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  1. Its because you are in the UK!! How dare you try and access a Royal Caribbean US site- you might see something they dont want you to see. Suggest you make nuisance of yourself at RCL UK The "problem" is nothing to do with cruise critic when you get the message just see wthe browser bar it will have changed to .co.uk
  2. Because you cant? - never could. Did you miss this message at the top of this forum? Also, your question may have been asked by other members and answered -- please browse those as well.
  3. Aulanis


    That is the emails I mentioned above. The TA's site now also reflects 1 not all. But it also carries a reference to luxury " Oceania offer the best value in luxury cruising "
  4. Aulanis


    "Oceania Cruises offers a destination-intensive luxury cruising experience" "Nautica and Marina uphold the standard of luxury and quality service that Oceania is known for." You are probably correct about the US/UK divide One of the TAs we use has it with the 3 showing as being included. I guess it may be because there are many cruises doing this route to those ports and go uk to uk. We have been to all the ports, some on cruises St P on a land tour so we are considering one with Marella which goes to a port in Lithuania and another in Latvia that we have not been to. includes gratuities and drinks but no excursions and returns to the UK. 16 Days two thirds price of O for balcony.
  5. Aulanis


    Our next cruise with Oceania is our first and probably out last. The Landside operation appears to be somewhere between poor and useless. Just hope the onboard Luxury Category really is! Here is a good example Yesterday from Bernie Bernard Carter Senior Vice President & Managing Director EMEA Oceania Cruises Baltic Bliss Southampton TO Stockholm 14 AUG 2019 | 10 DAYS | Marina - OLIFE ULTIMATE - Includes: - Airfare & Internet** plus all 3 for FREE: - 6 Shore Excursions - Free House Beverage Package - US$600 Shipboard Credit Amenities are per stateroom Today Baltic Bliss Southampton TO Stockholm 14 AUG 2019 | 10 DAYS | Marina Includes: - Airfare & Internet* plus choose 1 for FREE: - 6 Shore Excursions - Free House Beverage Package - US$600 Shipboard Credit Amenities are per stateroom I expect MSC, Marella, P&O to make mistakes but at "O" level I just expect more.or should be less re the mistakes) - I wonder if anyone got to book it and if it was honoured! or is E & O excepted??
  6. OK - looks like it has been removed = however the link you post is on the Australian site ( are you in Australia?) https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2615496-error-code-2f173k-sorry-there-is-a-problem/?tab=comments#comment-56377448 As I am logged into .com I had to log in again in order to see that it still couldnt display it. Was it a thread that might have been deleted due to the content?
  7. I have said before when posting this sort of query you really need to post a link to the thread that you cannot access. I sometimes get these messages if I switch to threads raised on the AU or Uk site when I am logged into .com - it is a known fault. Just posting i Have fault xxxxx.x is not going to do any good at all.
  8. I think what they are trying to advise is that the link from the roll call finder is corrupted in some way - when you click on discussion you get this: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F173/1 I think it happens sometimes when they try to combine threads. I dont have time now to report it.
  9. Hi - saw the idea of many posts to try and move on to page 11 however that may not work. I am not on the cruise but In an attempt to try and help have hastily put together a spreadsheet You can ignore all but the M&M Tab I have copied the last list and added all those asked later up until the end of page 9. Anyone can edit it and add themselves link is HERE I also posted this as a reply on page 9- in the hope anyone following still get advices of posts I hope it is useful to you and the organiser. The other organisers can add sheets as required though some do not like their cabin numbers divulged. I will help if needed.
  10. Aulanis

    Meet and Mingle

    You need to be dicussing this on your roll call as Essiesmom has said. There is now no formal M&M but perhaps even at this late stage those who wanted one might be arranging an informal one and be meeting up in bar. The only way you will know is to post in your roll call.
  11. Aulanis

    Meet and Mingle

    Looks like you have left it too late shut off was the 16th If a minimum of 25 members are registered 14 days prior to your sail date, you will receive a confirmation email and you will have an opportunity to meet your new Cruise Critic friends on board at the Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle on Carnival Cruise Line. If the minimum of 25 is not met prior to your sail date, you will receive an e-mail advising you that the minimum has not been met.
  12. Aulanis

    Error message 2F173/H

    It would be really useful if when posting this type of problem you would give the link to the item you cannot view otherwise it is meaningless?
  13. Aulanis

    page is broken

    In the absence of any response maybe email help@cruisecritic.com with copies to community@cruisecritic.com and if you want to take it outside try copying in support@invisionpower.com
  14. Well the weekend update has done nothing to enable us to choose. Can someone at CC explain why we need to see these pictures and why we cannot be given the choice?