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  1. HIPAA does not apply to telling vaccine status to businesses and non-medical entities. Schools routinely ask if students have been vaccinated for measles. HIPAA Does Not Prevent Employers, Businesses From Asking Your Covid-19 Vaccination Status (forbes.com)
  2. Except that these sailings are not only their regular passengers. I wonder what percentage are first-time Crystal customers? I'm really pissed that I booked my flights to/from Nassau already for my October sailing. I would much rather sail out of Miami and not have to deal with the Bahamas Covid nonsense. I can probably change my JetBlue flights, although I might end up with some credit since I won't get a cash refund. But dare I change it at this point, only to find out that they changed their minds again? And they should not have given in and changed to Florida rules.
  3. Thanks. Trader Joe's actually sells those. I have some in my freezer that I haven't tried yet, but bought after reading a post on a food board. Trader Joe's New Portuguese Custard Tarts Are Turning Heads (mashed.com) We are staying at the Nassau Holiday Inn & Suites, which I believe is right across from Junkanoo beach where Crabs & Tings is located.
  4. So what was the pleasant surprise that you took the picture of? Good to hear that Crabs & Tings is open. There hasn't been any activity on their FB page since 2020, although I see that there have been recent reviews on TA. You didn't happen to take a picture of their menu, did you?
  5. Seems like a lot of people on the beach with the pigs. Were they all from the ship? Did you feel that you had enough time with them (the pigs, not the people)?
  6. So did you buy the ticket for the chair as an excursion or did you just do it on your own? If purchased through the ship, could you have just rented them on your own?
  7. You weren't even sitting at the same table yet having them next to you was going to annoy you so much that you had to change tables???
  8. The only thing I regret about this cruise is that I could have booked their Bermuda cruise out of NYC had I known they would be doing them, and not have to deal with the hassle and expense of flying anywhere since I am driving distance from the NYC pier (not to mention Bahamas Covid testing). But we've been to Bermuda multiple times and probably would have just stayed on the ship, and the different Bahamas ports (whatever they end up being) will be nice, and I already bought my plane tickets, so switching isn't really an option.
  9. My TA actually HAS been forwarding me each itinerary change, because they email her at the same time that they email me, apparently.
  10. Ditto for my October 16 sailing! Maybe I'll have Florida friends drive down to see us.
  11. So, given that you've been posting this week's menus on your site (and thanks for doing that), does that mean that they are not repeating from last week? Would be nice to be able to figure out which days to make specialty restaurant reservations based on menus we don't like as much.
  12. Do you know which hard cider they have? I noticed that the beer/wine menu posted in the other thread just said "apple cider". Thanks.
  13. This is my situation and hoping I will get one. I would even be willing to pay a bit if it came down to that.
  14. Yikes! I just checked, and the Royal cruises end in September, and we don't sail until October, so it should be better for us. But hopefully they figure it out before then for everyone who is sailing between now and September! I always thought that having both cruises start on Saturday was a bad idea, but I guess that is when people prefer to sail. So they can get back to work on Monday (although I would imagine that many Crystal customers are retired, but then they had the Bimini pickup on Sunday which made more sense than a Monday).
  15. Where's the inside picture? It might have been overdone and Gordon would throw it away.
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