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  1. Aulanis

    page is broken

    I have reported it to the mods using the last post on page 9 see if that helps. EDIT will try and flag up @CC Help Jenn
  2. Aulanis

    Hotels in Fort Lauderdale 2020

    Many hotels come up as fully booked on systems when thay are that far ahead. If you have a particular one in mind ring or email the hotel direct and ask,
  3. Aulanis

    Delete from roll call list

    If you mean you have joined a roll call and are not going on the cruise there is nothing you can do other than post in the roll call that you are no longer going and wish them a good cruise. If you have signed up for meet and mingle or any other activities you should ask to be removerd from any lists.
  4. Aulanis


    Yes but did they upgrade the Princess sections to Medallion?
  5. Aulanis

    How do I stop receiving digests?

    I would not have tried to make any amendments this weekend. Though I think the message that there may be problems has gone 🙂 I am not sure what you are wanting as the end result. No advices of any kind? What you have looks as though it should not send any advices but you dont say when you made that change. Work this weekend may have undone them? I would go through again and put ALL the switched to off and save it. If that works and they stop and you actually do want some notifications you can then go back in and add back in the way you want it to work. EDIT After making the changes to switch eveything off you could try deleting all cookies for Cruise critic and invision.
  6. Aulanis

    Visa for India and Sri Lanka

    Welcome to cruise critic You might want to ask this in the Roll Call for your cruise https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2465939-cruisecritic/ You should also be checking with celebrity and with the embassies for Sri Lanka and India. If you use a Travel agent ask them.
  7. Aulanis


    The OP asked if the announcement should be removed? 2. In addition, there may be times when some content may not be displayed on your Activity Streams (Unread Content, All Activity etc) over the weekend (starting on Friday at 12:30 AM ET). This is not permanent and will resolve itself over the weekend. Thank you for your patience over the upcoming weekend. Will be relevant until midnight on Sunday? As we were not told what would be updated how would anyone know for certain if it had been updated or not?
  8. Aulanis


    Did you try reading the update announcement?
  9. Aulanis

    Breakfast in a dining room

    I think that is the most relevant part of this, we are talking about possible changes since 4 Dec 2018
  10. Aulanis

    Breakfast in a dining room

    OK lots on this spreadsheet anyone recognise anyone they could ask? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PIkeEJdxoreA-Z49ez9SVxy27VFZoYO-jcaC8XyCUHs/edit#gid=436703066
  11. Aulanis

    Breakfast in a dining room

    I was going to post on the current cruise roll call but someone asked 19 hours ago and no answer. Might scour it for an email address and try that. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2431170-dec-4-2018-hawaii-roundtrip-los-angeles/?page=10
  12. OK you got the address right but you need to post in a roll call for your cruise or start one if there is not one already. As it is some time off maybe wait until someone else starts one? See Here Its not too easy when you are new to posting
  13. Aulanis

    How do I delete my account?

    If there is a very ,very good reason the poster can ask for a post to be removed example might be if you posted your full name and address in a post. or maybe posted something that might be very misleading to anyone reading it. Deletion is not guaranteed but you can ask. To ask find your post and hover your curser over the top right corner you will see report post. Click on that and put your reason in the box.
  14. Aulanis

    How do I delete my account?

    Threads are not removed- Once posted they become the property of cruise critic. This is covered in the guidelines https://boards.cruisecritic.com/guidelines/ which by using the site are deemed to be accepted. Threads will of course age and will become less visible in time unless of course it is a very interesting and often accessed thread.
  15. Aulanis

    Can't see signature on cell phone

    Yes - Sorry 2ndSailing- I forgot it was just on the old CC app that signatures were not visible but now see that they probably were visible on a phone using the old main site on a browser as now.