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  1. Red faced, I admit to being incorrect here. I completely miss understood what my wife told me.Everyone is correct that when booking direct with RCCL, all refundable bookings are completely refunded if cancelled within the time frames they state. I will now go eat worms. Doug
  2. oh, we will book them now.....we always do. Heck, we already have 12 booked. Doug
  3. we never ever book with a TA. Always direct with RCCL. Doug
  4. I have a question......Things are so bad that CCL is selling 18 ships.......To Who? Is Bezos thinking of starting a cruise Line? Doug
  5. We were going to book 3 cruises for OCT 2021, but we discovered that even the "refundable" rates are not totally refundable. All have cancelation fees in addition to the higher price. With that in mind we will just wait until this summer to book.I would have thought that an industry that is screaming for any revenue they could get these days would have at least stayed with old policies to help that revenue stream. I would think that now is a very bad time to introduce non refundable rates. Doug
  6. Thanks John and La La for starting this thread.....I feel like shaking my fist at the sky and saying " I curse you Covid!" Staying home and sitting on the couch is the easiest thing in the world until they tell you that is all you can do....rats! We have spent over 730 nights at sea and should have over 800 by now...(I curse you covid!). but it is what it is. I guess my short answer to your question( as you can see I have trouble with short answers) is...YES! We miss it. On another subject....we always take private tours. You see so much more, and you really never have to worry about making it back to the ship. Those guys are huge businesses that would be ruined otherwise. You just get to see more. On our Normandy tour we saw the normal plus the German cemetery.....7 acres with 20,000 buried.....most with no birth dates listed as so many defenders were either over 70 or as young as 10!.....I digress... At any rate, what we love about cruising is that everyone is free to do whatever they want and dont have to explain it to anyone. Doug
  7. Malaga is one of our favorite ports. We have been to the Casa de le Guardia sherry bar so many times we get the family discount. We went straight to the airport from the ship and it was a total zoo. It was full of college kids that were finally allowed to leave Italy and were connecting through Barcelona.We had one lady buy a last minute ticket on the same plane we were on and it cost her $3,000.00....coach! Our flight was the fullest TA flight we were ever on. I felt like we were getting on the last chopper to leave the American Embassy in Saigon. We fully expected to be quarantined in Newark, but we were not even slowed down. Seems like another life ago. Doug
  8. i felt that way on our Allure TA in March. Then we stopped in Malaga and had to deal with the Barcelona airport...after that all bets were off.... Doug
  9. The big issue there is how to get to Barcelona.....Anyone from the US will have to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in any country in Europe other than GB and Ireland...on your dime by the way.... Has this changed? Doug
  10. I knew a guy that owned about 30 or so convenience stores. I was with him in a bar one night and some guy asked him what he did for a living.....without missing a beat he just answered...I work in a grocery store... When we get asked that question we just say that we are what the Economists classify as "hard core unemployables".. Doug
  11. I added to my post within minutes as soon as I read what I wrote. My mistake was putting such a gap between the lines. I appologize to any I offended as I thought I was simply adding to my original post in the topic. again, I have never been badly treated by any Pinnacle I have come across. Doug
  12. aww man!...I was making a poor joke. Besides....if ya'll are gonna quote me at least put the whole thing in Doug
  13. Hitting Pinnacle is where the REAL problems begin. They not only get to be snobby to everyone below them, they start counting points so they can be snobby to any Pinnacles that have less than them. let me add that I am just being a smart alec....seriously, I have never been treated badly by any Pinnacle.
  14. forget the money....Hitting D + means there is only one class (Pinnacle) above you to be snobby toward you. At Diamond there are 2! Doug
  15. generally that call is made by headquarters after the Captain has reported it.....that is the smartass answer. The real answer is that the Captain will not endanger the ship and he will not be swayed by popular vote. Maybe 10 years ago there was a passenger muntiny of sorts on a Princess ship that would not port in Hong Kong I think, because of a convergence of storms. The passengers took over the Princess Theater and started making demands....One fool even googled the weather map and printed it out and literally broke into the bridge to show the Captain how he could still get in.... I doubt that ended well for any of the passengers involved and I suspect none have been allowed on any cruise ship since. Doug
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