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  1. Wow, looks like I will be canceling our New Years Eve cruise. While I am sure you exaggerated a bit regarding removing the mask just to take a bite, the other restrictions are just too much for me. I am very sorry for the industry.
  2. I just received this email letter yesterday since I was there. I am fine and today is day #14 so I am not overly concerned about myself and my husband. However, I can only imagine how many other people any of us have come into contact with over the past 14 days.
  3. Does the Sky Princess offer either Planks or Steamers or both? Thanks.
  4. Yes, thanks for the idea of "refer-a-friend". Just took care of it.
  5. Not sure if this is a good or idiotic question. I am booked on the Sky in February. My adult daughter is considering booking her own cabin on the same cruise. She is not a Princess cruiser so has no credits and doesn't care. If I were to book her cabin under my name and number as a gift, would I get the point towards my Captains Circle loyalty status? Thanks.
  6. Thanks so much for the great information. Guess I had the wrong idea. I also misunderstood the booking as I now see I am able to book the week if I want. For sstopmh, it's under "onboard services" on the cruise personalizer. Then under Lotus Spa Services.
  7. Would someone please explain the Enclave to me? I am on the Sky in February and although I booked a long time ago, I just finally got around to looking at the spa items. My bad. I was not aware that one has to reserve the Enclave in order to use the Thassalotherapy pool and sauna/steam rooms. Unfortunately for me, every day I look at is "not available". Is the Enclave reserved by the day or by the hour? Can only one passenger at a time reserve it? Is the Thassalotherapy pool meant for only a single person or couple at a time? The picture on the web site appears it is very small. Thank
  8. Thanks for all the fast replies. Always much faster than emailing Princess. Too bad for us as we are only one point away from Elite on Princess and it would have been nice to have for our 2/20 Princess cruise. Oh well, next one.
  9. Many years ago when I first started cruising, I took 2-3 trips on Carnival. If I am right that Princess is owned by Carnival Corp, should these be counted by Princess towards my loyalty tier? I ask because I am just one point away from my next tier and it would be nice to get the next step prior to my February cruise. Thanks for any responses.
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