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  1. I have both a passport book and a passport card (and Global Access too). Just looked at the back of my passport card and here is the exact verbiage: "Valid only for international land and sea travel between United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda". Given the clear language imprinted on the card itself, Celebrity may be 100% wrong. (But I still strongly advocate traveling with the book).
  2. Open loop rules are different. They are the ones who are liable for any fine imposed. You have two choices: 1) Get the book or 2) Sit tight and fret/lose sleep until November that you may be denied boarding (with no insurance reimbursement since it is a document issue). He said/she said ain't going to cut it.
  3. I started giving the coins to first time cruisers as a souvenir.
  4. We called the Captain's Club (US, not UK) for the Elite discount 2 device package for our March B2B on Eclipse. No problem. Short call, confirmation came right through. Had some other kind of combinable special. Better $ bottom line than we were anticipating.
  5. They changed it in October. Now RC D and D+ match to Gold. See the status match table pinned to the first page.
  6. Also a RC loyalist straying to MSC. Doing Seaside YC for 14 nights next month. While pricing was a consideration (as always) the RC product seems to have gotten a little "stale" to us. Cancelled a 6 + 8 B2B on Indy in a standard balcony for just about the same $ as the YC 14 night. Seems like a no brainer - time will tell.
  7. Will be in one of these cabins in October, will report back unless someone does before then. Don't plan on sleeping on it though - just 2 in the cabin.
  8. Cancelled a B2B RC cruise to book the Seaside YC 14 night in October. Have read very little negative about YC, and am anxious to see. At this point, ship is the destination - have been to the usual ports multiple times.
  9. Was fortunate to be on her inaugural voyage - before they knew the class would be a hit!
  10. Thanks Russ. I already have a note on my travel planner to turn off automatic updates and uploads on both of our devices. Very accustomed to having unlimited plans at sea where you purchase different speeds & access capabilities rather than capacities. Feel like we are managing a 1990's cell phone plan.
  11. May want to look into the Wi-Fi too. "Included" may not be the "included" you think. Ours docs show 5G included on the pricing breakdown for just 1 of us (14 night cruise, October, Seaside YC). When I called they said it's for 1 device at a time only (not 1 each) and the 5G is total usage, not each. For both to use at the same time you need to buy a second package. I don't have much faith in this answer as he also said on the 2 device package only 1 device could be logged on at at a time - which makes no rational sense at all. Another item that looks to be clear as mud at this point.
  12. Celebrity air is a little bit wonky if your reservations are linked as a B2B, so best to call. Also, most air isn't available until 330 days out. You could be right on the outside edge time wise with the return flights.
  13. Excellent and very informative review with great tips all around.
  14. RC: Being in the Royal Suite "may" have made a difference for you and your experience. Others are reporting otherwise, and it doesn't seem to be just one here and there.
  15. Could be true. Noticed prices rising a fair amount on future sailings, so it sort of figures that services would decline. Sadly, must be the new MBA taught school model: "If it ain't broke - fix it!" Go Fish: Read that the butlers no longer escort - at least lately.
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