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  1. I agree completely. This was our first European river cruise. We did a couple smaller ones in India and Egypt. In Europe we were extremely disappointed by the number of coaches we were put on. One of our first stops in Cologne we were on the opposite side of the city center, and it took ages just to load and get a very short distance. When I booked, I naively had images of strolling on and off the boat. We did that in several stops during our 25 days, but not as many as I had hoped. There were many things I loved about the river boat experience, but I didn't feel it was the best way to t
  2. The set dinner sounds like a nightmare. We loved meeting new people and having dinner with them to actually get to know one another. As for Uniworld's tours, the limit on capacity is alarming to me. We were disgusted by the competition to get on certain tours last year during are 25 day journey from AMS to BUC. After the discussion of the tours in the lounge, there was a mad rush to get in line to sign up because spaces were limited. This was such a surprise and disappointment because there was no mention of limits to anything other than Masterpiece tours in the cruise literature. A coach t
  3. Thanks for the update, but I am so sorry. It’s so disappointing because they have such wonderful itineraries, but I feel they can’t be counted on. I enjoyed them immensely in India because everyone was allowed to do anything offered without restrictions, but they have a different and inconsistent operation in Europe that doesn’t work for me.
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