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  1. While I can't disagree with the effect, I have a very different opinion as to the reason or cause. I feel media is largely to blame, and I don't necessarily mean the news media. Before, if one had crackpot theories to share, chances are that the limited number of those exposed to them either didn't buy in or ignored them. But the internet and social media channels amplify the audience for such things to the nth degree so that any crazy person can find others who agree with them, no matter how wacky the theory -- the return of flat earthers, Jewish space lasers starting forest fires
  2. How about if we provide a snapshot of that (hypothetical or real) perfect cruise moment, if there's not a perfect cruise. This would have to come close: Spent a long day ashore in perfect sunny but not too-hot weather along the Aegean coast exploring a new (to me) set of ruins. Arrived back at ship in time to take a cool shower, slip on clean clothes and make my way up to my favorite bar at the top of the ship, aft, the one with comfy seating scattered around but not so much as to obscure the views. Take ownership of a crisp cool glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc while I read fr
  3. Interesting. I was able to find the link that SummerInKefalonia posted on the Princess boards and indeed you can see Eurodam listed in port in Piraeus every Friday from mid-summer through October something. I also notice if you go to HAL website and look at October cruises for Eurodam, you'll see an Oct 31 3-day sailing from Bahamas. Test cruise?? My thinking is that HAL will use the summer cruises from Piraeus to shake down/institute/perfect their new protocols, sail back from the Med and do their test cruise for CDC to certify them to sail in the Caribbean over the w
  4. The CDC was not against evacuation in general. What they did not agree with was putting positive but asymptomatic COVID passengers on the same plane with passengers who were COVID negative.
  5. Tell that to the scientists who actually developed the vaccines. We wouldn't even be having this conversation without their contribution. But, nice try.
  6. CDC has given the ships a path forward if they want to start sailing before November. None of them seem terribly keen to follow it. Besides, you know, the new variants. One of which is apt to emerge that is both relatively immune to the vaccine and also relatively infective -- the longer we allow the current virus to keep infecting others and jumping from person to person. And for those who say "It couldn't happen," what would you have said in 2019 if someone tried to tell you what would happen in 2020?
  7. Oh but your doctor recommended it for you. 🤔
  8. How do you know that I have not? I am finally starting to understand why people are reluctant to talk about what they do/did for a living, with these kinds of judgements being made about them... I am not going to talk about myself as I am still an active cruiser (although this toxic Oceania board has made me hesitate to try sailing with Oceania several times now, and I'm not kidding in the least). However, here's a story about my father who is no longer cruising. He worked for more than 30 years as a research scientist in the department of Agronomy
  9. There is a reason why top companies looking for talent stress the quality of Agility. As opposed to pure stubborn pig-headedness. When you're in a position like the CDC was, dealing with a pandemic with a previously unknown virus, you don't have the luxury of waiting until you have 100% of the data you need to "know" everything. I think many of the Monday-morning quarterbackers here forget what it was like during the first couple of months of the pandemic last year... People were dying, the virus was spreading quickly, it was all hands on deck. Faced with this, CDC an
  10. As it is Venice we're talking about, I wouldn't feel secure in saying it is "confirmed" until there is something more definitive than this announcement.
  11. I wonder what the itineraries will be -- I will stay tuned. Just to throw another consideration in the works, I've also read that Greece can't just open up for tourism without agreement from the EU... Everything is certainly in a muddle!
  12. Welcome to Italy lovers anonymous. There is no cure. Due to my love of Italy I have made trips to the region every year that I can (luckily I got my 2020 trip in early, with a stay in Campania in February when the weather is delightful and the crowds nonexistent, but 2021 is looking grim). I have also learned Italian and have been making plans for the last decade to spend significant time there post-retirement. While I do enjoy the food, for me it is about the history, the ancient sites, museums, art, and primary research sources.
  13. Hi Lois -- so many are counting on Greece opening for tourism. So far I think they are the only country with one of the major facilities for embarking/disembarking that have made statements about opening for tourism this summer. I have my doubts about when and how soon they will be able to open (due to their recent uptick in COVID cases), but I am keeping an eye on the situation. It may be that by later Fall things will be in place... My concerns are that cruise lines don't seem to be allowing cruises of longer than 7-8 days at the moment (for itineraries that have bee
  14. And I would choose Paphos. Different strokes -- which is why it can be difficult to make recommendations for others.
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