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  1. firefly333

    Suite perks?

    people keep telling me having a bathtub is a perk. lol though I only take showers and I already get priority boarding. IDK why suites were given the same perks that platinum and up already have, or platinum boards first. I agree Carnival cheaped out on perks for suites.
  2. firefly333

    TBA cabins

    I was just about to ask you how your cruise was. Its been raining cats and dogs here in Texas, so awfully glad you got good weather
  3. firefly333

    TBA cabins

    Lol, yes! That reminds me that once I did get a room with a pole in it.... I was next to that room with the pole, and was glad i didnt get it. Maybe that was you and we meet and didnt know it. So, you got deck 8, not bad at all. convenient. glad you let us know, and the other poster got deck 9. awesome sauce. So, I imagine they wanted extra for the balcony? How much extra? just curious, though im glad you said no. Made them give you a nice deck inside cabin.