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  1. Frank....If they do not find a way to give cruisers in Greece a free test. they cannot fill the ship. From this thread you can see how hard it is getting a place to rapid test you in Seattle and Ft Lauderdale....now how do you find a place in Greece?...Barcelona?...Southampton...etc. Damned test has to be done within 72 hours....not less or more....kinda tough....
  2. sorry if this has been discussed. We have a cruise on the Sky from Southampton on Nov.5, 2021. Our plan was to fly out on Nov, 2 arriving on Nov 3 and going directly to Southampton, staying 2 nights in Southampton. We could provide the airlines a negative antigen test taken within 72 hours of the flight, but we understand The UK requires a negative PCR test upon arrival. If that has to be within 72 hours that is not possible. If we COULD pass that hurdle we would have to find a clinic in Southampton that would do another antigen test that we could give Princess as our original would be 48 hours out of date. Do we have a choice other than cancelling?... TIA Doug
  3. Does anyone know if RCCL will require proof of coverage before boarding for a cruise?
  4. this is the # 1 reason we stopped using a TA. We do not like not having any control of our booking. However, that information is not helpful to you now. I would suggest calling that emergency number right now.
  5. I think it depends on the Mlife property. I was at the Gold Strike in Tunica
  6. Strange...I am diamond plus and premire on RCCL....when I showed the Host desk at the MGM property, they gave me a card.....but it was the same card I had gotten with my drivers liscense alone. I got no perk whatever....
  7. we were going to book out of Bermuda but the logistics were damned near impossible. The hotels alone were outrageous.air fare was high, etc.
  8. We were in Tunica last month.We stayed at the Goldstrike but found it hard to play there as only 3 were allowed per table and all were seperated by plexiglass. Next door at the Horseshoe, no plexiglass and full tables were allowed. Masks were required by both.....hard to get any read from that as to what ships will be allowed to do. Doug
  9. I do not understand the idea of "medical exemptions" for not taking the vaccine. I realize some may have medical reasons for not being able to take the vaccine, but I do not believe that exemption would allow one to get on a cruise ship if a vaccine was a requirement of boarding. In other words....just because one cannot be vaccinated, is no reason to allow that person to go anywhere that is vaccine required. This is not an ADA issue, it is a public health issue. Doug
  10. you dont have to explain that to me....I am the choir there. However, I dont take money out of the market to buy cruises. Cruise money comes from the bank accounts... Doug
  11. true enough, but I consider it a good deal in that my money is earning pennies more than zero % in my bank.....but more than that, we are finding that if we wait to book later, the fare has gone up quite a bit. Thus I consider it a win/win....I feel I am getting a better return than I would at the bank and the cruise Line gets to use the money for a while....Life is good! Doug
  12. I get a little ticked off every time I hear how greedy the cruise lines are. They are the one industry that the CDC has had by the throat for over a year and there is little to nothing they can do about it. Here is a suggestion....if you dont want them holding your money...quit sending it to them! I for one am grateful they are still trying to hang in there. to call it greedy when you have a hint they may try to sail more than 40% full boggles the imagination!...How greedy will you call them when they raise fares 60% to cover the shortfall?
  13. remember.....just because you are booked on a ship after July there is no guarantee it will happen. So many ships are on the wrong side of the pond from where they are booked it makes one wonder if they will switch iteneraries with better "located" ships. You might look at ship locater to see where your ship is currently located.
  14. Are you serious?....Have you seen all the bus's lined up at the port of Galveston on embarkation? I am not talking Greyhound....tour bus's....They come from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas....etc. We once took 3 bus's from our Del Webb in San Antonio alone.
  15. according to Karena, RCCL will conduct the test before you get off the ship and cover the cost....that works for me.
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