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  1. Wayfairers

    Command removable hooks

    Taking some command hooks but also taking strong magnetic hooks. I’ll be covered either way! And, they don’t take much room in the luggage.
  2. Wayfairers

    Command removable hooks

    Great info. Never thought about using magnetic hooks. I’ve used and removed command hooks at home but never on a delicate surface like drywall.
  3. Wayfairers

    Command removable hooks

    Has anyone used the Command removable hooks in their HAL room? Did they work ok?
  4. When we sailed out of Southampton a few years ago, we enjoyed the bar in the cruise terminal until there was no line then we boarded. It has been several years since we sailed out of Port Everglades - is there a bar in any of the cruise terminals there? I don’t remember seeing one in the past. We sail Jan 4 so I won’t know which terminal number until Dec 28. So, I’m asking for any/all the cruise terminals in Port Everyglades.
  5. Wayfairers

    Toiletries provided by HAL?

    That’s not so good. DH is allergic to most perfumed lotions. If they aren’t all natural there is something in the lotion base that causes problems for him. Think I’ll bring my own. Glad we will drive not fly to port.
  6. Wayfairers

    Toiletries provided by HAL?

    Thanks! I’m happy to hear the hand cream is thicker than before and shampoo, conditioner and soap are still supplied.
  7. It has been 3 years since we cruised. What toiletries does HAL provide these days? I am talking about things like lotion, shampoo, conditioner and soap.
  8. Wayfairers

    Mexico Travel Advisory

    I agree. Everyone knows when they feel safe and when they don’t and that isn’t going to change. We have driven throughout Mexico over the past 10 years, never had a problem, never felt unsafe. Even when others were terrified to visit the country. We take basic precautions like listening to locals when they tell us to avoid an area, being aware of our surroundings, staying on the toll roads as much as possible, not driving at night, etc. There are many places in the US that are more dangerous than most of Mexico. As far as Mazatlan goes, a local told us years ago that the police and cartels have an understanding that the cartels will leave the tourist areas alone. Don’t know if that is still the case, the last time we were there was 2017.
  9. Wayfairers

    Brazil E visa is live for USA

    I did mine on my iPad - I don’t own a computer anymore. It was a few weeks ago...I’m wondering if maybe something was updated in either Safari or on Brazil’s side that made it no longer work. Happy you finally got something to work fo you.
  10. Try Bike Tours Uruguay. We are using them in Punta del Este and there is no minimum number of people They offer tours in Montevideo too.
  11. Wayfairers

    Brazil E visa is live for USA

    It worked for me in Safari with no issues. One of the easiest visa processes I’ve done - so glad they changed it to an eVisa. I was dreading it when we first signed up for the cruise requiring a Brazilian visa.
  12. Wayfairers

    Port Stanley

    Did you ask them if they have suggestions for another tour guide? I’ve had success with that in the past.
  13. Wayfairers

    WiFi in South America ports?

    I hope so....I was just assuming South America is like the rest of the world and the pubs, coffee shops and some restaurants have wifi.
  14. Wayfairers

    French Guiana (Devils Island)

    Thanks for the video. Did you take a tour? We are planning on just waking around the island on our own in March.