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  1. I booked cooking classes for our January 2023 on Marina. When I look at the info for the cooking classes it says single stations.
  2. Thanks! I have an email in to the hotel we will be staying at and hope to hear from them soon.
  3. We are arriving into the Rio airport from the US in January 2023 and need a ride from the airport to our hotel. Has anyone arranged their own transportation from the airport to their hotel? Did you pre-arrange a pickup with a taxi service? Uber? Did you just use a taxi upon arrival? What was the cost? We are joining a private tour in Rio but they want to charge us $65 each for transportation and I feel like that is high. Thanks for your input!
  4. Welcome home! Partly because of you and your raves about Tahiti, we decided on a January 2024 cruise doing a back to back starting in Auckland, around New Zealand, up to Lautoka and ending in Tahiti. We love the sails but it's Star Breeze for this sailing which we haven't ever done so it will be fun and interesting. Once we get a bit closer (we have Wind Surf in September and Oceania Marina in January 2023) I will pick your brain about all there is to see and do in Tahiti!
  5. Why not ask the food tours you’re interested in if they will adjust the times for you especially if you explain the timing of your ship?
  6. I think it can depend upon your destination as well. The Alhambra tour sold out before we set sail but I had read that one had the tendency to do that so we had signed up ahead of time.
  7. Thank you. Windstar just announced they will now accept the telemedicine tests. We have two of those so we hope we are now set. Will test on our own before taking those tests!
  8. Anyone had any luck lately getting the test? We leave September 28 from Venice and Windstar is still requiring the tests. The Red Cross option at St Marks only shows appointments through August 21.
  9. In 2018 we had 4 days prior to our cruise in Lisbon. We booked 2 different tours with https://www.wehatetourismtours.com/ One tour was to Sintra and one was lunch with a local. The lunch turned out to be just the two of us and our tour guide (Gonzo who was fantastic!). We spent hours eating, drinking and learning all about life in Lisbon. Not exactly a food tour but totally enjoyable. I see they have had to revamp their tours after Covid but their web site does say they will provide personal tours. I would send them an email and tell them what you’re looking for. They may be able to help you out.
  10. We sail September 28 from Venice and I truly hope they will at least let us use the telemedicine by then if they don’t drop it completely. I am just now starting a search for a pharmacy in Venice that can do the testing for us. We have not received any such email as of now.
  11. Originally we were sailing September 2021, postponed until May 2022 and postponed yet again until September 2022. We are touring Italy for 3 weeks on our own before the Venice sail away. in our experience the tenders run all day. One will leave the ship at the same time one leaves the dock. We are looking forward to exploring almost all the stops on our own. We love Windstar and Wind Surf is our favorite!
  12. Great review Rob! We love Windstar and you have detailed many of the wonderful reasons why we love it! Next up, you need to try the sails!!
  13. We have signed up for this same tour on our arrival day into Rome. We have had wonderful food tours in the past at several places throughout Europe and the Caribbean/Mexico. We love that typically it can be a small tour, sometimes an owner/operator who one can learn about their family, life and business. As retired entrepreneurs of a family business, we love sharing stories, eating great food, and learning about one another. We have been to Rome but thought this tour, in an area we have not been to, would be the perfect introduction to this trip. We also have one in Bologna we are looking forward to as well. The last food tour we took we were the only ones, along with a tour guide and driver (in Cozumel) and boy were we spoiled!
  14. I realized I didn’t report back after our tour. It was WONDERFUL! We did meet at the Mega Mart and it turned out we were the only ones on the tour! So it was my husband and myself, the tour guide and the driver. We made so many stops and all the owners and workers were so friendly and the food and drinks so so good. The driver took us back to our ship and we paid him for that and ripped both him and the tour guide and they deserved it. Book it!!
  15. We are happy to raise a glass! 🍷 🍺 🍹 I have nothing showing under La Reserva or Privee as of now. Nothing to click to take me to the next step. Last night there were many categories listed as available as opposed to a week ago. We shall see!
  16. Well we have not paid in full yet and we are further out than the 75 days so I guess we will have to wait unless I ask my TA. Thank you! Mauibabes We are on the same cruise as you in SA. I believe you said you had your O person take care of your reservations.
  17. Thank you so much! Is there a way to see when the LaReserva is happening?
  18. We're traveling with a small group to SA and I'm thinking a dinner in La Privee might be the perfect way to kick off our cruise. Does anyone know if they can stretch the number to 12?
  19. Thank you all for your honest answers about cruising on segments of the ATW cruise. When I mentioned the longer option my DH actually said, “Oh, where does it go?!”
  20. Wouldn’t those two be spectacular?! But it’s too many days for us. But it does give one pause…😎
  21. We have wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand for several years. If we weren't booked on Oceania's South America cruise in January 2023 we would have gone on Windstar's Australia and New Zealand cruises instead (we are fans of both Oceania and Windstar). Windstar has not released their 2024 cruises yet (except for a few but I'm hopeful they too might repeat those same cruises in 2024) so for now, I'm looking at other options for January/February 2024 for Australia and New Zealand. I see Insignia will be sailing on her AWC and has 2 cruises in February 2024 that go exactly where I'd like to go: Jewels of New Zealand and Australia's Embrace. My questions are: What are your thoughts on being onboard the AWC but not being a part of the AWC? How many of the cabins are typically filled for the AWC? 25%? 50%? 75% Many cabins already say "waitlisted" and I'm not ready to pull the trigger on this yet. Is it awkward being on board but not being a part of the AWC? We make friends easily but just wonder if it's hard not being part of the AWC and all the activities that go along with being on the AWC. Thanks for any insights!
  22. After our cruise in SA and land tour we will end in Lima with 2 nights at a hotel in February 2023. I'm looking for recommendations. I'm thinking the Miraflores or Barranco area would be best. I really would like some charm and am NOT interested in big hotels. We enjoy talking to locals, eating, drinking, shopping and some sightseeing too. Thank you!
  23. Still trying to sort out what our butler will do for us on our cruise. Would asking for our laundry to be ironed (if it came back wrinkled) be something the butler could take care of? I'm perfectly capable of ironing; just trying to think of things our butler might be able to do.
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