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  1. FINALLY got through this morning after 1 hour 19 minutes on hold - to do a 4 minute transaction. If I can do just about anything else on line - why not the ability to cancel? Expecting my deposit back in "about 30 business days" - AKA call after 2 months. All cruise lines need to step up their game - this should be a simple transaction requiring no human interface - why pay someone to do this task??? Yo - bean counters - low hanging fruit here!
  2. This a direct internet booking. Have tried all times of day (west coast time) via phone and chat and on various days. Gave up on both after over an hour on each numerous times. Have sent 2 emails to customer service - all over the last 3 weeks. Sounds like not much else to try - tomorrow is the magic day. Don't get through - let AMEX deal with them. Thanks for the replies. Don't usually cruise HAL - probably won't consider them after this.
  3. Any words of wisdom of how to get in touch with these guys to cancel? Have tried calling, email to customer service and sitting by a chat that never answers. Wondering if my next step is to just open a credit card dispute and be done with the whole thing.
  4. Greetings, Can more than one FCC be applied to a replacement booking? Had 2 sailings cancelled and looking to replace with 1 longer (more expensive) sailing.
  5. Replies getting a bit snarky. Sounds like the RC board (yes, that was meant snarky to the engligh and grammer police poster).
  6. Just noticed that all the October 2020 sailings from FL have been deleted on the MSC site. Not surprised at all (or unexpected), but sad to see my Seaside YC B2B no longer there. Assume formal announcement Monday maybe??
  7. Interesting that my 10/3/20 & 10/10/20 B2B Seaside YC cruises are still showing as a go as booked R/T Miami. Final pay for the first leg not until 7/6 so we will see what announcements are made 7/1. Don't relish the idea of making final payment and then waiting months on end for refund after they cancel.
  8. No mention of the Seaside October sailings out of Miami???
  9. Yesterday received 100% (in 15 pieces, of course) credited to our AMEX card for the infamous Eclipse 3/15 sailing which X cancelled. All shore excursions, upgraded bev pkg - everything.
  10. Since everything is in complete disarray anyway, is now the right time for RC to bite the bullet and make substantive changes to the C&A loyalty program/tiers/points/....? The existing program certainly doesn't seem sustainable - that has been discussed here for years? What better time to bite the bullet than now? (Aren't you glad it isn't a tipping thread?)
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