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  1. Good thoughts for sure. Have a safe journey. We have nothing international booked till '23 - hopefully by then things will be better. Right now I'd be too intimidated to do it - but admire you for your fortitude to get back out there.
  2. Doesn't matter - at least it hasn't in my case. My TA is frustrated over how this is going and dragging on so long. In the meantime, weeks have flown by and I haven't paid a dime towards the cruise that is supposed to be the recipient of the FCC.
  3. TELL me about it. Check out my recent thread, which involves this similar issue. RCL is dragging their feet on applying my FCC to satisfy a deposit - on a cruise that I might be canceling anyway. Long story....
  4. China has been on my list for a long time, but there's no way I'd go there at present, and possibly not in the future as well. Restricting my travel to the US only is starting to look increasingly appealing, as much as that does little to dig down deep into the bucket list.
  5. I booked a B2B for next fall. Paid a deposit on one of them, but my TA tells me that Royal has continued to delay posting our remaining FCC to the 2nd cruise. I assume the FCC credit - which is $500 - will satisfy the deposit owed. This has been going on for weeks. Not sure what the confusion is on their end, but in the meantime I've not paid a dime. It keeps getting pushed off. So my question is - what happens if I cancel the cruise? Do I still "owe" a deposit because the cruise has been officially booked? Granted I'll then lose the FCC. I'll go one step further - what happens if I cancel both of them? Do I only lose the deposit already paid on the first cruise or are there likely to be additional cancellation penalties, etc. plus the cost of the not-yet-paid-deposit on the 2nd? I sort of goofed in booking these in the first place. Got all excited about losing the FCC when my TA informed that it had to be applied to a booking that sails no later than next September - so then I came across two cruises that worked for a B2B - but in the meantime canceled a fly/drive trip (due to continuing covid issues) that I really had my heart set on to go out west early next month. I'd much rather re-book the fly/drive next fall and cancel the cruise. The cruises were expensive. Sort of ludicrous to "save" $500 by spending over 25 times as much on the price of the cruises. I could kick myself for jumping into this decision. Probably feeling cruise deprived at this point and so went after the first thing that looked appealing at the time. They ARE nice itineraries, but we already have cruises booked for April and May - that's more than enough to last me well more than another 6 months to a year! Plus, the one goes back to the same place we're scheduled for in May. So any thoughts on what I'll lose if I can both of them? Covid is, of course, the random element in all of this. Can't even imagine re-booking the hotels out west and having to cancel yet a third time, but then never expected to cancel the 2nd time either. Life is crazy during this pandemic.
  6. LOL....and let me guess...two of them were identical, or maybe all 4? 😆
  7. LOL! I think I could paper every wall in our house by now with what we've gotten just the past 2 years or so.
  8. Totally agree! After sitting through a few of them - that was enough. Interesting looking at the artwork on display, but I'd rather be out on the deck or on our balcony.
  9. As far as DW and I are concerned, they can get rid of those "Captain's parties". Too crowded and the last few times the staff bragged about how much food they had and yet we didnt' get a single bite to eat. Noone came around to offer anything. What really gets me is how we wait in line and then right before the doors open a whole bunch of people come storming out of the elevator with their cocktails and simply butt in line. How rude! I'd rather be out on the deck walking around in the peace and quiet! The tiered system is fine and surely encourages people to keep cruising to move up to the next level, but I think I'm done with most of those CC events.
  10. John...thanks for the update. Fully understandable about Viking not wanting to commit to an invitational cruise and then, as you say, having to cancel it (again). We've all been down that road too many times now. With a (likely) international itinerary, it surely makes it more difficult. As to covid ending anytime soon, unfortunately my opinion is that's in the hands of the unvaccinated. Until we see greater numbers - which I'm not sure is going to happen - I can see us going around with this for who knows how long - especially if more variants keep appearing. It's truly discouraging. I think at this point Viking should maybe just bag the idea. They don't owe us anything.
  11. I've yet to buy and read it...too many other things going on (like canceling yet ANOTHER upcoming trip due to covid worries). Any further word on the invitational cruise?
  12. LOL...tell me about it! Just started at a new dentist and they took like 30 x-rays as part of an initial visit.
  13. I felt the same way, and was somewhat dumbfounded that this virus got us in a situation that was not dealt with more swiftly. I'd like to think so, but not sure on that. If a variant(s) comes along that is completely vaccine-resistant, we're really in the soup UNLESS we decrease the number of unvaccinated. There is a lack of commitment to the cause, fractured by political differences. I don't know how we get around that.
  14. I can respect this, and am starting to come to the realization that since this might be with us for a long time, just have to go with it and not live in fear. Life is too short for that. I'm grappling with - for me personally - where the balance point is. Haven't found it yet. We are not eating out. Started to back in June but now gave up on the idea again. Have a fly/drive trip booked to go out west but probably canceling that also - for the 2nd time.
  15. They've had it...tired of it....don't believe it....aren't worried about it...whatever. As a result, without a nationwide dedication to doing all we can to get out of this mess...we very well might not. It's beyond frustrating.
  16. You are far braver than I am! Wishing you the best though.
  17. Thanks for checking on it. My prediction is that it'll never happen. 2 years removed from the actual event, for many that were on the trip, is - at least for many folks I'll bet - almost too much time to really be that concerned about it anymore. I think alot of us have probably moved on from it. As dramatic as it was, it belonged to a different era and sort of pales in the wake of the pandemic. I no longer feel the need for an invitational cruise and would be content - if they still want to do something - to just offer some sort of discount on the cruise of our choice. I'll be more than content to simply get back out there for whenever that might be...regardless of the ship or itinerary. Plus, it won't be the same. Likely masking required plus other hoops to jump through. I would not feel comfortable doing any cruise at present and glad I have nothing till next spring. Not sure, quite honestly, if cruising will ever be the same again. I have several booked in '22 and '23, but depending on how things go might look more towards land / driving trips if covid is going to be with us for the long haul - as appears likely.
  18. That's the most important part. Same here. Tired of canceling / rebooking trips. Right now I have two trips booked for next month that directly overlap. One of them has to be canceled. The one likely to go is a fly/drive trip out west to see some National Parks. I'm hearing stories of people not being able to get reserved rental cars. That'd be a total bummer.
  19. Sorry to hear about it. But, yep, here in the US same thing. Some evidence of increased vaccination, but not enough. The anti-vaccine and anti-mask segment will make sure that we never get out of this. If another variant comes along that is resistan to the current vaccine, then all bets are off. Agree completely! I know it's selfish to look at it that way, but....yes....1.5 years of basically no traveling that I'll never get back...with no clue as to how much longer it'll go.
  20. I'm sure! I hear it's a really nice place to visit. Even my brother commented that at times some of the scenery was just beautiful (when it wasn't raining anyway!) I'd like to go. Not real high on my list but I'd do a Vietnam / Cambodia trip. Thank you for your service 🇺🇸 🙂 When were you there? My brother went over from basic at Ft. Dix, then (I think anyway) OCS at Benning before 'Nam. He was in country from '70 to '71. He was in the middle of a grad school program - had student deferments for awhile but eventually the luck ran out.
  21. I had the same reaction when we did a cruise in October of '19 (first after that infamous Norway trip). I would say I felt more than "just a little upset" but held my tongue. I've had trouble logging in the past few weeks so am catching up. I've been thinking the exact same thing. Just when is this going to happen? Now that Viking has started sailing again and has plenty of itineraries into '22 and beyond, I'd say it's time to come up with something. We're now nearly 2 1/2 years after the Northern Lights cruise, so...I'd prefer either a definite yes or no. At this point I honestly don't mind if they just can the whole idea but my schedule is filling up so it'd be nice to have a yea or nay. We're all tired of rebooking / shifting cruises and other trips around so I'd hate to have to do it again to accommodate an invitational cruise. Much depends on where and when it would be. I might not even be interested anymore. The one they had chosen for us was outstanding and worked out so nicely as a B2B with the Iberian Explorer. If that same option comes along, I'd take it. Problem is, of course, all the unknowns associated with the variant. I'm sure that has slowed the process of coming up with an itinerary. Hopefully someone will question it soon. I have two (US) trips booked for October that overlap. One is a fly/drive and the other is much closer and can do on our own. One of them has to be canceled. This is crazy. I had a western US trip to see several National Parks last October and canceled the whole thing (luckily didn't have flights booked then but this time I do). Been hearing tales of people not even being able to get rental cars that are reserved, plus the thought of getting ill with the hospitals becoming overcrowded. I use tripadvisor alot and so am getting feedback from people who live in AZ and TX. I think the safer and more relaxing trip at this point would be the non-flying option.
  22. I suspect my brother (and probably other vets) would tell you that you didn't miss much....
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