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  1. Your Celebrity cruises will not add to your RCI total.
  2. Ditto re nothing working in my Ramp up your holiday with these pre-cruise deals email!! Also interested that the email was also advertising the Deluxe drinkies package. Perhaps they have changed the rules?
  3. Semantics. If the government says don’t do it... I don’t do it!
  4. I suspect then she will be a cruise to no where, with no stops.... but who cares! Of course the complaints have already started about no Deluxe drinks packages being sold on ex UK short sailings ....!!!
  5. No UK insurance company covers cruises whilst the FCO say “no go” but for us, it is worth taking a chance with the view that we cannot keep living like mice in a cotton wool padded cage any longer and life must return to normal soon. And I don’t think RCI would put their new flagship shiny new cruise ship on sale if they didn’t have insider knowledge that it would be a go and that the FCO guidelines will change. JMHO.
  6. It was filmed in late 2019 by James Corden's company, Fulwell 73...
  7. It was an excellent programme, presented the ship and her staff well; and great to spot so many familiar faces (Reyno..). Looking forward to the next 2 episodes.
  8. It is actually my bucket list dream to fly to NY for the day.... earliest flight gets you in around 11a. Cab into town. Early lunch. Afternoon matinee on Broadway, shopping, dinner then back to JFK for the 11p flight home!!! Simples.
  9. See you on board! I agree this one is selling like hot cakes!
  10. Its 340 for reduced single supplement- the code DP340 actually works when you price up a cruise online too!
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