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  1. Been on both. Meraviglia is the far better ship. Divina poorly designed with a single access way from front to back on deck 7, everyone squeezing through the photo area. Also on Divina YC is not in same area. The dining room is at the aft overlooking the sights of the adult swimming pool. So you may have a mass of bodies on the other side of the glass to your table 😯
  2. To receive a 10% discount for 2019 and 2020 sailings Quote discount code: SUMMER2019 *Please note this is valid for all NEW bookings only. (Valid until 31st August 2019)
  3. Ice show will be either assigned times by muster station, or they will issue tickets. The show will be on a few times so should be no issues seeing it. Grease also on a few times. I’d get there 20-30 mins beforehand to secure good seating.
  4. Out of Southampton my experience is 80% + will be dressed for formal night.
  5. If you have MTD and you make reservations you are generally seated in American Icon.....If you walk up without reservations, you are generally seated in Silk. The restaurants are opposite each other. Of course if one restaurant is very full and one is very empty they will seat you in a different one if you don’t have reservations. There is no need to make reservations. We usually walk up and ask for a table for 2. The other 2 dining rooms are for those with set dining times (early or late). All dining rooms serve the same menu which changes daily. Just the decor is different.
  6. Deposit in England for YC £100pp ($242 for 2). Non refundable.
  7. My 2 friends both have over 525. They travel together and share a cabin. They both get 3 bottles each. So yes you should get 1 bottle each if you are with unlinked DS. It is husbands/wives or people who are in a “relationship “ who only receive one amenity per cabin ...🤷‍♀️
  8. Here is the list of amenities for D+ https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/18063159_CAS_MemberBonus_Amenity_List_v3.pdf
  9. No need with data roaming and if each of you use your 24hrs x2 that is 4 days covered.... These were the recent costs on Explorer. The 24hr cost is higher than the longer duration cost, but on my cruise I got $39.98 as the D+ allowance which covered more than 2 days worth of the Surf. Remember the cost of the package decreases each day as the cruise progresses
  10. My direct MSC UK booking says 60 days before.
  11. Just did a dummy check for Seashore 2021 for the same cruise at the different pick up points. From Genoa 1 YC 19008 From Naples 2 YC 19018/19027 From Messina fully booked From Barcelona 2 YC 19005/19006 From Marseille 2 YC 19010/ 19011 Deck 16 was not offered at any port. £4838 for 2 before any VC discounts.
  12. Certainly Opera and Musica are 2 of MSCs oldest ships so I get your way of thinking...!
  13. Random date next January LGW via DXB to Durban with EK £508pp return.... not bad...?? MSC obviously feel there is mileage in it and as mentioned before Azamara are already there from Nov 2020 (but very dull itineraries and far too expensive for me sadly)
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