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  1. You have the perfect attitude -- enjoy your time in Rome. As you put your plans together, feel free to post any questions or float your ideas here for feedback.
  2. Now we are just quibbling about opinions. Have you an alternate plan to propose?
  3. As will operating without making a profit.
  4. They started these up about 6 weeks ago. I've done three of them so far and I've really enjoyed them. https://www.conversations.contexttravel.com/
  5. It's been a strange weekend here. Protests turned violent Friday night and we are under curfew now. Not that it changed anything for me, lol. I haven't been out of the yard since last week's haircut. 😷 Have to admit that I just vegged out today. After a very tough week of work (including half a day yesterday as well), I just didn't want to do ANYTHING. I talked to family, watched a Context Travel seminar on the Pergamon altar in Berlin, put together my Instacart order and did some wash... OOTD (Outfit of the day): Pretty blue/white print pima tee from J Jill, Chico's cotton knit capris in navy with gold buttons at the leg opening. Hair, short enough to stay in place. No makeup OR shoes.
  6. What are your ports? The weather in the Med can vary, just like anywhere else. I've had calm seas -- like glass -- in April when we tendered to Monemvasia. Gorgeous! And I've hit terrible weather in Rhodes, where they were trying to tender us in to Lindos -- the tender smashed against the pier so hard that many were thrown out of their seats and they had to help us off one by one, even after the boat was secured. (That was the second tender; after us tendering was discontinued and they ended up bussing us all to the city of Rhodes after our tour, where the ship had sailed round with the other passengers.) Mykonos is frequently impacted by winds that can make it difficult to tender.
  7. How is it extortion? Extortion is defined as the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats. In nearly 50 years of cruising, I've never seen someone forced or threatened into booking a cruise. If you mean price gouging, they are not doing that either, so long as they would make no or only a small profit. The bottom line is that no one's going to "prop up" cruise lines with a price subsidy or handouts. If they are to survive, they will have to charge accordingly. If they can't find a workable model, they will go out of business.
  8. In this scenario, sharing with others won't be an option, however.
  9. They have half as many passengers. They charge twice as much. Even then it could be a draw as to whether much profit it made. Although I've seen comments from a few CEOs recently that suggest those kinds of statements we've heard about how profits are made may be a little misleading, at best.
  10. Curious, do you sail on HAL? It can be a real problem on that line. Not sure about other mass market lines. On recent cruises I have found the Princess buffet so unpleasant that I simply avoid it.
  11. But doesn't that exactly fit what we are saying? If ships can only sail half full, then you only need half as many willing customers.
  12. I don't see the point of indulging in nostalgia -- I have no wish to see cruise lines go back to some golden era. But I think the OP rather meant to ask whether we want to see cruising continue as it was before COVID-19 or do we hope the lines will make some changes that may be permanent... Personally, I not convinced that long-term changes will occur as a result of this, at least not if it is up to the cruise lines themselves. They will do what they can, within the (absolute) limit of the law in order to make as much profit as possible. In my opinion, that is neither a good nor sustainable way to operate, but many of my fellow citizens will say that this is simply capitalism.
  13. If the ships are going to feed everyone and not have people scheduled to eat lunch at 4pm in the afternoon, they are going to have to say that -- for everyone's good -- the Lido area is for eating (or possibly eating and drinking), at least between prime meal hours. If there are only half as many tables available due to social distancing, and people come back from shore excursions for lunch only to find they have nowhere to sit because the available seating is all taken by those crafting, reading, knitting, playing mah jong or whatever....that's not fair either. We all have to give a little if we are to get along in this very different time. People seem to have forgotten how to cooperate and to have consideration for others.
  14. I'll happily join you if there are any of those trips that cover the area around the Rhone and Soane rivers, with all those great Roman sites (Arles, Orange, Vienne, Lyon...)
  15. Oh, I think they can, if they have the collective will to do so. All too often in the past there has been an atmosphere of passenger entitlement and staff unwilling to step in to enforce rules. However, if it is a question of the ships not sailing without such enforcement (and I imagine there will be checks), then I am pretty sure it will change...
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