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  1. I guess if you have a big house, and are used to sailing in a big cabin, and the money you got back doesn't matter since you have plenty, then it can be a big deal. Sadly I am in none of those categories.
  2. But as I posted, it's not as simple as just comparing hotel prices. Not taking their hotel and flying in a day early adds $350 in Custom Air to the equation, plus transfers. Unless it turns out to be cheaper to just get the air myself at that point.
  3. That is the hotel that Oceania has. And literally since the last time I looked yesterday and now, it is showing up as the pre-cruise hotel for my sailing. But the 2022 price is $379pp as opposed to $349 for 2021. I guess they have to make up for the reduced PE surcharge from $199 to $149.
  4. But you had to "slum it" in a B2. I once sailed with someone on Celebrity who had a Suite Guarantee booked, and they couldn't get one for her. She ended up in Aqua class (the top non-suite category but a regular size cabin), they refunded her fare, and let her eat in the Suite restaurant, and she was still unhappy. Of course, I don't think she got extra money back like you did.
  5. Thanks. But I still need to consider the relative cost of A) their air + PE upgrade ($149x4) + their expensive hotel vs. B) their air + PE upgrade + $350 custom air fee + my hotel + transfers vs. C) buying PE tickets + hotel + transfers (Athens and Barcelona) - air allowance. In my situation, I think that A will be a better deal than B. The cost of C is an unknown at this point. Obviously if you're at a high enough level with Oceania to not pay the custom air fee, it's a different comparison and an easier decision for A vs B. But I'm not. And I gu
  6. I just booked a cruise for 2022 and might actually book a hotel in Athens through Oceania even though it will be overpriced. Will need to compare the price of airfare plus transfers to what I am paying for the "free" airfare and $149 Premium Economy upgrade promotion. I checked 2021 pricing (since there are no hotels showing for my 2022 cruise yet), and they have a hotel for $349 per person per night. That particular hotel would be $400-500 including taxes, so it's possible that it could be worth paying a little more to avoid paying for transfers and getting the discounted PE. We w
  7. I'm not doing any upgrades, sadly the cruise I just booked for 2022 isn't even on the list. I saw this thread and figured I would post the info that I had received from my TA.
  8. Here is one cruise's list of upgrades from the document I received. Concierge Level Veranda to Penthouse, Veranda to Concierge Level Veranda, Deluxe Ocean View to Veranda, Inside to Deluxe Ocean View
  9. Here is the list of sailings from a document I received from my TA. I was able to remove her name from the document, so I have uploaded it. SAIL DATE SHIP DAYS VOYAGE NAME EMBARK & DISEMBARK 07/18/21 RIVIERA 12 SACRED PATHWAYS Athens to Istanbul 07/19/21 MARINA 7 BALTIC MARVELS Stockholm to Copenhagen 07/26/21 MARINA 7 BALTIC MARVELS Copenhagen to Stockh
  10. So my final payment was due today. I decided to do the Lift & Shift one reservation and cancel the second one since my son-in-law was not interested in cruising with a baby. I will get the FCC in my wife and daughter's names. I will have to ask Royal to change my daughter's FCC to me, which hopefully they will do because of her situation. I could have paid in full for the second reservation but I did not want to take the chance (however slight) of the cruise not getting cancelled and ending up with more FCC than I wanted. This way, the worst I am at risk of losing is $250, sin
  11. Given that the rate I was asking to be switched to was refundable, I didn't think that was relevant info. The TA (actually a customer service person at TA) should have asked before moving me to an NRD given that I was not already in one. I think this is not the place for this discussion.
  12. I had, but at a different rate that was still refundable. I was told that rate (TA Friends & Family) was only for new bookings but was switched to a slightly higher rate. She never asked if I cared that it was NRD. I had said that I was OK losing some OBC in my initial note but did not say I was OK going to NRD. BTW it turns out that TA F&F rate is not eligible for L&S. Someone else on my roll call is in that situation.
  13. Ugh, just heard from my TA and apparently they switched me to an NRD fare when they lowered my price a couple of months ago. I was not on a non-refundable deposit fare previously and they did not warn me before making the change. Not at all happy. Now I'm not sure what to do. The only good news is that if the do the L&S I do keep the free gratuities. But if my daughter ends up deciding that they do not want to go next year, I would be out $500 unless this TA does something to fix their error. Or I wait for them to cancel the sailing (which I still think is very likely f
  14. I generally only use this TA (the large online agency that starts with a "C", not the warehouse club) for last minute cruises or those I am sure I am going to take. I had no intention of cancelling this one, my wife and I were extremely excited to have Oasis sailing out of Cape Liberty (which we can drive to). And I had an amazing deal which included group pricing that other agents did not have, free gratuities and a bunch of OBC. I have another agent who does not charge (and as this whole mess was starting I learned of another that also would not and offered competitive OBC). I actually a res
  15. I have a similar issue except my TA wants payment tomorrow (but final payment is due next week so not a huge deal). I have 2 cabins on Oasis of the Seas out of NJ on 9/6. We were going with my daughter and son-in-law. She is currently pregnant and due in December. Her husband does not want to go because of the virus concern and does not want to commit to going next year with an infant (even though my wife would be happy to help with the baby). Complicating things is that the TA I used charges $100 to cancel a reservation. I figure I have 3 options. 1) I do
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