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  1. little britain

    Concierge - Diamond Lounge Differences

    My first attempt at posting a photo.... Bubbles also available but not listed.
  2. little britain

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    Oh goody, what’s the odds that we’ll be getting Independence ...again?! Fingers crossed for Anthem. Thanks for posting about the option to sign up. Done ✅
  3. little britain

    The vexatious issue of tipping

    Room service is $9.38 which includes the service charge.
  4. little britain

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    Ascent and Pinnacle are #4 and #5
  5. little britain

    Currency Conversion Option At Checkin

    It is still there, there is a long sentence with a big list of currencies.. look hard and you will see GBP..... then you can select B.
  6. little britain

    New and Improved CC

    On my upcoming CC roll call we have just scraped 40 people. There has not been a post since Thursday. On a social media site the equivalent facility has 270 members and the last post was 3 minutes ago. Just saying.
  7. Great review so far👏 Do they still have the Escape Room on board and do they charge for it now ?
  8. little britain

    C&A Status on Luggage Tag

    Irrespective of who is the first name on the booking, and irrespective of who has the highest status.... the bag tags have the amazing capability to pick the lower status. LB > who is travelling with a first timer friend and whose bag tags have no status. Am I bothered...
  9. little britain

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    They changed the name of the 2nd ship from Beyond to Apex a few months back. England is getting Apex in Spring 2020. Goes on sale Nov 29. Beyond will be the 3rd ship. Can't remember the name of the other 2...but it is along the same lines. How do I 'unfix' it? LOL!
  10. little britain

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    A:book via a USA TA? B: I'm in same dilemma - do I see if Anthem comes out in Europe I or wait for X Apex to be announced Nov 29, by which date I would have missed the start up prices for Anthem. C; do I book both? D; #firstworldproblems lol
  11. little britain

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    Skipping Oasis purely because of that reason. A full European season when she is “tired” before they do the dry dock so she is shiny and new for her return to the American market.... good to hear that Allure will be DD first! Fingers crossed.
  12. little britain

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    What do Transatlantic sailings get included with? Wanting Anthem’s crossing back from Southampton (if she really is coming to England that is....)
  13. little britain

    Royal Caribbean Website

    And it hasn’t been configured/UAT tested on iPad. This is my option to pick a ship....same “options” appear (or not) when I select a Departure port.
  14. little britain

    No Shows

    Yes, they wanted to with me, the price shot up to 220% 🤑🤯... which is why I left him on as a no show 😇!
  15. little britain

    Royal Caribbean Website

    Cannot even get in from England today. I get a server error access denied. If I go to my account and want to look at dining packages for an upcoming cruise, I also get server error access denied.