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  1. I used to find the live chat prompt appeared on the website regularly a few months ago, but since then I haven't seen it appear once.
  2. It's been published as that since day 1. It has always said 30/04/22 was the end date.
  3. Sounds like a bit of a mess. Either way if you were after final payment and have paid the higher rate you definitely should be getting some OBC under the CWC, especially as your booking number hasn't changed.
  4. Was wandering round Liverpool this morning and went down to pier head. Totally did not expect to see Anthem there! Looking great, first time I've seen her up close since seeing her in NYC in 2017. Wish I was onboard too 😄
  5. I'm on Virtuosa at the moment. Its reminding me a lot of why I dislike sailing out of Southampton. Full of moaning Brits moaning about everything. Getting pissed up to the eyeballs, being rude to staff. "It's not Independence" is being mentioned quite a bit. Quite right, it's a totally different cruise line and a totally different ship. For the price paid all inclusive I'm have a great week and enjoying the British Isles as best as possibly. You'll have a great time too.
  6. Im a UK resident. I had 2x Astrazeneca split 10 weeks apart with 1 dose being one of the "made in India" batches 😄 Thankfully I'm not sailing RCI until January (out of a US port) so no idea what's going to happen there. Or if the US/UK border will even be open by then. I'm currently Onboard MSC Virtuosa sailing round the British Isles who were more than happy with the vaccine I've had.
  7. Someone was on the 4th August sailing and said they've been cancelled today 🤷‍♂️
  8. Being reports on various Facebook groups that all Greenock departures are cancelled. Loads of people have had phone calls today from MSC or their Travel Agent telling them that after there was a travel agent webinar this morning apparently. Sorry.
  9. Arf. My first dose falls into one of the above batches. I'm sure it will be sorted out in due course though.
  10. Anyone been given a complementary upgrade on the Virtuosa so far? My sailing on the 24th July has loads of balconies left (I'm only in an interior studio at the moment!) The price to upgrade outright is absolutely silly (about another £1000). I haven't received any bid2upgrade email yet. Wondering what my chances are of getting a free upgrade!
  11. I am on the 13th July from Liverpool (so mid-way through your week!). I only booked on 27th May so I am less than optimistic. Be great if they could just give us an indication of whether we're ok or not! Would rather start planning something else if I knew either way.
  12. All July voyages from Liverpool have disappeared from the website this morning as well🤨 Odd
  13. Cheers for the replies 🙂 Will print stuff out, highlight bits and pieces and I'm sure it'll be fine.
  14. Anyone had any joy getting on with an Aviva Travel Insurance Policy? I have an annual policy with them and would rather not buy a separate policy if possible. Although the policy documents don't specifically state cover for COVID19, I have got it in writing from them that they would cover medical expenses if COVID19 was contracted while onboard. There is also a statement on their website that they cover cruises as standard in their policy (also not in the policy documents). MSC Customer Services weren't much help when I sent the document on to them! Don't want to get to the Port and be denied boarding. Thanks
  15. I'm coming from the Isle of Man for the 13th July sailing from Liverpool. At present we are still in the similar situation (can leave no issues but must be tested on return before release). The UK hasn't been split into any 'sections' as you have been though and it's doesn't matter where you've been. We're hoping to be fully open to the UK (in both directions) at the end of June and I'm banking on this still being the case. The first time I've been off the Island in about 14 months which will be very odd indeed. Hope you are having a great holiday 😄
  16. Me too. Do you keep getting daily emails with your e-docs on as well? 😀Every morning when I wake up I've got a new email with my e-docs / luggage tag on again.
  17. What address did you email the documents to for clarification please ? 🙂 Thank you
  18. What email address did you use to contact them ? Thank you
  19. My mistake! Done and booked the 4 night from Liverpool on 13th July as a solo guest. Not been off the Isle of Man for 16 months due to the border restrictions that have been in place. Not done a cruise before as a solo guest. Very excited!
  20. So I saw this morning. Seems crazy when they are only having fully vaccinated pax. Given that I live on the Isle of Man that will complicate things! MSC seems like the winner to me.
  21. ah! Gotcha. Maybe they've just upped them to make it look like you're getting a great deal.
  22. Does the 'all inclusive' drinks package not cover these as part of the cruise fare ?
  23. Thanks for your ongoing thread so far. I'm seriously considering booking on one of the UK "seacations" this summer. Unsure whether to book on the MSC Magnifica or the Celebrity Silhouette though. Help!
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