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  1. Greetings from the Isle of Man! Non-residents are currently not allowed onto the Island. Residents are allowed to leave and return but must isolate for 14 days on return (or take a test after 7 days and if negative you are allowed to leave again but not go to a place with public gatherings until after day 14). Life is completly normal over here, no masks, but for someone like me who is used to going away reguarly I'm getting itchy feet!
  2. Wouldn't worry about the lack of new invoice. I haven't had any new invoices through and have called for multiple price drops. When I go onto the 'pay balance' section I can see that the owed balance is exactly what I'm expecting it to be with the new price applied so I know it has been changed over successfully. They shouldn't be telling everyone a new invoice will follow though when their systems are so poor and don't see capable of doing that.
  3. Ouch indeed. Would hate the thought of having that money tied up. I'm sure those that paid with a CC will be covered there in some way though.
  4. I did a L&S from Independence to Odyssey - 6 night Caribbean sailing Jan 20 to 21. Price is about £2000 cheaper than what we had got for Independence (JS Guarantee for only £550 a person! - JS on Odyssey is currently £1750 a person).
  5. Nice! This is useful. Also shows you what sailings you can L&S too.
  6. I got it in writing (via their Facebook Page) that UK Bookings can re-price as much as you want
  7. Can I lift & shift a 6 night Western on Independence to a 6 night Western on Odyssey? We are in a JS on Independence (was booked as a Guarantee but cabin already assigned). Seems like it would be a big 'upgrade' getting a JS on a Quantum class ship. Not sure if we want to lift & shift yet will probably leave a bit closer to August and re-assess then, but just curious if we can! Have it booked as a S2S with Western Oasis in January so would need to move that to an Eastern Oasis in 2022 to make the dates work, but from what I've already read that would be fine. Thanks
  8. So what's the point in even using the mobile app then? You could lose your paper set-sail pass as well. Why not just print off 2 copies of the paper set-sail pass ?
  9. It's completely counter-productive printing your Setsail pass, boarding card etc. if you use the mobile app The whole point of the mobile app is to save the planet and make things more convenient. If you're printing your set-sail pass you may as well not use the app to check-in. I always use mobile apps for boarding passes etc. now with no paper backup
  10. Most annoying thing to me about the website is that it automatically takes you to the "have you booked, enter your booking ID etc. to access your cruise planner page" every time I go on the website- even though I just want to go to the homepage to look at new cruises!
  11. 6 Page ongoing thread here on the very first page of the forum
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