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  1. I still wonder how they are going to know how many busses to have at the airport in case all 2000+ passengers decide to “rock up” ( love it!) .... We’re going to need a bigger bus.....
  2. Where is this chair? Venue and ship for double points!
  3. Double points for @Spurschick !! Correct regarding the red chair
  4. All guests booked in a balcony cabin, a suite or a Yacht Club cabin will receive a shipboard creditof €100/$100 per cabin (€50/$50 for single cabin occupancy) for cruisees up to six nights and for cruises of seven-nights or above [3], guests will receive €200/$200 (€100/$100 for single cabins occupancy) [4] 4 Not applicable for Yacht Club cabins very confusing! Does that mean YC don’t get the OBC or does it mean that single cabin occupancy in YC don’t get the OBC 🤷‍♀️ ?!
  5. The first TA gets back to FLL on 11/11 then she has a 9n cruise. But there is a gap from 11/20 until the next scheduled departure on 11/28. Is there a charter in that gap? Where will her naming ceremony be held now? In Rome?
  6. You have to go past Gib to get to Cadiz. She’s probably stopping in Gib to pick up some duty free!
  7. To get this thread back on track, Anthem is now due in Gibraltar on 7/13 at 8am.
  8. Where is this chair? Bar and ship please for double points!
  9. Correct Mr Smarty Pants for the “sliced tomatoes” of Ovation!
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