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  1. May I ask, if you are in a PH and have canapes delivered, can you invite another couple over to enjoy them with you? How many different kinds can you order in one evening? Thank you!
  2. If you'd like to tour the Bridge, head over to Windstar Cruise lines. They have an open Bridge policy and you are welcome to come up and visit almost any time. They are closed going in and out of port and a few other times. Our favorite time to visit is at night as you're sailing. It's so dark and the stars are everywhere. They usually have someone that will point out constellations and show you the equipment they use. It's fascinating and open to all who cruise. Our first cruise on Oceania is January 2023...looking forward to it!
  3. The upgrade fairy visited us on our 25 day Mediterranean cruise in 2018. We were in a suite on deck 3 that basically had been 2 rooms and they took down the wall inbetween and made a suite. So basically two rooms made into one but the BEST part of those suites is the fact that you get not one but TWO bathrooms! During the most recent renovations of Wind Surf they took some of those suites and put back in the wall and made them back into 2 rooms. We had friends in the owners suite but ours was better with 2 bathrooms. I would take one of the suites with two bathrooms, especially for a longe
  4. Not sure if I told you S but we went ahead and moved our Croatia September 2021 trip to May 2022. We just want to be able to do our own thing and enjoy Europe. Plus with our 3 week land tour ahead of the cruise we want to be able to visit my cousins and wander...
  5. We did a tour of the Alhambra which was an all day tour and we stopped for lunch but the tour description did say lunch. We did a wine tour in Sicily that went to 2 or 3 different wineries and did not include lunch either. If it's not in your description I would assume there is no lunch. I did check out the tour description and it did say there were coffee shops so I wonder if they are letting you know there would be time for a quick stop to pick something up on your own?
  6. Thank you so much for this information. Having never cruised O before it’s a bit confusing working through all the intricacies of the line and wanting to get the best value for my dollar. This really helps!
  7. I asked about flights originating in Atlanta to Buenos Aires and back from either Lima or Santiago but I'm really going to be coming from Pensacola, FL. That isn't an option when I was signing up for the cruise. Does this change any options I might or might not have or do I have to get myself to Atlanta (or DFW or Charlotte, Miami, etc)?
  8. May I ask if you only requested economy flights or did you try to request premium economy? Did they had choices for you to look at or did you simple already know the flights you wanted and you requested those?
  9. Can you call to do the one way going 270 days out and then the home one way 270 days out from that date or must you do round trip at once with O? I'm looking at Atlanta to Buenos Aires and either Lima or Santiago back to ATL. And we will be going in early and returning late as well. The premium economy works for those flights if I remember correctly. Not sure I'm willing to pay for first class either way...
  10. What about booking higher class flights? Our flights will be overnights and I'm thinking I'd prefer to not be in coach for that. How does that work out? Thanks!
  11. So truth be told, we do enjoy drinks prior to dinner, wine with dinner and perhaps an after dinner cocktail too. We plan to bring wine on board since I’m sure we can do better even with the corkage fee. I have tried to find what wines by the glass are typically served but realizing our cruise is still 2 years away that can change. Will we be happy with that selection by the glass? We’re not wine snobs but we do enjoy quality wines. With so many sea days I can see we would drink at lunch on those days but will be gone during lunch on port days. Our cruise is 20 days so the extra $20 p
  12. As one who has had the pleasure of sailing with Strenz I couldn't agree more!!
  13. Thanks Petoonya! I was trying to figure out how to catch up with you since I know you’ve cruised both lines. We love WS and I hope we will enjoy O as much!
  14. Thank you so much! We have been sailing Windstar and love them but they don't have anything like this cruise. We are looking forward to sailing on O!
  15. OK let me see if I understand this now... Olife costs me $200 pp (although I don't see that cost on my invoice) OBC taken results in $200 pp (we would have no trouble using that up) so that's a wash so to speak. Excursion credit would be 2 excursions @$100-$199 each or up to $398 pp Hence if you take the excursion credit you could potentially "gain" up to $198 pp if you take the more expensive excursions. Yes?...
  16. I'm not sure I understand. When I look at my invoice it shows the cost of the cruise, the credit for the airfare not taken, and the $400 OBC. Am I missing something? Do you recommend the excursion credit instead? Why or why not?
  17. We just booked our first O cruise...Patagonia and Ice for January 2023. We booked without air since we will be flying in early and staying afterwards plus, I hope to fly business class with those overnight flights. At this point, we took the OBC. Any OBC we've ever received went towards either our liquor or excursions bill. 🍷 It seems to me I have read on this board somewhere that folks don't recommend the OBC over the excursions credit. May I ask why? I don't think I can see any excursions this far out so I have no idea what we might want to do and what the cost might be. Thank you!
  18. Just a thought... Where will you be traveling from? In January 2020, we were suppose to depart from Pensacola, FL for Barbados via Charlotte in the early morning. Because of dense fog along the Gulf Coast, our flight was cancelled. They re-scheduled us for the following day but we knew that the same early morning flight would be canceled again and we would miss our connection in Charlotte. We opted to rent a car, drive to Miami and catch a flight from Miami direct to Barbados to avoid any further delay. We had been scheduled for 2 nights in Barbados prior to boarding Wind Surf. Bec
  19. We have not sailed Seabourn but have sailed on Windstar and I'm feeling bad you haven't gotten many responses. Here is what we love about Windstar in no particular order: The port intensive itineraries they sail. We love waking up in a new, small port every day. We love spending hours either wandering on our own, discovering owner operated restaurants, bars, and shops, or taking a tour if needed. The small number of passengers where we have always made new and lasting friendships that continue long after our cruise. The lovely crew members who remember us fr
  20. So in September 2018 we cruised on a back2back2back on Wind Surf. Some friends of ours stayed in this suite back before it was renovated. It was nice and had lots of room. The bathtub was huge but they just threw all their extra luggage and stuff in it and didn’t use it. It only had one bathroom. I mention the bathroom because we were visited by the upgrade fairy and given a suite which was basically two rooms made into one big room. The best part of the suite was the fact that it had TWO bathrooms. For 25 days it saved my marriage! After the upgrade of Wind Surf they took away many
  21. Yes, both guests must purchase the beverage package.
  22. Windstar Cruises Pauses Ship Operations Worldwide Due to Coronavirus Pandemic SEATTLE, WA, March 12, 2020 – Small ship cruise operator Windstar Cruises announced today that the company will temporarily suspend operations worldwide for cruises embarking March 14 through April 30, 2020 due to the unpredictable environment surrounding the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. “After much thought, we believe we are making the most responsible decision we can during this coronavirus pandemic,” said Christopher Prelog, chief operating officer of Windstar Cruises. “This worldwide pause in the oper
  23. We used We Hate Tourism Tours for two different tours while staying in Lisbon prior to our Mediterranean cruise. They were awesome! We did the one to Sintra in a small van and enjoyed it. Our favorite was lunch with the locals where we met our guide and had a lovely lunch with him (and no other tourists!). We high,y recommended them!
  24. We have just returned from a Wind Surf Cruise where we had 2 stops in Mayreau and we’re so lucky to have met Dennis at Dennis Hideaway. On our first stop, after our beach bbq, we wandered over to Dennis Hideaway for a beer and a rum punch. What we got was so much more...we found a new friend. We hung out and learned about his life, his loves, his business and his love for his island. The fish stew he served to his friend looked so delicious my DH asked him if he would make it for him on our next visit and he agreed. We got back on board but knew we would see him again in just a few short days.
  25. On our recent Wind Surf Cruise we stopped in Soufriere where we literally stumbled upon Orlando’s and had the most wonderful lunch! At some point prior to the cruise I had read about Orlando but it got lost in the back of my mind until we were walking down the street in Soufriere and low and behold there was a sign and his restaurant. What a delightful discovery! We had a lovely lunch with fresh, simple ingredients. Chef Orlando was there and we talked about cooking, running a business, family and more. We are so lucky to have wandered in and are happy to pass along this recommendation for a m
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