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  1. Sorry--it is my go to answer for these cruise park and stay and didn't realize it was suspended. The other one that people recommend is not in a desirable neighborhood and right next door to a major medical center. I have been on cruise critic for awhile because we haven't cruised since 2019! Hope to make to Alaska with Princess -- all aboard this Sunday.
  2. Cruise and snooze at the Hotel Current: Best Hotel Specials and Packages in Long Beach, CA | Hotel Current
  3. The City of Long Beach has taken back ownership and operation of the ship. The city, my home town, has sunk hundreds of millions into this ship. May be open, may not be open. Hard to tell based on the articles in our local newspaper. If you make reservations, be prepared for small cruise ship rooms and don't prepay anything.
  4. Hotel Current that is on the other end of town from the Carnival port in Long Beach has a cruise and snooze package. Best Hotel Specials and Packages in Long Beach, CA | Hotel Current The hotel backs up to one of the higher end housing areas in Long Beach (Park Estates) and offers easy access to Belmont Shore, Naples, and Seal Beach for dining.
  5. Wow…good to know. My husband may get some work calls so we need to make sure his phone works. Don’t worry, he’s a consultant so every call gets billed
  6. I have to do something special in Alaska but not in Vietnam or Egypt?
  7. We are on the 8/22 cruise and Princess recommends no flight earlier than 11 AM. Note we are at Pier 91 north of downtown, I can't imagine it is only a 20 minutes from there to the airport or the port in downtown. I was in Seattle frequently for work and traffic seemed worse than LA on I-5.
  8. Several months ago we changed our Feb 2022 cruise Buenos Aires to Rio and moved it to March 2023. We didn’t think it was going to sail due to the news and I have a friend with family in Buenos Aires and Rio who reports awful in both countries
  9. @HaveDogWillTravellike all the others thank you for all your great posts. So looking forward to doing this trip live starting 8/28. Thanks to all the other contributors too.
  10. We are on the 8/22 sailing and plan to book our shore excursions from Alaska Shore Excursions: Alaska Tours & Things to Do
  11. My husband and I have the beverage package…he only drinks Diet Coke. But you could get a Virgin Mary..it should be low cal..most of the others have sugary syrup or ice cream
  12. Yes we live in Long Beach in LA County and figured it couldn’t be any worse there than around here. We are staying at the Warwick. No plans to be out and about after spark..which will be pretty late
  13. Wow..we are on the Majestic in August but live just over the bridge. Hope I can talk my husband into a quick trip to San Pedro Tuesday to get a glimpse of it. We do see several cruise ships off shore.
  14. We have had a window suite twice.loved it. My husband seldom uses the balcony but I do to sit out in the sun. Our itineraries were not sun bathing weather, so not missed at all. Love the suite perks at in our case for less than our usual mini suite
  15. We are staying one night precruise at The Warwick--looks like a fairly easy walk to Pike Market and The Space Needle.
  16. We find that Viking is a bit more expensive than others--but we did the pre-trip to Jerusalem and the post-trip to Jordan. We had sailed with Viking before. We looked at the itinerary for a few other s--but most didn't offer the pre and post trip or if they did, when we were sailing we would have been in one of the first offerings. So--Viking with its many decades of experience in the area was the winner.
  17. No, noise from above at all. Sorry haven't been on Cruise Critic to answer questions.
  18. Here are all the Viking Dailies and the pre trip to Jerusalem and post trip to Jordan. I have included the pages that included flight times and marked the one to Jordan. We got a breakfast box from the hotel to take with us. My scanner wasn't cooperating this morning--so it have it in two PDF files. Last Day Egypt to Jordan.PDF Jerusalem until Next to Last Day Egyp.PDF
  19. Have a wonderful trip. Our guide Amal, prefers the Antares to the Ra. The staterooms are bigger, the public areas are bigger, and the crew is happier.
  20. We did the market and dinner tour..it was okay..but we were adjusted to the time as we had been in Jerusalem before arriving in Egypt. Light show we didn’t do..most of the ship did go. Good reviews by the people we talked to that went. We do the Coptic tour tomorrow. The only chance to add was before the dinner on the second night..everything paid for but the balloon that night. Paid aboard ship for the balloon. We didn’t leave for the airport until 730 am for Abu Simbel..butconcerned about the long day and the mixed reviews too.
  21. @Little Rascal @Pamella271 The lab visits at the new not yet open Grand Egyptian Museum end in December to help ensure everything is ready to go on 10/10/2020 the guaranteed opening date.
  22. Next 4 days. Note hotel departures on Friday range from 1100 pm to 415 am (Jordan)
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