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  1. Well m aybe coincidence but I have installed an extension on Opera and told it not to snooze CC tabs .com and .co.uk and also not to snooze pinned tabs. Did that yesterday and as usual hibernated the laptop overnight and today my 2 CC tabs are open and logged in. I will give in a few days and report back. Maybe check you dont have a safari extension (maybe classed as a battery saver?) http://www.rawinfopages.com/mac/content/6-safari-extensions-will-increase-productivity-your-mac This CC.com tab has been sitting there for 3 hours just clicked it and I am still logge
  2. We visited way back when as well. I think it was maybe 10 days and we crammed a lot in included was a helicopter ride. -Put me off helicopter rides for life - too noisy & couldnt see a lot. One place we didnt go was Lantau and we were going to go, maybe on a 2017 pre cruise visit, had it all worked out. Train ,cable car Big Budha & other attractions I think we could book and pay when we got there. Anyway did all we could got to HK and it was all closed down due to a near cyclone hit!. Consequently I have only a few Pics anyone want to be a Pilot eek!
  3. I get logged out all the time - have been for weeks! I dont think it is Cruisecritic problem as such but beleive it is Chrome. Chrome and any browser based on Chrome ( Opera in my case) has so many bells and whistles and stuff that most people dont need it takes more memory to work . In order to do this without stalling or crashing all together they now have it so that if you dont use a Tab for a period of time and or have more that say 12 tabs open it automatically pauses / snoozes them. THis is not a problem with most sites as it only takes
  4. And just when you thought you were finished - The BIG one Manilla.
  5. and Puerto Princessa -- Whilst worth seeing the caves this meant an hours drive at breakneck speed a fairly fast boat ride and a frightening return minibusride. Sadly not a great deal to see en route -paddy fields and bushes and no time to see anything of the city.
  6. Great! I love the through the "window "shot. Next up from me is Sandakan I am sure this sparrow is following us.
  7. Whats happened? everyone missed all aboard? Here are a few in Denpasar and from the evening show. We have done land tours but cant find pics. Anyway I have more than enough without.
  8. And Darwin - Sorry to those hoping for exciting pictures of Darwen 😉
  9. We have been to Cairns & Yorkys Knob & green Island pre digital, visited that area again so a few pictures of Cairns and some of Darwen.
  10. And trip on the river taxi ^ ^^^^^^ No Idea what these were vvvvvvvvvv
  11. No-one else? well here is the park first pic our hotel is behind the trees in the first pic from there we can walk to the city centre. We had a ride on the "toy"train as well it does a circuit takes about 20 mins. Token charge. The waterfall is more impressive than it looks. The top line reads something like the windmillis the
  12. Thankyou Captain Gettingwarmer for steering us this far, hopefully you have been promoted to Commodore, as happened to one of our other captains while out these parts. Thanks Captain Izzy for taking over at short notice I thought there would have been more joining us but maybe covid distancing on board has prevented it. We had two days stay after our cruise, Loved Brisbane and were to visit again last year 😞 . I have far too many pics. Will do some of the city centre and see if I have time later for some of the park and river taxi ride. Note this Clock
  13. We have visited a few times these are from our aborted visit - last year who would fly to Oz for an 8 day cruise??. All a short walk from the hotel.
  14. Must be an indian rope trick then 🙂
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