your bond and your word means something. I always try to do what I promise. he should have said starting tomorrow. and i did a journey from dallas to cleveland to visit my old high school a month earlier than we booked and every single hotel gave me 2 bars of soap. sorry if my expectations were too high for todays carnival. I still want to do the carnival cruise that is a partial panama, but i dont want to pay double, so i probably will wait for someone else who wants to go with me. jouney cruises are a tad more a day and I dont like paying double. The paying double is a reason im not cruising much ... the rest is nothing I agree, just observations. let me go see if there is a new setting where i dont have to get a email every time someone wants to beat me up like for thinking my cabin would be done daily including the first day. Ive cruised a long time.... and im sure it shows.
  4. Boy i sure started something. I just didnt care for our cabin steward and mentioned some reasons why, nothing that would make me cruise or not cruise again, though I am cruising less and less. There was a time I was crusing up to 8 times a year and now its been once a year. As far as the post about 3rd world countries and the time set. ... I dont come from a 3rd world country and we did agree to once a day. But I was cruising with a cruise newbie who I really wanted to love cruising .... she didnt. Actually it was her who said when we came back the first night saying she thought we would have had our cabin serviced and we hadnt, so I asked the next day. First time I have been told that getting my cabin ready for arrival was our one time the day of arrival is what surprised me and the little things like why only bed got a luggage mat etc and he kept saying standard set up. I hoped she would love Vista and the cruise and be ready to commit again, but she said well ask her in a year and see how she feels, not sure its for her, and didnt help she put out her knee walking up and down stairs and now has to see a doctor. As far as what time was set to clean, the cabin steward suggested the time, because we got any time. I think Im at 174 days and asked for early and got anytime. I too dont cruise for the perks, for sure not on Carnival no offense. At least on RCL I get 3 free drinks a day, on Carnival I get one up to $9 which turns out to pay for no drink Id order. Sure priority boarding is great, but i get it on other lines too, i dont cruise becauses of it. In a way id like to get to diamond on Carnival and in a way I dont care. Which is probably why im not cruising as much. Plus Im usually solo and paying double. NCL has had a few no solo supplements out of New Orleans I can drive to, but not sure i want to get higher in their loyalty either but certainly the prices are better for solos. I was just stating my observations and dont care to cruise nearly as often. Sorry if this offends some that Im not that up with cruising the last few years. Once a year is now enough. But because I was assigned anytime dining, i didnt have early or late for the cabin steward to work around and he suggested the 6 o 8 pm time frame and i said ok. Boy Im feeling beat up .... 3rd world countries hahahahhahahaha. btw it wasntn me who filled up the trash can, she flew in early and i guess decided to dump all the paper stuff she didnt need any more. I might have added a few things like inserts for sales in the fun times. ..it wasnt life or death, but a observation on how things have changed. 10 years ao i cruised a lot ... back then a 1A was 150% too. now its 200%. thats a biggie to me. paying double. I can certainly afford it, just dont have to like it. Oh i got it wrong, my observations and reasons why i cruise less, the above says are 1st world complaints. lol. Im just not as into cruising I guess. each to his own. enjoy. I have no future cruises booked and the girl i meet onboard we are waiting to figure out a booking, but it might be another year before I get the itch. Everyone doesnt have to love cruisiing 100%. My roomie just didnt. I wish she had.
  5. I meet our steward and asked for 6 to 8 pm once a day and came back the first night and all they had done was put the next fun times in our cabin. I asked him the next day and he was offended like I got my asst to give you TWO fun times like you ased, whats your problem. I said he didnt do anything, the waste basket was overflowing, we thought since you said 6 to 8 pm we would get service. he came back with "we dont start cleaning until Monday". getting the room ready for arrival is your once a day service the day you board. Then we were like can we have a 2nd bar of soap, and he snapped all you had to do was ask. then we went to guest services for a laundry bag, then found out we didnt have the form, then it was the excursion desk to get a copy of the excursions.. and so it went the whole week, though after I complained we got more service, but i would have liked a better attitude, not more towel animals. Our sink and shower didnt drain well and about backed up the shower to overflowing, but i decided to let the next people in that cabin deal with the problem, but both were stopped up. I wasnt about to deal with him about the draining issue in our cabin. Had other things id rather do. they clean right, so they had to have noticed the problem? a friend had the electrcian in 3 times lol because her high watt curling iron wouldnt work on vista, they cut the power or wattage and they had to attach a transformer to her outlet for her curlng iron to work. I had loaned her mine, because she was going to pay the beauty shop onboard because she wouldnt wash the smoke from the casino out of her hair if she couldnt style it. Im not that picky but her hair was short. I probably should have mentioned the drainage in the shower and sink but let the next people deal with it. The steward was already upset with me for complaining they walked past a overflowing waste basket and said we dont clean until monday. and i got the line at least 4 times, that we got the standard set up for that cabin (which for instance didnt included a 2nd luggage mat, which i also decided was their problem if they didnt care about protecting those covers). id rate our cabin steward a 2 or 3 out of 10. Valor i had a great one last cruise, about the best ever, so they do exist, just didnt get along with this one. I had a lower deck level this time, so my theory is they give the worst rated ones to the cheapest cabins and the best to the more expensive or higher decks. I was on deck 7 i think last time when i had a great one
  6. Nothing is fancy. They have given glasses of cheap champagne on New Years Eve. I cant say if it will be elegant night or not, i doubt they change the regular set up of which nights are so called elegant, which isnt very elegant like they used to be. The xmas decorations should still be up which I always enjoy Be sure to try the skyride. I did it in the wind,and it was a little more adventourous than I expected on a windy day. but they closed it down right after me. There are two board things. the hard one is too hard for me but my roomie did it and was surprised. two places its just a rope you walk over. If you fall off the rope you have to pull yourself back onto the rope to finish. Im not that strong. I saw a young kid fall off the rope, luckily he didnt weight much. Then there is a very easy rope course with boards you just walk across. Dont miss the BBQ, its in a odd place mid deck 5. We turned out to really like the salads made in those tostado bowls at the mexican place where they add meat. there is also a good salad bar on deck 15 in the serenity which i think not many find, but there wasnt any salt there, so I only ate there once. But dont expect people to dress like they did 20 years ago. Its changed, even for a new years eve cruise. I used to wear formals, not any more.
  7. Of course, i was just saying Ive heard some post they proferred the new Horizon cabins to the spa cabins on Vista. idk. The private pool for horizon cabins isnt that large, it looks almost like a infinity pool. But you know if you would prefer the spa balconys, still probably cheaper than those new horizon cabins. Maybe someone else can say why they prefer the horizon cabins to the spa cabins on Horizon and Vista. I forget the reasons I read. Maybe when you are on Vista take a peek at the horizon cabins and see what all the fuss is about? I thought Vista well spread out so lines were not the problem as I had read or expected. Much better and easier to do things. Or maybe because it was a ultra cruise people were in the casino so lines were short everywhere. Im sure you will enjoy your spa balcony. Didnt mean to imply you wouldnt, just had read they werent as good as on Dream class. Horizon is better on Vista class but more pricey. But I personally wasnt overwhelmed with the private pool for Horizon folks, nice but not my thing. And I could care less if there are extra drink waiters around. Im sure you made the best choice for you, enjoy vista and dont miss the sky ride.
  8. I asked around and one diamond lady in a motorized vehicle said she got a assigned table. I didnt find anyone else who was able to do this. However when we found someone we liked half way thru, she gave us her card and we went straight to deck 3 desk and they always seated us immediately. One time at a table for 5 but no one joined us. So you can skip the deck 5 check in several ways, but only that one disabled lady that I know of was able to get assigned to a time and table. And I asked around. Im always asking questions to know more, you know me okgirl. how you been? Are the crazies still cruising? tried to find them but didnt know how I was on vista 11/11 to 11/18, so recently.
  9. LOL I didnt think Carnival was going to make changed based on what 2 employees said. Personally, i think its all the casino cruises is why so many are cruising so much now and diamonds are growing in ranks more and more. Someone said if they have so many diamonds and platinums do they not sell FTTF? They still sell some, but im not aware of where its cuts off. We have had over 600 diamonds and platinums my last 2 cruises plus apparantly the casino folks get priority boarding, and we had some people who were about to turn platinum who booked a suite we sat with while waiting to board we enjoyed talking to the whole cruise. Didnt help the ship docked a hour later, but I heard we were later than that, as much as 4 hours late. We had rocky seas the whole time, not big waves, choppy. We were still docking the ship by the 7:15 time to arrive to debark. We got a letter Im not sure I kept that said if you were not in your assigned place for priority debarkation by 7:15 am you would not be allowed to enter or have priority debarkation. They didnt enforce the letter, probably because we hadnt docked yet... I wonder if they will start enforcing stuff like that. Most of us were there by 6 to 6:15 am. First time I saw that letter stating if you were not in the assigned place for priority debarkation you would not be allowed to enter and would have to wait for your deck to be called. firm letter ... not enforced. but interesting if they do enforce it in the future. Actually debarkation went pretty smoothly, and the employees were there en force making sure people didnt cut the line as they usually have on other cruises, which I was glad of. no complaints ... but intereresting they are threatening to cut off priority debarkation if you arent there by 7:15 am. (Vista). So ive had over 600 diamonds and platinums 2 cruises in a row, plus suites, plus FTTF plus casino ... one was Valor and one Vista. I dont know how many is too many where they cut off FTTF. I do think at some pt they will add another level of loyalty, its my opinion. Not because 2 employees mentioned it on Vista.
  10. Someone mentioned gold used to get invited to this welcome back party. (btw it was awesome). Now they had to drop gold from the party, and its only for diamonds and platinums. i talked to a disabled vet who was upset about the "captains party". He said he remembered it as being in the theater and a free drink or two. On this cruise it was in the atrium, and the captian finally showed 30 minutes late and barely said hello. And he had to stand the whole time on disabled legs. he was sorely dissapointed. I didnt go. But i do remember when it was a actual party where drinks were served for free.
  11. lol im with the poster who said they missed the future cruise certs we used to be able to get onboard worth $100 obc. same price but a reduced deposit isnt a sale to me. I have the money to pay for the cruise. I want a discount or obc. $50 obc you can find other times too, and right now i cant find a price i like. If i pay $200 more for a cruise to get that $50 within 2 weeks from date im home, ... not much of a deal. kinda almost false advertising to act like its a sale for fun saver to book ES and save lol, like ES isnt available to others.
  12. Check in is deck 5 next to the coffee bar on Vista. or the hubb app. OK I went to get my card for vista 11/11 to 11/18 cruise. it says on my card after my name DINING YOUR TIME DINING CHECK IN, next line Deck 5, JavaBlue Cafe 5:30 - 9:30 pm. there are two dining room and we were not assigned to a particular one.
  13. I was on Vista nov 11 to 18 and i watched one of the gals at the deck 5 checkin desk explain to someone how to check in on the Hub App. You definetely could use hub app on my cruise to check in for any time dining
  14. Ive read several posts that spas on vista/horizon are NOT as nice as cabins in Horizon. A spa cabin on Magic is nicer than on Vista etc. If you did spa on Magic class you might be dissapointed in a spa cabin on Vista, then again if the price is that good, take it. Price out horizon cabins maybe if you are booking Vista. If you want the private pool and quieter, see how much more than a spa cabin. We even went up to Serenity one day and actually got a clam shell on Vista, surprise. There is a nice salad bar up there with things like pumpkin seeds and other nice salad makings.
  15. I keep buying stuff and then finding out it was cheaper at home. This includes good jewelry and booze. I bought two reposa Don Julio for the bargain price of $63 on sale. at home the closest liquor store has them for 23.95 each. scotch, forgetabout it. I really got ripped off buying on board. so much cheaper at home. I bought a saphire ring, cheaper online or at my local jeweler. stick to little things that make you think of the cruise, dont get carried away. I always guy stuff I dont have space for, like a wooden puzzle and i cant remember what other junks i bought. Im a sucker.
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