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  1. Here are all the Viking Dailies and the pre trip to Jerusalem and post trip to Jordan. I have included the pages that included flight times and marked the one to Jordan. We got a breakfast box from the hotel to take with us. My scanner wasn't cooperating this morning--so it have it in two PDF files. Last Day Egypt to Jordan.PDF Jerusalem until Next to Last Day Egyp.PDF
  2. Have a wonderful trip. Our guide Amal, prefers the Antares to the Ra. The staterooms are bigger, the public areas are bigger, and the crew is happier.
  3. We did the market and dinner tour..it was okay..but we were adjusted to the time as we had been in Jerusalem before arriving in Egypt. Light show we didn’t do..most of the ship did go. Good reviews by the people we talked to that went. We do the Coptic tour tomorrow. The only chance to add was before the dinner on the second night..everything paid for but the balloon that night. Paid aboard ship for the balloon. We didn’t leave for the airport until 730 am for Abu Simbel..butconcerned about the long day and the mixed reviews too.
  4. @Little Rascal @Pamella271 The lab visits at the new not yet open Grand Egyptian Museum end in December to help ensure everything is ready to go on 10/10/2020 the guaranteed opening date.
  5. Next 4 days. Note hotel departures on Friday range from 1100 pm to 415 am (Jordan)
  6. Laundry price list in Egyptian Pounds...approximately 16 to 1 USD
  7. Now in Luxor on the Antares Beautiful, clean, ship. While I do prefer the Scandinavian look, this ship is beautiful. Our guide was do excited that that her favorite head chef was back on board. We are in cabin 309. See pictures. There is a minibar in the room and all beverages will be replenished every day
  8. Post #13 has the schedule for Jerusalem. We came in 2 days early. We ate at one local restaurant that specialized in soup in a walking area of mostly restaurants by Jaffe Rd, a cafe in Mamilla Mall, and the cafe at the King David.
  9. Two very busy days...unbelievable sights. Wear closed toed shoes for the day at the pyramids..lots of walking, sand (not white beach sand, but large brown sand), and lots of people. Below are the Viking Daily for the second full day in Cairo and departure day.
  10. We used the official Egypt Visa site for our visa. Everyone in our group had their visa before arrival..10 Americans and 2 Australians
  11. Up at 530 am for our flight to Cairo. Luggage out by 615 am. Dining room open for breakfast at 615 for us. On the bus a little after 7. Through security, luggage drop, immigration and at the shopping area by 920. Boarding at 1040, late take off. But through airport and in our room by 230. Below are pictures of our view, the room, and the Viking Daily for today and tomorrow.
  12. joined our VIKING group on Thursday. Attached is the itinerary. There are two long busy days with a half day free on the last full day. Note on the second day, the Viking material says two to 3 miles of walking. People in our group that had step trackers measured closer to 5 miles, lots of steps, and irregular surfaces. Be prepared. Our guide was excellent very knowledgeable and passionate about Israel and its history.
  13. On Thanksgiving we went to Masada. Ein Gedi, and a quick stop at a beach at the Dead Sea. Masada is amazing. The rest was okay. While the high in Jerusalem was 66, it was 85 in the Dead sea area.
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