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  1. I have read many of the threads that discuss whether or not Moscow is worth the expense and long day, especially when there are only 2 days in port. I realize there are two strong opinions from people with one side saying it is worth it and the other side says stay in St Petersburg. We have decided to go Moscow on day 1 of our visit. So, those who have done the long trip to Moscow....did you go with the cruise ship or a private guide? If a private guide, who and would you recommend them? Did you take the train both ways or fly one direction?
  2. What did you do? We will be there 5/7/2020.
  3. I google tipping info about every country we visit. When I book a private excursion I ask what currency they want payment in and if it is their currency I tell them we need to stop at an ATM. Last cruise I created an envelope for every port that needed cash and wrote the amount for the tour and the tip on the outside and put the cash inside If USD I put the cash in before we left home. If another currency and I had an opportunity to get cash at an ATM before I needed it, the cash put into the envelope. Envelopes were bundled by month using a rubber band and stored in the safe until we arrived in that port. This worked great for us and I’ll do it again.
  4. We very rarely fly to a port. The drive there is part of the trip....be it 12 hours to south FL or across country. Doesn’t matter....why ride in a flying bus when you can drive and see things as you go. For cruises leaving from across an ocean....no big deal just cruise over to the port rather than fly if we can st all.
  5. I research ports before the cruise and I’m always able to find something interesting to do or see....even places like Livorno and Naples where we’ve been several times. It is a game to me to find an off the beaten path place that we enjoy.
  6. I always wanted to do a world cruise but now that I can I don’t feel the need for this reason. World cruises tend to go to the more common ports and I’ve been those those...sometimes many times. I tend to take the longer cruises that go to more unique places instead of 5e world cruise
  7. I believe the amount of time you are happy traveling varies by person. As I said earlier, we are routinely out 4-6 months and usually we aren’t feeling the need to get back home until the 5.5 month mark. Others feel that way after a week, your limit sounds like around a month. I work hard to keep things varied and interesting for us during a trip and special things scattered along the trip - that makes a difference too. However, we learned on our very first long trip that you cannot be touring every day. Some days have to be relaxation days, some days have to be catch up on paperwork days, etc. We’ve found at least one day a week needs to be a down day, sometimes a couple of days per week if we are very busy the other days. If you try to tour every day the days run together and you get worn out. Edited to add: The more I think about it, our longer trips vary in the type of trip. For instance, next summer we cruise FLL to Amsterdam (TA), stay on board for the next 2 cruises to Norway & Baltic - all very different cruises. Then we do a land trip on our own for 5 weeks, meet friends for a cooking school for a week, then a land trip for 6 weeks on our own (which may include a 10+ day guided tour), cruise back to Boston from Amsterdam, either take a train or rent a car or some combination of that to get back to FL making a few stops along the way to see things we have missed on previous trips and to see friends and family. This trip will last mid April until late August or early September.
  8. Oh wow...that is sad. Did the 2019 Grand SA and sailing through Antarctic waters and especially the landing on South Georgia were some of the major highlights of the cruise. Unfortunately with the Prinsendam sell South Georgia is out for HAL’s future but sailing though the area was gorgeous and I’m sorry to hear that will change too.
  9. I have my mailing address set up with everyone and never had any problems having it delivered there. The only thing with my physical address is my drivers license and that causes a few issues with people wanting to mail something to that address - those things get returned to the sender because we no longer have a mail box.
  10. We use a small company in our hometown. They have about 15 boxes they rent by the year. They are like a UPS store and a gift shop put together and are locally owned. We tried forwarding to other people but when the mail really piles up we felt guilty. The other thing I like about the place we use is they throw away the obvious junk mail and they will go through my mail if I ask to look for something in particular. They also have the capability to open and scan anything I need to read but not have physically in my hands. There are several companies that offer a similar service, some nationwide.
  11. Our longest cruise has been 90 days but we regularly travel 4-6 months at a time. Neighbors (with a key) keep an eye on the house, hire someone to mow, if it is hurricane season we close the shutters before we leave (also good security), use a mail service who holds our mail or mails it if we request to anywhere in the world (or even one piece if needed), all bills and races are done online. We live on the road like we live at home...eat similar amount of foods and drinks, walk/exercise about the same...just a different setting and we are seeing new places. My advice is don’t pack too much. Remember you can do laundry and you have to be able to manage all the suitcases getting on and off the ship and airplane if you fly.
  12. Happy to hear it works to carry both passports! Going to have to get new passports before the current expire because we are out of pages but will have visas that haven’t expired.
  13. It does help. Thanks! I think we will see Normandy from Cherbourg and see Mont St Michel on another trip.
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