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  1. While I saw the Windstar info and posted it on the WS CC page, I didn’t receive the Azamara email. Granted my first cruise with them isn’t until January 2025 but I did just pay in full a few days ago to take advantage of the extra on board credit. Guess I better go check their webpage!
  2. Did you see that they will be sending one of the sailing ships back to Tahiti in 2027 because of these new ships?
  3. Thank you! I've had my eye on it for a few weeks but haven't been able to wrangle all our friends yet into pulling the plug to sail 😄
  4. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/windstar-cruises-welcomes-two-new-ships-to-fleet-including-first-star-class-newbuild-302113155.html
  5. Did you take this cruise and stay in 1877? Did you by chance get any photos? Thanks.
  6. We were recently on Star Pride 542. Great location and we enjoyed the large window, the living room when you walked in so I could drop all my stuff and the fabulous bathroom.
  7. Well considering I haven’t really ever snorkeled and am pretty lazy in my normal life I better pick going out on the second day! Thanks so much for your input. I will definitely tell her hello!
  8. Thanks for the recommendation! We will be on Bora Bora for two days in January. I have emailed with h2o and need to choose when to set up our snorkel 1/2 day tour with them. I can choose either day, morning or afternoon. What would you recommend? I do want to go out to dinner the first evening off ship but other than that we have no plans. 😁
  9. Thank you Nancy for all of your wealth of knowledge about Tahiti. We are headed that direction and I was thinking I would have to go and re-read all your posts to find out this info. 😄
  10. Nancy! You are one brave and fabulous woman! I am so very impressed with all you are going through and how your are powering through! You are an inspiration to us all! Stay strong and thank you for sharing your story with all of us. ♥️
  11. Nancy The place I booked does not have a kitchen or living room. It is a guest house but they do deliver breakfast every morning. If this is something you’re still interested in I’m happy to share.
  12. Just wanted to post an update to our search for a place to stay on Moorea. I found a beautiful guest cottage with its own private pool with a gorgeous view above the Sofitel. We are very excited! Last piece of our puzzle is to familiarize ourselves with the ferry schedule and to book a car. Oh, and to wait for January 2025 to roll around! 🤣 Thank you all for your input!!
  13. We were in 542 on Star Pride recently. It’s not a balcony cabin but right next door. We thought it was an ideal location.
  14. Is there a list of cabins that have had the bathrooms already redone? We are looking at a Mexico sailing in March 2025 between Zaandam and Koningsdam and to be honest those peach tiles and old fashion hair dryers in the bathroom just aren’t going it for me.
  15. We leave on Sunday March 10 for our Holland Nieuw Statendam “Eastern Caribbean”cruise and I’m just curious what day the Orange Party will be on. Is it on one of our two sea days? Is it late enough after dinner to change clothes? Thanks!
  16. Thank you both for responding. I have looked at all three of the "big" resorts. We also enjoy smaller, more intimate spots and I've been looking through airBnB and VRBO. The ones I have liked the best don't have AC and that's a deal breaker for us, especially since we will be traveling in January during the rainy and mosquito season. If you have any smaller resorts/local spots I'd love your input on those choices. Thank you!
  17. Remind me Jazzbeaux, which cruise line did you do in New Zealand? I know we had chatted about it some time ago but I can't remember. How was it?
  18. Packing question! I understand there’s the Orange night so I’ve got myself a bright orange blouse to wear (now if I could only find my white crop pants!) 🤣 Any other night to pack for something special? Did I read somewhere there is a white night? Or did I get that confused with Azamara whom I know has a white night? We have 2 “gala nights” as well. We are heading to the Caribbean. Thanks!
  19. We will have 3 nights pre cruise in January 2025 and have decided to stay in Moorea. And now the fun begins! Where to stay and in what type of accommodations? While I’d love to stay in an OWB the reality is they are just too darn expensive considering we are on a 5 week South Pacific - New Zealand trip including 2 cruises and several nights in various locations. We love boutique hotels, eating, drinking, shopping and meeting the locals. We live on a beach for half the year so while it would be lovely to stay on a beach, a garden view works as well. It’s all about the experience. I don’t want to say I don’t have a budget (of course I’d prefer not to blow it on the OWB) but I’m open to what might be possible. Do we need to rent a car? I’d rather not but if it’s better to have one we can certainly do that. Hit me with your favorite spots and many thanks!
  20. Someone else was booked in March 2025 and their cruise was canceled. They found out it is now going to be on a private charter with another travel company. The January, February and part of March Star Breeze cruises either show no cruises or no availability until mid March. My TA will be calling next week to find out whatever they might tell her. In the mean time, we are putting our deposit down on PG on Monday!
  21. Has anyone gone out to dinner in Bora Bora that first night? We love to take advantage of late nights in ports and finding a great local restaurant is right up our alley.
  22. Thanks! We did just change it! We are now booked on Cruise Society Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga & Fiji departing January 4, 2025. It ends in Fiji on January 19 and we will fly to Auckland and board Azamara for New Zealand Intensive starting on January 20. It lines up perfectly!!
  23. Hello! New PG cruiser but not new to cruising. We have cabin 439 on hold (it was the only one that said it was available yesterday). Today 437 says it’s available. My question is when I look at deck 4 map, what is next to 439? I see the door that heads to the marina and the map makes reference to crews quarters but it’s hard to know what is all that blank space next to 439. Should I stay in 439 or am I missing something and should try to move? I realize it’s probably no big deal but I thought I would ask. Thanks!
  24. Thank you so much for your response TheDarkestBlue! We already have an Azamara cruise of New Zealand booked later in January 2025 and this PG cruise lines up perfectly for us. We do realize it’s the rainy season but we are ok with that. I’ve spent the bulk of the afternoon and now all evening reading up on PG and it looks and sounds like what we enjoy and we are pretty excited. We have a cabin on hold and have a few days to make our final decision. We already have flights to Tahiti so at least we won’t have to switch those. So instead of having 3 nights in Fiji following the WS cruise that is no longer we will have 3 nights ahead in Tahiti for this cruise. We will then fly direct to Auckland from Fiji and jump on our Azamara cruise the next day! Crazy I know but it will be an adventure! I know I’ll have more questions about PG. I will post those as I think of them. Again thanks so much!
  25. Here is what the letter stated: We have been looking forward to you joining us on the Star Breeze, South Pacific – January 2, 2025 – February 5, 2025 sailings. Due to necessary fleet maintenance, it is our regret to inform you that the Star Breeze will not be operating in this region. As a result, your itinerary has been cancelled.
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