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  1. Thank you so much for your blog! I too have read every post over the years. I’m even more excited to follow along this year as I had to cancel our summer cruise and I don’t know when I’ll be able to cruise again due to illness. At least I can vicariously cruise along with you and G!
  2. Thanks for posting! I didn’t get the email, but my Sapphire sailing on July 13 isn’t listed, so that could be why. Or maybe it only went out to people in the UK.
  3. That makes sense. Maybe it wasn’t as successful as they hoped and 2017 was the only year they did it. I admit, our cruise had a snooker celebrity and we didn’t go.
  4. Thanks for answering wolfie11 and capriccio. It might have been because they were celebrity guests? Maybe they aren’t doing the celebrity guests any more. Here’s the 2017 list (although not the one from Princess’ site.) Maybe someone will recognize it. Princess Cruises has just revealed a guest speaker line-up with several celebrity names. Names from across the world of royalty, entertainment, politics and sport will speak on Crown Princess, one of the cruise line’s Southampton-based ships for this spring and summer. This marks the first time that Princess has introduced a speaker programme on one of its UK ships and it forms part of Princess’ Encounters with Discovery speaker series. It will comprise of: –Katie Nicholl (Royal correspondent and commentator), on a 14-night Mediterranean cruise, departing April 22nd –Beverley Callard (actress, Liz McDonald in Coronation Street), on a 7-night Spain & France cruise, departing May 6th –Harry Redknapp (former footballer and manager), on two 14-night Mediterranean cruises, departing April 22nd and May 13th –Graham Gooch OBE (former England cricket captain), on a 7-night Scandinavia cruise, departing May 27th –Peter Shilton OBE (former England goalkeeper and football manager), on a 14-night North Cape and Norwegian Fjords cruise, departing June 17th –John Virgo (former snooker player, current snooker commentator), on a 7-night Norwegian Fjords cruise, departing July 1st –Terry Butcher (former England captain and football manager), on a 14-night Baltic cruise, departing July 8th –Paul Burrell RVM (butler to Diana, Princess of Wales), on a 7-night Norwegian Fjords cruise, departing July 22nd –Mike Gatting OBE (former England cricket captain), on a 14-night Mediterranean cruise, departing July 29th –Sherrie Hewson (actor, presenter, broadcaster and novelist), on a 14-night North Cape and Norwegian Fjords cruise, departing August 12th –Edwina Currie (former MP, novelist and broadcaster), on a 7-night Scandinavia cruise, departing August 26th
  5. Before my 2017 Norway cruise out of Southampton I was able to see a list of the the guest speakers on ships out of Southampton. It was somewhere on Princess’ website. I’m sailing out of Southampton again this summer and can’t seem to find a similar list. I’ve searched Princess’ site, used the cruise critic Princess forum search, and googled with no luck. Has anyone seen something like this? Thanks!
  6. Date of Cruise: 1/6/19 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 12158 Deck #: 12 Cabin Category: Sky Suite S3 Cabin Location: Mid ship On magic carpet track Bed Position: Side wall Balcony Type: Veranda Balcony/Window Size: Large Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: When magic carpet is on 14, obstructed view Balcony Overhang?: Magic Carpet Issues?: Yes Noise Issues?: Some sort of noise in ceiling or vent. Work to find and fix it was supposed to happen on Disembarkation day. Wind Issues?: No Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No Suite Details: Advantages/Problems/Comments: Great location for lunimae, spa, retreat. I would definitely call it an obstructed view though as the magic carpet was on 14 when we pulled in to ports when you want good view and pictures. Would You Book It Again?: If it was significantly cheaper than an S2 and the views weren’t critical (Caribbean yes, Alaska no, you get the idea.) Photos or Photo Links:
  7. We are in a sky suite and our letter said the fees from Celebrity would be waived but you would still need to pay any airline fees. Just noticed this letter is the same one we got in the sky suite. (Iturned mine in so the concierge printed me another copy.)
  8. Thanks! Some vacations have a few extra bumps, but we still love them! They haven’t been able to figure out where the sound has been coming from, but we’re sort of used to it now. Celebrity has been great about it. I really applaud how they handle issues. They have exceeded my expectations. The food and service have been great. We’re enjoying our trip on the Edge and the sky suite. I’m glad we booked on opening day.
  9. I’m on Edge now and we signed up for Luggage Valet. I know in said American and United, international and domestic, and Delta, domestic only. We don’t remember Southwest being mentioned. I’ll see if I can find out.
  10. Several people researched what could be causing the problem. They can’t figure it out but have offered to move us to an empty S2. Unfortunately, it’s very aft and I chose a mid ship cabin because of motion sickness problems. I decided noise was better than seasickness, so I declined. They have been very nice and even offered to remove one of my onboard charges for my trouble. Hopefully whatever it is won’t happen again tonight, but whatever happens, the staff have been very nice and understanding. By the way, we are having a good cruise. The ship is so unusual! It’s exciting to explore!
  11. Well, tonight it was 2:20, and I can’t get back to sleep. I talked to a deck attendant this evening and he said they don’t move deck chairs at night, so I listened more closely tonight. I think it might be a storage closet. It sounds like a door slamming and boxes or something being dropped. I’m going to explore tomorrow. If I can find it, maybe I can ask them to change their schedule a bit. vt cruising, I will do a review in the edge sticky when I get back. Right now I think this cabin is an avoid, but maybe that will change. I attempted to upload photos so you can see how our view is upstructed when pulling in to port. I hope it works. Also, does anyone know if the Nake Burkas tote bags were just for the early special cruises? All we have gotten is that papery one that was in the cabin when we arrived. I was hoping for a canvas bag. Thanks!
  12. Currently in a deck 12 S3. It seems that the magic carpet is positioned at deck 14 when pulling in to port, so our view is obstructed. Maybe that will change later in the cruise, but for now I would consider it an obstructed view. We have also had noise from the pool above. You can hear the pool music on the balcony, which we don’t mind. I think it’s moving deck chairs which is the most noise. A lot of banging around 10:30 last night. Maybe stacking the chairs? We weren’t in bed yet, so it didn’t matter that much but it might if you go to sleep early. I was also woken up around 1:30 am by some banging from above. Just an FYI. Retreat and Luminae staff have been great.
  13. Thank you so much for your help, Shoo here! Instructions followed and signatures are back. 😁
  14. I somehow managed to turn signatures off, and now I can’t figure out how to turn them back on. Could someone provide or point me toward directions? Thanks?
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