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  1. Nice! I see that one has to call for pricing on Club Orange. Can someone give me a ballpark figure on what that might be? Or a percentage? Thanks!
  2. What’s the pub crawl?! Sounds interesting!
  3. Thank you for your prompt reply! So it sounds like Holland has both anytime dining along with early and late seating? Are those in different dining rooms? We much prefer anytime dining so I’m happy with that but am still curious how they manage to have both. Am I reading correctly when it says the Orange Party is an additional cost? Why? Am I getting free cocktails? 🍹 I thought it was perhaps like Azamara’s White Party or Windstar’s Deck BBQ and open to all. Again I’m hoping to get the lay of the land/ship before boarding and I appreciate your help!
  4. New to Holland but not to cruising. We have booked the Eastern Caribbean departing on March 10 with friends. Can someone explain to me what makes Holland different? More specifically I'm seeing folks comment about the Orange Party, Bar Hopping Party, Orange Club, cabanas and more but no real explanations about these. The more I research the more I don’t seem to find out what exactly these are. I’m also a bit confused about the main dining room. We are listed as anytime dining but somewhere I read about early/late seating and trying to reserve a table. Is the dining room two levels and are each different? Looking forward to our cruise and more knowledge about Holland! Thanks!!
  5. The specialty coffees at the yacht club (lattes, espresso, etc) are included with the base fare you pay so no extra costs unless you’re adding alcohol to those drinks. Soft drinks are also always free. We have looked at the drinks package but have never taken it. We like our wine at dinner but prefer a bottle to glasses of wine. And if you don’t finish the bottle they will hold it for you for the next time you want it. Often we will bring our own wine and pay the corkage fee to get what we want. My husband will have a beer before dinner and sometimes I will have a drink but we just don’t think it’s worth it for us. They say if you drink 6-8 drinks a day it works out. As far as WiFi we can usually find it in port and our experience on the ships is the WiFi isn't that great. Now that may change with the new Starlink system but we will see when we sail in January. Don’t expect luggage tags. They will put them on when you arrive. It’s so so much easier in Windstar than the large ships. You show up at the port, tell them your name, maybe show them your license or passport and on the ship you stroll. I will say last time we left out of Barbados we took a taxi to the port. The port wanted to see our papers from WS to get into the port. I only had them on the phone and couldn’t access WiFi to get on to show them. After about 10 minutes the port authorities finally just waved us in. This had nothing to do with WS and all about Barbados. So now I will take a picture of my documents to have just in case! We love WS and can’t wait to be back on board!
  6. Welcome back Nancy! I am so sorry to hear about your husband. You are very brave and I wish you only “smooth sailing” ahead. We did Lisbon to Barcelona to Rome, around Sicily and back to Rome in September 2018. It was delightful and our weather was wonderful. I bet yours will be just as lovely. Some of those smaller stops in the Med can be a walk about on your own just to explore the sights, the people, the shops and restaurants whether you’re a party of one or six. You will find your way. I know the wonderful crew on WS will welcome you back with open arms. Welcome home! —Tina
  7. We were there twice on a Star Collector. The first time we did the beach picnic only and the second time we spent at a restaurant/bar we had found. I believe there was one tour in the morning that some folks did. I’m not a big snorkeler so I can’t answer those questions.
  8. After our cruise is January we will be ONE NIGHT SHORT of the highest level! UGH!
  9. We originally booked New Zealand for January 2024. We had to move it to January 2025. Now it looks like we may have to move it yet again. Can anyone tell me if they will do this without a penalty? Somehow I feel like I've heard you can only move your cruise one time before there is a penalty. I certainly don't want to pay money to change the date. Thanks.
  10. We didn't have any plans but ended up with a small walking tour of a museum. I'm not sure if it was through WS or we just found the museum as we wandered and hopped on it. Afterwards, we wandered through the city and enjoyed the murals, the food, the drink and did our own lunch and sightseeing. It's a cute place and we enjoyed our day. We do like to do the wander bit, met the locals and enjoy their hospitality so it was right up our alley.
  11. We have done Barbados to Aruba back in 2020, right before COVID shut everything down. In fact, we are on the January 2024 Barbados to Aruba to Balboa/Panama. When we did this in 2020, the beach picnic was on Mayreau which we thought was a lovely location. There was a short walk to the beach.
  12. As I stated in an earlier post we sailed on Wind Surf from Barbados to Aruba in 2020 just prior to the Covid shutdown. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about this portion of the cruise. We will be sailing again on this same cruise but continuing on through the Panama Canal beginning in January 2024.
  13. When you look at the prices for cabins on line, if there’s a price next to it you know there are some available in that category. Sadly the only way to know which cabins are actually available is to call Windstar or have your favorite TA call for you. I have had good luck calling and just chatting with a WS rep and having them tell me what’s available for the type of cabin I’m looking for but it would be nice if you could see for yourself the availability.
  14. Holiday season 2014/2015 we did Colon through the canal and up Costa Rica. We flew in early to Panama City and it was a wonderful trip. in January we are leaving from Bridgetown to Aruba and through the canal. Costa Rica is lovely and if you’ve been to the Caribbean I think I would choose going to Costa Rica. We loved the old town of Panama; we celebrated Christmas Eve there and it was fantastic!
  15. In addition, Star Collector cruises include free laundry. The laundry service is a dream! Out first thing in the morning and typically back to you by evening.
  16. We are booked on this itinerary starting in Barbados in January 2024. We have actually been on the first half of this cruise (Barbados to Aruba) on Wind Surf just before the pandemic but have not done the second half. We did go through the Panama Canal on Wind Star several years ago but on a different itinerary. We haven’t sailed on the motor yachts and are looking forward to it!
  17. Looking at deck plans for Star Pride. What is the black rectangle between cabins 428 and 430? It is also on decks 3, 5 and 6. Also does anyone know if the cabins listed with a 3rd berth mean only that it's a sofa sleeper instead of a regular sofa? Are both the sofa and sofa bed the same size? Having only sailed on the sailing yachts but looking at Star Pride this January.
  18. Remember the sailing yachts, Wind Star, Wind Spirit and Wind Surf do not have any balconies and the motor yachts Star Pride, Star Breeze and Star Legend have some French balconies. Owner suites on all yachts are different and there may be a “balcony.”
  19. I tried on Chrome and it wouldn't work. But then I went to safari and it worked.
  20. We have sailed many times with Windstar. In 2018 we were on a back 2 back 2 back cruise in the lowest cabin on Wind Surf. The upgrade fairy sent us an email several months ahead of our cruise asking us if we'd like to upgrade to a suite (at that time it was the suites where they combine 2 rooms into 1 thus giving you 2 bathrooms). I had to call and double check that the upgrade was for no money, for all 3 legs of our cruise, and that we would be in the same cabin the entire trip. Once we were assured of those things, it was a no brainer and we upgraded. I think what happened is they realized they could sell our lower cabin for all 3 segments as individual cruises and hadn't sold very many of the suites so they offered us the upgrade. I wasn't about to complain; 25 days with my husband and 2 bathrooms...what's not to love?! We have asked after boarding if there are any upgrades available but haven't ever had the answer come back yes. And we've never received another visit from the upgrade fairy...
  21. We did Sicilian Splendors in September 2018 as the third leg of our back to back to back. It was a glorious itinerary! We loved it! We sailed on the Dalmatian itinerary on Wind Surf out of Venice back to Rome in September 2022. Another wonderful itinerary! We have sailed on Wind Surf many times. We love her crew and the sails. The cabins are laid out well and if you can splurge on a cabin, we love the ones on Deck 3 that are the suites with 2 bathrooms. But any cabin is wonderful. We did think there were a few cosmetic issues on our last sail. Nothing that would stop me from sailing her again but there were some tired spots. It’s all about the itinerary, the crew and the other wonderful passengers (now life long friends) that we’ve met on Windstar that keeps us coming back!
  22. Taking the train is easy. Ravenna to Bologna with a transfer onto Venice. Depending upon the class of service you book, it looks like it's about $30 pp (or less) and takes upwards to 4 hours or less. Do you have a lot of luggage? We travel with one 22" rollerbag and one carryon bag each which makes train travel very easy. I wouldn't hesitate to book it. We took the train on several occasions last September including Bologna via Milan to Varenna and then Varenna via Milan to Venice. Make sure you know your stop in Venice.
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