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  1. Full disclosure, I'm one of those people who thinks the main dining room gets a bad rap. I've always had a good experience there, and on the rare occasions when a dish isn't to my liking, I just choose another one. Two of the biggest reasons to splurge on an unlimited dining package don't apply to you: some people do it because they've sailed with RCI dozens of times and they're tired of the MDR menu, and others choose to do it on the Oasis and Quantum ships that have a plethora of specialty restaurants to choose from. Brilliance does have some, but not tons. As was pr
  2. If your question is how do RCI massages compare to other cruise lines, I've personally found the spa services on Royal, Celebrity, Carnival and Princess to be virtually indistinguishable. If the question is whether the cruise spa prices are worth it ... some people prefer to stick to their own massage therapists at home, both because of the price and because the therapist knows their preferences and health needs. HOWEVER, I almost always splurge on a spa treatment of some sort. When I get a massage at home, it's wonderful while I'm there, but then I have to get dressed and deal
  3. Mixed feelings. I spent a couple of weeks there in the pre-cruise ship days, when it was just a quaint little island with wild horses roaming around. Part of me would love to visit again, but I also suspect it would make me sad.
  4. YESSS! I'm happy for you, of course, but also selfishly happy to know that another live is coming up soon 😄
  5. That's great news, thank you! It would be great if something popped up before then, but at least I'll have that to look forward to. 🙂
  6. Like many of you, I spent more time than I'd like to admit following along with BirdTravels over the past week. I know I'll have to wait until August (at least) to get any reviews of the Odyssey, but is anybody on the Freedom etc. planning on sharing your travels with us soon? Or at least sharing pics & reviews when you get back? Just so I know how severe my withdrawal symptoms will get before I can score my next hit. 😁
  7. Naturally, everyone has their own level of threat tolerance, and an acceptable/negligible risk to some is not worth it to others. I would simply point out one detail: in a situation like this, from a cyber security perspective, it's seldom the entity itself (such as RCI) that poses the threat. It's the guy who was in the cabin before you, or the rogue employee who smuggled massive amounts of cocaine onto the ship. 😳
  8. Without wading into the ethics of the situation ... I just read on Bird's live thread from the Adventure cruise that they currently aren't using the Freestyle machines since nothing is self-serve. For now, you take your cup to any bar to get your sodas. Of course, how long that will last is anybody's guess.
  9. Since the Odyssey hasn't started sailing yet, unfortunately there's a lot we don't yet know. Hopefully when the cruises start you can get some answers.
  10. Correct, that price is per bed, so only one person needs to book it. 🙂
  11. I also feel that the MDR gets a bum rap. No, it's not haute cuisine, but it's tasty, and on the rare occasions when I don't enjoy a dish, I simply choose another one. And maybe I'm just lucky, but I've always had good service. That being said, I also enjoy specialty dining, the WJ, room service etc. So I guess I'm just not an "avoid at all costs" type of person. As for my favorite dishes: I gravitate towards European-style cuisine when it's done well, but it seldom compares to what I ate when actually living in Europe. 😉 I've been quite pleasantly surprised by MDR dish
  12. Another Mariner fan here. She's the only one I've been on more than twice and holds lots of special memories. 🙂
  13. Yep, this is my take as well. For me, it's not quite as black & white as "yes, I'll cancel" or "no, I won't." I intend to wait and see how things unfold. I've been fully vaccinated for months, and as badly as I want to cruise, I just don't think it would be worth it for me under certain masking/social distancing circumstances.
  14. Heh heh ... yeah, I took John literally when he mentioned a "trip down memory lane." 😄
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