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  1. Hey Hoopster!!! <<waving>> There is another thread along the same lines and many have posted that they use their D+ on the first few nights and then use the Meal Deal (as I call it) on subsequent nights. I have a 3n Meal Deal on Anthem in September - and I hope to use it later in the cruise! Will post back. Hugs LB!
  2. I only get Surf and I have always been able to FaceTime without issue on multiple ships.
  3. Maiden voyage: Mo5aic played last night. the feathery Showgirls show won’t start till day 12.
  4. What is the easiest way to get from the port to the Fanuel Hall area? What is the best shopping area? Thanks
  5. Looking to buy Come From Away tickets for October.... it is coming up at $150per ticket for the matinee on Sunday!! Is this a normal price or is there a discount site I can use! We don't pay that much in England for the theatre!!! I also checked out Hamilton but that was over $350 each!! I got tickets in London for £75!
  6. Exactly my question below.... if there is disparity in final payment dates it seems that USA guests can get the UP email, bid and receive confirmation of their new cabin way before the UK guests even get the UP emails (if there are any cabins left...!)
  7. If I can see a cabin available on the UK RCI site - do you think that my USA TA who has a UK presence so prices etc are in ££ - will be able to pick it up as it is not showing on their list of available cabins?
  8. If you’ve had a CP balcony in Oasis.... where did you get lunch...? Seems to be a choice between Sabor or Giovannis?
  9. My September Oasis cruise only shows UDP..... there is no 3n package. I thought that both were going to be offered?
  10. If there are 2 of you and you are both D+ you use yours on day 1 and your other half uses theirs on day 2. I also book for one on line and inform them 2 are turning up on board. After all, there aren’t any tables for one!
  11. On Radiance we always found the Champagne Bar in the bulge of deck 6 a nice place to have a quiet drink.It was never busy. It was also my go to place to get a glass of wine to take into dinner.
  12. As Diamond members you would know how RCI prices fluctuate? Book early and get the cabin you want: book late and risk a poor cabin or even the cruise being sold out. Book early and secure the cheaper fights when they go on sale: book late and pay higher flight charges. UK on board bookings now permit one price drop and one swap of ship/date without penalty. I'm sure you could book on board to get this perk and then move the booking to your TA for them to apply the discount. They all work off the same pricing screen so I'm not sure why the on board would be significantly higher (although I have found they always try and sell you the highest grade and most expensive category rather than the lowest) USA bookings clearly say that no price drops after final payment so they would be in exactly the same boat at the 56 day mark.
  13. Q. If I am upgraded to a higher category stateroom with RoyalUp, will I have to pay a gratuity amount based on the new upgraded category? A. Yes, by upgrading to a higher stateroom category, each guest in the booking may be subject to a higher gratuity amount. The Offer Amount does not include the higher gratuity. If the Offer is accepted, the difference between the original and upgraded stateroom gratuities (if applicable) will be automatically applied to all guests (the “Additional Charges”).
  14. Wondering how it works...... The USA final payment date is before the UK final payment date: I believe 90 days vs 56 days USA bookings for my 6/30 cruise have already been sent an UP email. The UK final payment date is not for a few weeks yet..... therefore will they process the UP bids as they come in..... meaning by the time they get round to send out the UP email to UK guests there may be no cabins left as the USA guests have bid already..???? Or are all UP bids processed from one central point globally on a set day before departure?
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