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  1. Did they enforce the scheduled check-in time in the terminal? I've read reports from people sailing from other ports that they were able to arrive early and were allowed to board. I have 2pm and can board an hour early since I'm in a suite, but even earlier would be nice. Also, were they still giving out free cloth masks? I'm pretty sure they did on the test cruse, but wondering about the pay sailings. Thanks.
  2. I'm on Oasis next week and I see it available for purchase. Maybe it's sold out on your sailing.
  3. That may be my situation as well, I booked under a private fare. But that is the same price as the non-refundable deposit fare is currently being offered at on the website (mine was refundable, but at this point it's a non-issue). And also upset about the TA not trying to do something before making final payment. I had noticed the promotion on the website, but it was only showing the Have it All promo for my sailing, so I figured that was all it applied to. I even offered to upgrade to the next higher verandah category, so they'd get some new money for me, but was told no.
  4. What "promos"? Do you mean Have It All? Or just the free crew incentive?
  5. My future business? I wasn't asking the TA to pay. She asked HAL and they said no. Presumably if they'd made some money, they would have given me a bit more back to appease me, but couldn't in this case.
  6. Well, this TA had a promotion when I booked, and I am getting the entire commission back, so I did better than I would going through HAL and getting the crew incentive for free.
  7. Did anyone manage to get this added to your reservation after final payment? I made final payment on Thursday, but my TA did not notice it before that. When I asked her to get it added on Friday, she said they would not do it, even if I offered to upgrade to a better category. Asked her to try again and check with a HAL rep, and she said that nothing could be done. Very disappointed, but I'm not sure if it's her fault, or HAL's or some of both. Certainly, had we tried to do something before final payment there would have been more leverage, and she should have known that it started on Thursday. I'd actually noticed it, but thought it was only with the Have it All promotion (which I did not have).
  8. Thanks, I was looking for that. Someone on FB tried to tell me that the hour early window was only for higher class suites and not JS, but I could not find the info I had seen. Odd that they only have it on the C&A page and not on the embarkation info (I know that part of it applies to C&A status, but not for most people).
  9. There must be a demand for connecting junior suites, so they added more.
  10. The online deck plan being wrong at times is why I asked here. I forget which line, but there was a cabin I was considering switching to because it appeared that the balcony was larger, but it turns out that it isn't "in real life".
  11. They actually are more expensive, since they are J4's (although I guess the same balcony size is a J3 on deck 8, so who knows). Amusingly, they are currently charging more for the J4 category than for a Grand Suite, which is just crazy (J3's are slightly less). I had booked a guarantee (which was about 1/3 less than the lowest suite category that was available). I'm not sure if people are cancelling or if they accepted bids from people to move to better suites (maybe some of both), but there weren't any J4's available when I last checked.
  12. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. The ship is likely to be less than half full, so hopefully the cabin next to us will be empty, anyway (they apparently moved people around recently without giving them a choice). I'm willing to take a chance to get the bigger balcony. Haven't had a problem with noise from a connecting cabin in the past.
  13. I booked a suite guarantee and got assigned 10232, which is a J4 and seems to have an angled balcony. I just noticed that several other J4 cabins are now available, including 9236, 9240 and 11236, which all seem to have a deeper balcony according to the deck plan. Are those balconies actually larger than what I have? If it is larger, and if I can change my assignment (I know that Royal used to let you change your guarantee assigned cabin within the same category), is it worth doing so to get the larger balcony? Deck 9 would probably be a little better to be closer to Central Park and the Boardwalk, but not a major deal. If the Diamond Club were still on deck 10, I'd definitely be staying put. But alas, it is not.
  14. Update -- the cabin number showed up two weeks prior to the cruise. The cabin did not change from what was in the original SSP without the cabin number.
  15. So I wanted to close out my participation in this thread by saying that my TA (which I believe is RCI's largest customer, and the one that caused me to have the FCC in the first place since one of their people had changed a reservation to NRD without my permission last year) managed to get them to apply my daughter's FCC to a new reservation in my wife and my names. I had spoken to a manager there about a missing FCC in my wife's name from a cancelled August Oasis sailing, and in my email exchange with him, I asked if he could try to make the case to Royal for them to allow me to use my daughter's FCC and explained the situation. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to get them to agree to it. Used all my FCC's to book a suite guarantee on Oasis in two weeks at an excellent price (although they still got some new money from me). Obviously this is all very much YMMV, and the TA I deal with there did not think that they could do it, but in the end they did. Very happy to be rid of this.
  16. Update -- TA called Holland, and they said I would have to cancel and rebook and lose my deposit, which is more than I'd save from the promo. Kind of pissed because this promotion started yesterday, which is when I made final payment and the TA should have noticed.
  17. That's good. Of course, I realized that you were not at final payment yet, while I was. But hopefully I'll be able to get it.
  18. Maybe I missed the outcome, but did you get the promotion added to your reservation? I just made final payment yesterday. When I checked online I only say it included with Have It All, but today I see it on the unbundled price. Emailed my TA to try and get her to add it to our reservation.
  19. The sushi on the buffet is OK for what it is, but it's nothing special. Personally, I prefer to go to the salad station and get a bunch of the seared tuna, hold the salad. Then I get some wasabi from the chef at the Distant Lands station and soy sauce. The fish is better than almost anything they put out at the sushi counter. But I do often get one or two plates of sushi rolls from the buffet, just because they're there. My point in replying was merely that the photo posted here is not indicative of the sushi that is currently being served at the Lido buffet.
  20. BTW, this is what a nice sushi buffet on a cruise ship looks like. Granted, it's Oceania and was at dinner. Note they even have sashimi so you didn't have to fill up on rice. My only complaint was that they ran out of seaweed salad early in the cruise and never got more.
  21. I am not sure when or where that picture was taken, but I have never seen a sushi buffet that looked like that at lunch on Holland America. They typically have small plates of rolls, and it's rare to actually find something with fresh fish in it. Never anything like the rice with fresh salmon as in that picture. I see that you posted the same picture four years ago, so it's obviously at least that old.
  22. Yes, but on land you're paying for each appetizer, so it's not the same thing. Here's it's a set price for the entire meal, except you only get to order a single entrée. Personally, as much as I like some appetizers at Tamarind, you're paying $30 for the meal and may as well get an entrée as well.
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