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  1. Where was the ships bus drop off in Aix en Provence? How much time did you have once there? I am thinking of doing a DIY walking tour and need a starting point. Thanks
  2. Harmony for sure, while I haven't cruised on her I have been on Allure. I was recently on Getaway (sister to breakaway) on a transatlantic for 19 days and did not care for it. Long lines at bars and main dining rooms. Balcony cabin is only enough room for 2 people, very tiny compared to RCL. Not enough storage space. Toilet kept stopping. Food was subpar at best and they ran out of things pretty quickly like milk. Service in dining room slow. Stateroom attendant not up to par, long story. I could go on & on. I would personally spend more money, know what I am getting for that money and kno
  3. I don't drink tap water at all. I don't cook with it either. We live outside of NOLA along the Mississippi river and our water supply comes from the river. All the runoff of the upper states trickle down to us, not to mention all the marine traffic dumping fuels and oil into the river . Plus there are numerous boil water advisories through out the area regularly, especially in New Orleans itself. I can't imagine how many chemicals they add to purify it. I don't like evian or dasani so not sure what I'm going to do on next cruise.
  4. A little trick I learned somewhere on here in the past, is to keep the cabinet door that houses the fridge slightly ajar. This keeps the heat of the compressor on the fridge from heating the inside of the cabinet. It works to keep the items in the fridge cooler. We do this on every cruise now and were surprised at how much cooler our items were. Of course the stateroom attendant closes it when he comes in.
  5. I would consider spending two nights in Barcelona. The first day see the sights around the city, on the second day take a tour to visit either Montserrat or a drive out of the city to Tossa de Mar and Pals ( These are 2 medieval towns) I loved. We spent 5 days in Barcelona after our TA and loved everything. Check with the cruise line and see if they offer an excursion to see the main sites of the city along with your luggage and then drop you off at a central location. That would give you some insight to the city before you set out to see the city after checking in at the hotel. Placa de
  6. We were in an ADA cabin, when you inserted your key card the door automatically opened for you, so that anyone with a wheelchair did not need someone to help hold the door open while they were entering. Apparently there is a switch at the top of the door that allows the door to remain open while the cabin stewart is in the cabin. The stewart kept switching it to the wrong position when he left the cabin, causing the door to not function with our keycard. Needless to say I was not happy. There were also some other small things that were not up to par.
  7. I didn't remove any gratuities, but I certainly didn't give anything extra. First time ever that I have done that. Our cabin steward was not up to par with his daily duties and considering that I don't have any special request he barely deserved the cruise lines suggested amount. I actually told him if he locked me out of my cabin again after 4 times I would remove his tips.
  8. Also, don't forget that they took us straight into a hurricane and tropical depression. Worse seas I have ever experienced. I don't know who's decision that was Miami or the captain but certainly not a great decision. I agree with everything you said, however we preferred O'Sheehans over the dining room even with limited food options. Our room steward left a lot to be desired also. he was friendly but he locked us out of our cabin 4 times because he didn't put the switch on the door in the right position when he finished our ADA cabin.
  9. I just read on the a FB page for my upcoming cruise that in Copenhagen you have to bring your suitcase's into the terminal to the conveyor belt yourself. While that is not a problem for me alone, I am traveling with someone with a disability who cannot manage their luggage alone. Does anyone know if there are porters in Copenhagen port? or any type of assistance?
  10. I am new to NCL and got an OBC due to a significant price drop on my cabin. Can I use the OBC towards the daily service charge?
  11. I would suggest packing cubes since you will be sharing suitcases. A different color for each child or person. When unpacking just put the cube in the drawer. It also keeps the suitcase neat, clothes aren't moving around so less wrinkles. I also agree on the ponchos, they cost very little at Walmart maybe a dollar or so, easy to pack and carry for those just in case rainy days.
  12. Yes it was awful. My parents lost everything. The house exploded from the pressure, nothing left. We weren't in the house though, thank goodness. I am very familiar with Biloxi, we have friends that live in Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian.
  13. Where did you live then? I also went through Hurricane Camille when it passes through Lower Louisiana.
  14. I worked for a major insurer for years and homeowners would only cover any losses to personal items under the contents coverage, minus your deductible. Lost luggage and contents within it would be covered.
  15. It may depend on the width of the eyewall and how far out the hurricane force winds extend from the eye. For example Hurricane Katrina which hit where I live had an eyewall 37 miles wide with the hurricane force winds extending 120 miles from the eye. While the eye did not make landfall right over where I live, it did make landfall 50 miles away. 71 miles it not a lot of distance when to comes to hurricanes.
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