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  1. Yes but if you are pedantic enough to hover over the times you will see that you posted at 02.27 gnome posted at 02.28 and your edit was at 02.29 so the advice to disregard was not showing at the time they posted . :) Those times may show differently depending where you are but the order should be the same.
  2. Its a type of déjà vu its déjà jamais vu already never seeing it again???
  3. This getting first posts in the help section used to happen a lot. I did and still do wonder if "the system" automatically sends first posts here for vetting. I used to ask the posters if they had posted here deliberately or had they tried to post elsewhere. @Outwell Notts perhaps you can comment on that.
  4. Hi - here is a query for the techies - perhaps @POA1 I know not everyone is in favour of countdown clocks but I was trying a couple out. obviously the Tickerfactory works - I dont really like it. code is here https://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/4;10732;7/st/20200101/e/ship/k/87b8 and it works fine if I just paste into browser or insert in a post or in a signature. On the other hand this simple clock http://www.mywildvacationdr.com/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?dd=A&display=countdown&prgb=008000&cdt=2019;11;4;12;0;00&timezone=GMT+0100 works fine in my browser but only ever shows as the code in a post or in my signature. I have tried a few times and with [IMG and with [URL Tried uploading it as an image from the url but it just hangs. Anyone spot an obvious reason why this doesnt auto open as a clock.
  5. Latitude 53 is the main dining room There is no need to book unless you wish to. If you get there early there are a lot of tables for 2 if that is what you want. If you have a large group - ask at customer services when you board.
  6. http://www.mywildvacationdr.com/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?dd=A&display=countdown&prgb=008000&cdt=2019;11;4;12;0;00&timezone=GMT+0100 http://www.mywildvacationdr.com/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?dd=A&display=countdown&prgb=008000&cdt=2019;11;4;12;0;00&timezone=GMT+0100
  7. I sort of expect the person starting the roll call will welcome those who join later. This can be done by anyone but I dont know why you would want to start a roll call if you are not taking an active part in it. Maybe leave it a while for another to start it.
  8. @CC Help Jenn Are you saying that the problem is" they" just dont want to fix it for some reason- The ONLY problem I see is that the security certificate is out of date/ expired. As I said I have allowed clocks.cruisecritic to open the clocks as I am prepared to take the risk that the site is otherwise secure. I am not aware that it holds any of my information other than the detail fo the next cruise.. Apparently it would cost around US$5 to renew the certificate for 2 years. Just think how many people you would make happy for $5 These are Jims clocks from a few posts up
  9. when in the roll call on the top right of the page it should say something like follow or following. If it says follow then you need to click on that and follow it through. It used to be that if you posted in some post it would auto follow but that has changed recently.
  10. I suggest you search google "whatsinport oslo" also try and find the port authority - they usually have a ship schedule that will indicate which berth your ship is using. HTH
  11. I think it is $5 or so for a 2 year certificate. Cant buy a hat to pass round for that. LOL I am thinking of emailing the website hostmaster to see if they can do anything. The contact on "Whois" seems to be someone at tripadvisor.
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