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  1. Yes, thank you. Dock on the Shetlands, but tender in Gerainger (sp). Other lines have it on the websites
  2. Does anyone know what ports on this cruise are tender ports? I know that Edinburgh is (or it was the last time we were there) and Greenwich. I presume the Shetland Islands and Orkneys are too. Any others? Thanks.
  3. I personally would pick 5075--near the stairs and the left, a little aft of center.
  4. Our first Viking cruise ended in Venice. The port was completely fogged in. We had planned to stay two nights, so airline flights were not a problem for me. For those with Viking Air, not a problem for them. Many had an extra hotel night due to the delays. We were finally cleared to sail to Trieste and docked. We were bused back to where the ship would have been docked. We took the people mover back to the main transportation hub plaza, Piazzale Roma. Our hotel was within 100 feet of the end of the people mover. Some of our fellow passengers laughed as we walked into the parking basement (as we were instructed to do if we arrived after 7 PM) to check in. But--the laugh was on them--lots of them never been in Venice before walking through the canals to find their romantic canal side hotel. I wondered what time they finally got to their hotel.
  5. We were on Regent in March 2023--I have seldom had better tasting food--land or sea. Excellent service. BUT--the ship was only 2/3rds full. We are looking at them for a cruise from Hamburg to Lisbon, stopping at several ports that we want to visit. We are doing SilverSea in January 2025--but on its Galapagos itinerary ship, Origin. We are Princess Platinum cruisers but will probably not be back--ships are getting too big and the lower competitive rates have resulted in nearly inedible food. Too many people, kids, photographers, and we seldom go into the smoky casino.
  6. Thank you all for the insight on this process. I will check as soon as this is ticketed--and move seats--if there are still seats available to move to. We have bulk head seats--which for me is a problem. I want my backpack with my "entertainment" kindle, iPad, headphones, etc., with me, not moving them up and down as we have to do. I am short and usually use it as a foot rest too.
  7. Yes, based on the response from American when I entered our Airline Booking #, I believe that is the case. I can't believe there is a problem changing within the same seat class even if Viking paid for the ticket. Upgrading--yes, that I have to go back to Viking. We are in economy to Miami, premium economy from Miami to Buenos Aires. We were in business class last year American DFW to Buenos Aires, food inedible, wine undrinkable (and flight attendant would not show label on wine bottle). So other than no lay flat seat, I will not be missing American business class.
  8. We received an email this morning to review our itinerary to check for errors and change seats. However, when you click on the seats it says you can change them in the next steps. There are no other steps. I went to American Airlines webpage and it says we can change the seats once it is booked. So--I was surprised to get the info this early as we are flying on 2/19/2024 and earlier communications had said we would know the flight info 75 days out. First time using the included flights--so a bit confused. Thank you for your help.
  9. If you have an unlimited budget, the private water taxi to the hotel dock is a nice splurge. Otherwise you may wish to take the bus from the airport to the main square--Pizzale Roma. This is the terminus of the walk way to the cruise ships (or where the cruise ships use to be) and all of the water buses stop at Pizzale Roma. There is (or used to be) a new Sofitel just one bridge away.
  10. We decided on the Silver Origin..no formal nights..thank goodness. Thank you for taking time to respond.
  11. Looking for a bigger ship and these two are at maximum capacity. Allowed, 100 passengers. Both of these ships have wonderful reviews. does one have a better itinerary than the other? Flora offers inner and outer loop, Silversea offers one itinerary only. Advice appreciated
  12. We booked our own flights for the BA to Rio cruise following yours. Our return flight was 13 hours late. My husband was moved to an economy flight the next day through Miami to LAX. We went to airport with our transfer and had a great agent who put my husband back on the flight in business with me. And as I would be able to get on a departing flight to LAX at 730 pm, when we weren’t scheduled to land at JFK until 8 pm, she got us on a JetBlue flight, in Mint class. Food was 100% better than American’s and the lay flat seat was wider and better padded too. My flight attendant on the Rio to JFK leg said that several crew that had to deadhead back to JFK were unhappy that they got kicked out of business class…
  13. Thank you for posting this. We were on the same cruise but did the pre trip to Iguazu Falls and stayed at the Belmond Das Cataratas. Stunning … the falls and the hotel. Agree, with you about 99% on the review..but we really liked Chartreuse. I had planned to do a live from post but that requires a working internet..that was not the case in our suite. I love that Regent expects you to do an online customer survey..but near impossible to get a good enough signal to complete. Compass Rose does has the best main dining room food in the industry. I loved it for breakfast.
  14. Yes, it was listed by class..Penthouse A Penthouse B and Penthouse C. All Penthouse C cabins have the same square footage as our concierge class cabin but a big balcony. But you needed to call and talk to Regent, so I suppose you could ask the cabin # and determine if the location was acceptable. The butler, pillow menu, gift set, did not seem that important, the bigger cabin would have been nice but I think with our itinerary we won’t be in the cabin enough for the bigger space.
  15. Thank you all responses. This is a fairly short cruise with only one sea day. I did check the amenities and just did not see a $600 to $1000 value for the upgrade. If this had been a long cruise with lots of sea days, yes-- with only 9 actual days at sea--plus 1 embarkation/1 disembarkation.
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