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  1. Oh, right...not sure why I got it in my head that you were doing this live....senior moment, ya know?. Just went back to the first page...saw your cruise started back on the 8th. Was this your first time doing a Canada / New England? We were on this trip 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. Did not have Boston on the itinerary though.
  2. Turtles...thanks so much for the most interesting and enjoyable review. Great pics too! Safe travels home....
  3. Princeton...can you elaborate a bit more on the area that was Expo 67? Do you know the name of the specific park? I looked back at this thread since the idea of going there has been nagging at me for a long time. I sent an email to the Montreal Tourist Info site so hopefully they might reply. I think the best way would indeed be to just go there and not rely on trying to find some cruise that might offer some sort of pre or post extension. That'd be one way of getting there, of course, but it sounds like what I'm interested in requires independent travel. I'm not a fan of big city traffic though, but always manage ok. Thanks for anything further you can add... A bit of quick googling refers to Notre Dame Island but also Saint Helen's Island and Cite du Havre. (?) OK....I think I got it... http://www.parcjeandrapeau.com/en/ Seems they even offer some sort of trolley tour. I'm pumped now..... 🙂
  4. CC....thanks for additional info. Have to check it out when we're on the Venus in '21. They certainly have a lot of time to improve on things by then! I see you've been on 4 of the ocean ships. Except for how the Northern Lights trip ended, we really enjoyed our first cruise with Viking on the Sky. We have a few cruises coming up on bigger ships, so will be interesting to see how we like going back to a ship with many more passengers. I did like the very relaxed feel onboard Sky (well, until that Saturday morning anyway). It was the first time we were ever on a cruise with under a thousand guests.
  5. I was wondering about that too, especially since I'm doing the Barcelona to London cruise immediately before yours. There are no roll calls at all yet for the Venus.
  6. Just found out that there is a planetarium on the newest ships - so Venus is supposed to have one also. It's on the upper deck of the Explorer lounge - so there is some mixed feeling (and reviews of shows) as to whether the use of the area required for it was worth it. Looking forward to seeing what it's like, especially having an interest in all things space-related.
  7. That's so cool....looking forward to it.
  8. Turtles...that was one lightning fast response!! Thanks for filling in additional info. I sort of presumed that a cabin safe search was what happened. We experienced a similar sort of thing during our Baltic cruise where 2 people were late. Ship was ready to leave. Turned out they were on a really long excursion - think it was to Berlin while we were in Warrnemunde. I don't recall seeing the sort of thing you did, but there were lots of people on the decks cheering them on as they arrived (by shuttle or bus, can't remember). I'm sure there was less cheer taking place on the bridge though (and probably with the same sort of officials you refer to!). I always sort of worry about getting back to the ship on time especially if on some sort of independently or privately operated excursion. For that reason, and perhaps worrying needlessly, we typically only use the cruise line for excursions.
  9. A most interesting story about the two stragglers! How did the officials wind up with the missing people's passports though? Does Celebrity collect these at the start of the cruise and then return them at the end? Otherwise, it would seem they would have to search their cabin OR did they track these two people down, get their passports from them, and go ahead to the ship before the bus came with the missing passengers?
  10. A planetarium? Really? As in providing shows? Just seems a bit odd being that I thought all the ships are built to basically the same specs and overall design. Then again, it is the "Venus". Most interesting.
  11. Point well taken. Can't do too much post-cruise in Barcelona since we booked the Iberian explorer that leaves the following day (to make it a B2B). Hard to plan until we know more about the details of the invitational sailing.
  12. It was indeed quite the experience, but, yeah, one always hopes that good comes from bad - in this case - making sure the oil level is high enough but, even with that, I'm still concerned that there is an inherent design flaw. Somehow it would seem that the design should be that auto engine shutdown shouldn't occur due to excessive degree of roll - or else should not occur except for greater degree of roll than we were experiencing. For the engineers to figure out.
  13. Thanks..but I don't think I really need to see this...I experienced it firsthand and was in the lounge during the worst of it.
  14. You will LOVE the Sky....we sure did. Hated to have to leave her before the end of the scheduled cruise.
  15. Here you go.....(sorry, couldn't resist the last two....gives sort of a 'before and after' idea). Can't imagine how much broken glass there was to clean up when those display cases went over.
  16. Yeah except I'd advise getting there early. It gets full quickly and people sometimes tend to park themselves in those chairs for a good part of the day.
  17. Thanks. I had looked at the 'typical' Rome to Barcelona but, as you said, they could easily come up with something different. We've heard nothing further since the 'save the date' invitation was sent out a few months ago.
  18. Looks great! Thanks. Can't wait to see what Viking comes up with for the Rome to Barcelona. Unfortunately, from what agents tell me, it's unlikely that there will be any pre or post-extensions due to the cruise being non-public.
  19. Yeah, really. Would not want to live anywhere that has even close to several months of (basically) darkness all the time (or at least little or no sun for extended periods). On the other hand, would not want to live in the tropics or places that don't experiences the 4 seasons.
  20. Curious as to where you went above the Circle? When we did our Alaska cruise back in '06, we did the same thing only from Anchorage (connection in Fairbanks) to Barrow, where we spent the day doing a most fascinating tour. Gave up our day in Anchorage but felt it was well worth it (well, maybe not so much the getting up at 3:00 a.m. part!) It remains one of the most interesting places we've ever been to. Crossed the Circle again a second time this past March on the Viking Sky Northern Lights cruise.
  21. Can you list your itinerary? I'm curious cause the Venus invitational cruise is Rome to Barcelona....anxious to see what it will consist of.
  22. I particularly like the upper level. Can't wait to visit another Explorer Lounge on the Venus in '21. My last memory of an Explorer Lounge was the unforgettable sound of untold numbers of glasses, dishes, and other breakables smashing all over the place and seeing people slide in those big chairs from one end of the lounge to the other as we rolled from side to side.
  23. That makes more sense.
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