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  1. I did speciality restaurants and sea shack and the sushi restaurant dont take any chances and add a separate charge for gratuities. Steak house and oriental you add what you want on vista. Not sure which is better, I would have added more to the sushi place if they hadnt added it. Sea shack its messed up, the amt added., Different ship, but some places will add it. I bought the coupons.
  2. I'm thinking my is being booked on breeze. They dont want me to price match to a much lower price for a better cabin. Prepared to sit on my hands and no book more until I get a offer.
  3. Lol to me mask was a restriction. Hot and sticky when I was there. Normally would have shopped around longer. Ruined it for me.
  4. I say sasha away on down to that bar. It counts. Though I think you need a more gawdy fan.
  5. I'm still waiting. Wish carnival would not pick and choose and give rates fairly to everyone. Makes me mad tbh to read posts like this where I dont get the same offer.
  6. They did have the big bottles of water, 2 for sale in my cabin. Forget the name of the stuff people who jo drink, but they only had orange flavor in stock. T shirts slim pickings. Someone saw one the week before, sorry, we didnt get a t shirt shipment to restock. Didnt look hard but only carnival logo and didnt have my size. Womens small face watches. I wanted a new one from citizens eco drive. Only had one. And it had fake jewels around the face and band, but I got it. Mine is getting old and last year replaced battery for 65 plus tax. Better to replace. I'd have liked a few tee shirts. That dont say carnival. Dont expect large selections. Took me 4 days to find a employee working in pixels to get my pin. People were disappointed in generic pin, doesnt even have the ship name. People who had past pins were especially disappointed. These were not as pretty as before. Smaller and plainer.
  7. Imo they are limiting cabins that might attract families. Trying to get vaccinated adults. Carnival is doing to same thing.
  8. Someone on my vista cruise last week didnt have a lot number for first shot. She couldnt board until she called louisianna who was open until noon and just barely boarded. Do check your card.
  9. Oh no, now I have to prefer carnival? I dont eat mushy food and certainly not mashed potatoes. I'll never get that hungry on a cruise. Also dont touch the hot cereal I've seen on rcl. Ugggh. Now you've done it ..
  10. Beach lunch lounge chairs. I'm sure there is more but that's all I've done.
  11. Idk but i havent seen what you can buy 2 shots of for $13... what liquor?
  12. If they insist on her having cheers, I'd look at some 1A options as carnival has been doing some cheap less than 100% solo supplements. Cheaper than cheers.
  13. Hi I'd have to go look but isnt that forward. The theater is on deck 4 forward, so I would look at deck plans to not be under it.
  14. Hahaha dont forget now you have to go to a bar to pick up that free bottle of water. I never got mine.
  15. Oddly enough I've seen several threads over on the carnival forum complaining about the buffet and over here tree skier said if anything he thinks its improved with lower capacity quality and freshness of food on rcl was better not worse. I got off vista last sat but didnt eat hardly anything from the buffet, but it is slimmer. Never heard of anyone starving on a cruise who couldnt find something to eat. Who would pick a cruise based on some blogger who didnt like the buffet when there is so much other food. Havent been back on rcl to compare post covid, but seems like a odd yardstick to me. If you dont like the buffet eat pizza or at the cafe or deli on carnival. Lots of food choices.
  16. For vista you had to clear the cabin by 830. Even before that the steward will be knocking and pushing for you to clear your cabin. Last off vista was between 930 and 1030, but later the week before as they were delayed a bit I heard. I didnt ask about open bars. The coffee shop opened at 6 am that last morning so you could get your coffee or energy drinks, or milkshakes.. I just wanted my coffee drink.
  17. I think out of Galveston if used before international waters, you will be charged tax.
  18. I'm not sure this is true. I heard its approved for anyone over age 65 which is a lot of cruisers. Me for instance.
  19. Personally I noticed many changes. Things were moved from before. No desserts were set out. Only had cakes and such you lined up to have a piece cut. Servers were behind plexiglass. Pizza was walled in there with the heat from the oven. I felt sorry for the guy. Deli behind plexiglass, you had to reach thru a crack to get a cookie. There was a section of pre made salads. Didnt try them, didnt know what was on them and I'm picky. But one who back section where there used to be desserts was pre made salads. People act like it's the same as before .. not to me.
  20. I finally boarded but vista boarded at the rcl terminal 2, rcl terminal because the boarding arm is broke, so same terminal folks as rcl will encounter. She fussed and asked for the link to my negative test. ... not a copy.
  21. Yep wishful thinking. I wouldnt think anytime soon they will go away. Next thing we know boosters will be due for some of us. One lady last week on my cruise spent hours on the phone because there wasnt a lot number on her vaccine card she told me. She almost wasnt able to board. Rules tightening not getting looser.
  22. Google will show the 3. Seems like the chinese mexican chi bang I think it's called, and maybe was the pub and the italian. Lots and lots of threads naming them even before MG started to sail. I'm sure if these 3 arent right someone will correct me. Too early to google. Also threads you can order from a limited Mdr menu in these free venues or get lobster on lobster night.
  23. If it's the emed kit you buy that's proctored, its 24/7
  24. Here is sept 12, a sea day to compare. I brought home the daily planners if you want more specific Lido 700 to 1200 Blue iguana 730 to 1030 Sea day brunch 815 to 1 pm
  25. We had bacon if you went to the Mdr I was told. I only went last morning. I personally did mind no bacon enough I didnt have eggs, just muffins on no bacon days. Who wants eggs and no bacon. Still was on vista I got off Saturday.
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