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  1. Still have a few more to get cancelled on us. Considering waiting until they sail again before we 'reschedule', as we're starting to wonder who will be in business and what the experience will look like.
  2. Good idea....maybe sweeten the donation enough to avoid Nassau/Freeport as well 🙂
  3. With the 'Stay home, stay scared' push, it'll be interesting to see which of these cruise lines survive (not to mention other businesses).
  4. Starting to believe you're onto something, as much as it pains me to admit it. As the 'stay scared' montra continues, I'm starting to wonder what cruise lines will be around if they ever do get approval to sail.
  5. That's the exact point at which I cringe, wondering how clean an individuals hands are as they 're-adjust' their mask yet again....
  6. It is interesting to see the numbers on those choosing to decline...it appears the 'stay scared' montra wasn't enough to push everyone to jump at getting the vaccine. Certainly will affect the timeline on Herd Immunity.
  7. Hmmm....sounds about as conflicting as all the opinions (including the so-called experts) on 1) when will we cruise again, 2) can you spread the virus after you've been vaccinated, 3) how long is the vaccination good for 4) How..., 5) When... 6) Where.... 7) etc....Lord help us all.
  8. I would feel a lot better if your 'crystal ball' mentioned how long that will continue......
  9. Appreciate the heads-up....not a real surprise. 'Stay scared' montra continues in many forms, including the cruise lines having no idea what will appease the CDC.
  10. Was hopeful the first 6 months or so, but am beginning to wonder if there is a cruising future as well...not to mention what it will look like if it does indeed return. With the 'stay scared' factor so high, I believe the cruise lines feel any effort they put in attempting to appease the CDC is wasted effort. I remain somewhat optimistic for 'enjoyable' cruising to return, but starting to think even that is unrealistic.
  11. Not at all worried, as 'they're too big to fail'.....Oh wait, we've heard that statement before....
  12. Unfortunately, planning on a cruise anytime soon is indeed 'like rain....on your wedding day'.
  13. Any chance you can convince your friends to stay?? Florida is crowded enough already.
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