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  1. Haven’t experienced it but from what I’ve read FCC is returned as FCC and cash paid is returned as FCC unless you request a refund.
  2. Might seem like a radical idea but have you ever considered that some people may do research before making the “I have never understood” statement? I’ve done my research (person to person, online) and still don’t understand the logic of those people who don’t want vaccines.
  3. No didn’t see that program. Were they saying anything else important? I have never understood people who resist getting vaccinations. I’m sure there will people who don’t get this one, unfortunately. I’m getting one as soon as it is available to me.
  4. Oh my! That’s crazy. we are hoping to be on the 2021 Grand Africa with you. But, waiting to book because we already have $5500+ in FCC with HAL and really don’t want to let them hold more of our money until we know what is happening long term in the cruise world. Luckily they dated our FCC based on the date awarded rather than date cancelled so we’ve got a while to use it.
  5. Thanks for the info. I suspected FCC would be returned as FCC but wasn’t sure Hoping that would be a way to get our cash out of HAL.
  6. We have FCC from cancelled 2020 cruises. I know there have been several threads on FCC and forgive me if these questions have already been answered on another thread. I did a search before posting. I believe if I book a new cruise the FCC cannot be used for the downpayment....is that correct? What happens to that FCC if I book a cruise, use the FCC for the cruise payment and that cruise gets cancelled? Do I have the option to get the money as a refund at that point or does it get returned as FCC since it started as FCC?
  7. Thanks! I’ll push my TA to get approval before booking and if she says no I’ll call HAL.
  8. Thanks y’all! I have discussed this option with my travel agent and she said she would ask HAL for the variance and she believes it would be granted. But, she said I have to book the cruise before asking HAL. Is that true for those that have done this?
  9. We would like to take the Grand Africa next year (if Covid is not an issue) but need to be in Europe early October for a wedding. I am going to call HAL to see if they will let us join the cruise at the first port stop, Mediera, rather than embark in Fort Lauderdale then do the rest of the cruise returning to Fort Lauderdale. All we would miss is the transatlantic crossing. I know we wouldn’t get a discount for those missed days. I’ve done some research and it appears sometimes a request is approved and something it is rejected but I don’t know why. Has anyone made this type of request b
  10. You must have very good hygiene practices or a great immune system. Congrats for never having the flu! I used to not get the flu shot because I thought I had had the flu and it wasn’t bad. In my mid 20s I actually got the flu. It was horrible and kept me in bed for a week. In just 20 minutes I went from happily skiing down a mountain to not feeling right to feeling so bad I didn’t even want to walk to the car. The past 30 years I always get the shot. I never want to feel that bad for that long again. I am looking forward to getting the Covid shot when it is available
  11. It still is listed here.....https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/marketing-assets/mariner-society/documents/Holland-America-cruises-Mariner-Reward-Chart.pdf
  12. What!?!? I hadn’t noticed! Wine package discounts and free laundry are the best two perks of 4 star!
  13. Well said. I don’t expect cruising to start at full capacity when a vaccine is available. I believe once a vaccine is available to the general public that there will still be outbreaks amongst those who refuse the vaccine and because of that I hope we will have to show proof of vaccination when boarding any public transportation...planes, cruise ships, ferries, trains, etc. Another thought....even with a yearly flu vaccination you can still get the flu, either because you caught a strain that wasn’t in the vaccination or you didn’t build enough antibodies, but it is almost alwa
  14. IMO Covid will join colds, the flu and other perpetual illnesses...including those where people choose to skip the preventive vaccination then get the illness.....I think it is here to stay and we will have to get a yearly vaccine like the flu vaccine.
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