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  1. Can someone tell me the current early and late dining times for traditional dining on the 12 night An them cruises? Thank you.
  2. Just back from our cruise. Been to St Thomas and Magens Bay many times so this trip we decided to try Emerald Beach on Lindfbergh Bay. Spent some time talking to a local there who runs a Jet Ski rental place. He told us that a few young guys are working hard to get a business going at the far end of the beach renting chairs and umbrellas. He said they are very hard working and enterprising young men and realize that their key to income is through the tourist trade and he hopes tourists will seek them out. Unfortunately, he told us this after we had already rented chairs from the first vendor we found. The taxis drop you off right at the Emerald Resort so most people don't bother to venture further. If interested, ask the taxi to drop you off further down the beach as these guys are at the far end to the right if facing the water. Either way, it's a beautiful beach.
  3. Can anyone tell me how many formal nights there are on the 12 night Anthem cruise out of Cape Liberty? Thanks.
  4. Thought I'd add my two cents as I was on the same cruise. Food reviews are always so subjective based on personal preferences. I am probably the world's pickiest eater and so I never judge the cruise food by myself because frankly, I don't like anything. That being said, I certainly didn't starve on this cruise. My husband who is not picky at all said the food was fine. I did want to comment on the buffet though. It was probably the worst set up buffet of all the cruises I have been on and that surprised me as I had read the Reflection buffet was one of the best. I found there was no particular order to things with bagels being on one counter but the cream cheese on another at breakfast so there were two lines and by the time I'd get to the cream cheese, the bagel was cold. I always had to get in line at 4 different counters at lunch for my salad. Romaine was by the Ceasar salads, tomatoes, cukes, and a few other items in a salad bar area, and then green pepper slices by the stir fry station.
  5. Is the $20 fare each way per person or per cab?
  6. Thanks for the simple answers! One of the things I love about Princess is that they have coin laundromats on each level. I realize a lot of people don't like to do their laundry but I don't mind and it makes it so much easier to pack light when we're on longer cruises. I wonder why other cruise lines don't have them.
  7. I realize there are quite a few laundry posts so excuse me but here goes anyway since the posts don't seem recent. I am just looking for very simple answers. I'm not in a suite and am Select only. 1. Can a bag of laundry be sent out at any time for just wash and fold? 2. Is it just the smallish bag that usually hangs in the closet or do they give you a bigger one? 3. How much does it cost without any specials? 4. How long does it usually take to get returned? Thank you so very much for any information.
  8. Yes, I'm talking Celebrity. On past Celebrity cruises, I was able to purchase a package of something like 6 large bottles. On a Princess cruise a week ago I was able to purchase a case of 12 smaller bottles which is better of course. If Celebrity no longer offers it I will drag a case on with me but pre-purchase is much easier.
  9. In the past I was able to purchase a number of individual bottles of water to be delivered to our cabin. Much easier than bringing on my own case. While I realize the water on the ship is fine, this is easier for use in the gym every day. I am not interested in a water package at $16 a day. Am I missing it on the new website or is it no longer available? Also, is there a place on the website to order distilled water for the cabin for a CPAP machine? Can't find that either with the new website. Thanks for all help.
  10. We drove the golf cart through the Donkey Sanctuary. The donkeys walked along with us sticking their heads into our laps looking for food. The donkeys are very aggressive especially when you buy a bag of carrots to feed them. At one point there were so many around us that we speeded up and they proceeded to run along with us to stay with their heads in the cart.
  11. Just back yesterday from the Royal and rented a cart from Bonaire Cruisers. It was fabulous! We'll be back there in February and plan to do it again. The cart rental was $90 plus a $100 refundable deposit. They gave us a great map which we followed to see the island and some of the sights. The Donkey Sanctuary was a highlight. Very interesting and fun to drive through. We did also see a few wild donkeys in the fields. We stopped at Soronbon (spell?) Beach which is beautiful. The drive around the island also enabled us to see the Salt hills, flamingos in the wild, and beautiful shorelines. We did not take the entire North route as we were on limited time and will be back to do it.
  12. Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing the island as it's one of the few we haven't been to yet. The golf carts sound like a great way to see things.
  13. How many hours did it take you to see all that you wanted to see? We have a cart reserved for our stop there in two weeks but we are only in port 12 to 7. Knowing we most likely won't get off and get the cart until on and would want to be back by 5 or 6, do we have enough time to see enough things? Thanks.
  14. Hate to sound ignorant but what is a Mardi Gras cruise? Just one that cruises during Mardi Gras with maybe specific parties or something else?
  15. By asking who the large groups are, do you mean ask Celebrity? I booked that cruise fairly recently and am also wondering why so full so soon.
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