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  1. Yup my May 14 is still showing in my planner and that was cancelled March 9.
  2. Also (not) on June 4 and no cancellation email. Booked direct with RCI UK. I got the reminder for final payment the day before though! Odyssey over Easter ( also booked direct).. no cancellation email either. Thank goodness for other sites!
  3. RCI UK say they have an issue when sending to Hotmail accounts! I learnt of 3 of my cruise cancellations via social media! They are apparently able to send reminders of payment due, and cruise planner offers to the same Hotmail account though! 🤷‍♀️
  4. I am booked on X Apex out of Athens too. There you are not encouraged to take the X flights. Therefore I wonder around Athens at leisure for several days prior to the cruise; eat and drink and mingle as I wish.. but the moment I am on the ship I am not allowed off unless on ships shore excursion... how does that work! 🤷‍♀️
  5. They don’t do them on 3n and under out of Southampton. Looks like they are doing them for 4n and longer. How long can a Brit make a booze cruise last...?! 🤷‍♀️
  6. This is the UK remember. The vaccine rollout has been amazing.. they are now calling 45s for their first one so in 10 weeks that age group will be having their second. Ready to cruise 2 weeks after that at the start of July.
  7. Beep beep..., here comes another one! Marella to sail British cruises on two ships from Southampton and Newcastle for under £450 a person for three nights, all inclusive
  8. Regularly book the 8514 “obstructed” 2E on Anthem... which isn’t at all!
  9. This is what RCI are doing with their cruises from Cyprus. Flights and transfers included so you are in a bubble.
  10. We are spending a few days in Athens before and after the cruise. We will stroll the streets and dine out. But once on board we are not allowed off unless we are on a ships tour? How does that make sense 🤷‍♀️
  11. That didn’t take much persuasion! Remember to do the status match so you get 5% off.
  12. Hi! Their new ships are fantastic, stylish, arty, bling... their equivalent of the Promenade is far better than Independence! Service is unobtrusive ( some may say slow): it’s all a bit more laid back. You used to get nibbles with your drinks. Food subjective, smaller portions. Best pizza at sea and also mozzarella freshly made on board. Lots of bars, lots of music and dancing, gentlemen from the Entertainment staff get ladies up on the floor to dance. Entertainment usually more visual/singing to cope with the different nationalities on board ( not an issue on uk sailings)
  13. If you buy a 3n dining package can you share it... ie: can 2 people dine one night using it and then the person uses it solo on another night? Or is it linked to your name only?
  14. That’s why they are doing the flight bubble thing? I noticed it said if you don’t book their flights they will contact you to find out your travel plans. Taking no chances!
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