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  1. MisterBill99

    Edge Dining Venues and Menus - Navigating the Choices

    I think they only do lunch at one venue each day. And even if they did more than one, it's the standard Celebrity lunch menu with no additions for the specific dining room like at dinner.
  2. MisterBill99

    Celebrity Xpedition refit

    I'm also curious about this. I wasn't able to find the 2nd fact sheet (or new deck plans). I wonder if they'll just get rid of the cabins on deck 3. They list 4 XO Ocean View cabins which are only 145 square feet. Those are definitely gone since I haven't seen them listed when booking. And if they also get rid of the 14 Deluxe XD cabins, that would make a total of 36 passengers, which gets you to 64. Maybe they'd use those cabins for crew and give them something nicer than they have now? Of course, I currently have an XD guarantee booked for next year, so maybe I'm wrong. And I did read that someone actually liked being on deck 3 because of mobility issues, and that would not be an option anymore.
  3. MisterBill99

    Ever increasing sales pressure?

    That menu looks great but for what they're charging to sail on Azamara, charging an extra $30 for specialty dining seems really petty and far worse than Celebrity doing it.
  4. The acoustics in that entire area were terrible. They know about the problem but I'm not sure if they'll be able to fix it.
  5. They did use the space for Future Cruise talks, Art Auctions and some of the shopping guide's talks. I'm not sure that the space could have been used for a bar or lounge given the deck 2 location. They could have made the teen club bigger since its right next door (and I suppose put the kids club there instead of deck 3 near the aft elevators and then used that space for something else).
  6. MisterBill99

    Ever increasing sales pressure?

    If it didn't work, they wouldn't be doing it.
  7. MisterBill99

    Ever increasing sales pressure?

    The price for specialty dining is more than $30. Regular price is $45-65 on Edge, and they weren't even offering discounts. I did not encounter any attempts to get us to upgrade our beverage package while on board Edge, nor were they pushing specialty dining (probably because they were busy since it was new). However, there were more photographers than I remember seeing on other ships. They were even in the MDR on regular (non-Chic) nights.
  8. MisterBill99

    Secrets of the Edge

    I was told that corporate was going to have people on the ship within a week or two investigating the issues and coming up with fixes.
  9. MisterBill99

    Secrets of the Edge

    We spoke to the couple in the accessible Sky Suite next to our cabin our first week on the ship. They invited us in to show us all of the things that were done wrong in there and told us about problems elsewhere on the ship ADA-wise. One thing they complained about was how the wheelchair companion seats in the theater were not marked. I actually used the Eden elevator one time even though I am mobile. I was sitting upstairs during the performance and wanted to leave. I realized that the only way out by foot (unless there is some secret exit I missed) was to walk down the stairs next to the bar, which was where the performers were. Rather than make myself part of the show, I decided to take the elevator down so I could make a less conspicuous exit. I did get some strange looks when I got out of the elevator, but nothing like I would have walking into the show.
  10. You missed my point. Someone else said that Lewis had been on Edge on 12/5 and my point is that he was not the CD at that time. This is all ridiculous anyway. The point I was trying to make is that I'm fairly sure that Lewis never became the CD, although that had been the plan. Whether he was ever on the ship is immaterial.
  11. Could be, since we didn't use the ship's tenders (or Magic Carpet) when we were in GC and the weather was fine. I wonder if they knew that when they made a big deal about the Magic Carpet being used for tendering?
  12. FYI, I believe they've gotten rid of the 12 free drink vouchers that you got.
  13. MisterBill99

    Secrets of the Edge

    We never sat in those front cabaret style seats and yes they were often the last to be filled. I also liked the upstairs seats because they were good for a quick escape if the show was bad. Tough to do that if you're sitting up front without being obvious. The technology in the theater is amazing. They even have a system that can make it rain on the stage!
  14. Yes, I noticed that a couple of times on the schedule but never got there. On Oceania last year, they were giving out needlepoint kits a few days.
  15. MisterBill99

    Secrets of the Edge

    Here's another tip -- the front row of the balcony of the theater (deck 5) has tremendous leg room. You don't even need to stand up for people to get around you. And there's none of the metal (or poles!) that blocked your view on the other ships, just clear glass. Because the stage is in the round, even sitting on the side upstairs gives you an excellent view. Sadly, on Chic Nights they reserved both the center and one side section for suites. Also, the second show was EXTREMELY busy every night on our second week (not so much on the first week, or at least I didn't remember it being that bad, there might have been more passengers on the 2nd cruise). So if you can make it to the early show you can get there close to showtime and get a decent seat. The problem is that the theater is too small for the number of guests. I believe they said the capacity is 890, vs 2950 passengers. This is apparently much less in percentage of total capacity than other Celebrity ships (I believe they said that Solstice class theater capacity was around 1200). I'm not sure what's going to happen once they start sailing full.