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  1. cruzsnooze

    Will We Qualify for B2B OBC?

    Since everything is included what can I use my OBC for. I have private excursions so that's not a good option.
  2. cruzsnooze

    Coffee Card Update on B2B Cruises

    Sounds fair to me because you got 3 bar set ups. If you think one perk should carry over on B2B then only one mini bar should be given.
  3. cruzsnooze

    California Wildfires

    I am in one of the evacuated areas and came home Saturday evening despite the mandatory evacuation still in effect. The air quality is shoddy in places and clear in others. It looks like a white fog covering the area. The fire that is effecting my area is the Woolsey one ( Westlake) and that has made it to the coast. News reports 17 homes burned down in one tract alone. The smoke will blow over to LAX and there is traffic diversions that will cause delays. The closure on the 101 may open within the next 12 hours. The fear is the Santa Ana wind gusts which are significant and blowing the embers far distances. Once in San Pedro and boarded there should be no issue. I imagine there will be several passengers who choose not to sail because they are uncertain about their homes. Many passengers on these cruises out of San Pedro are from the fire areas since we're locals to the port without needing to fly. If only we could get some rain, wouldn't that be wonderful.
  4. cruzsnooze

    Concierge Lounge for Suite guests

    you may be right about 15% for the bar. I was charged 18% for a foot massage recently.
  5. cruzsnooze

    Concierge Lounge for Suite guests

    How much do people really feel obligated to tip? The daily auto gratuity is to take all the guesswork out of any tipping on board, you're finished, no more is expected. The only exception is the 18% they add onto bar or Spa service.
  6. cruzsnooze

    What Gratuity to Leave at Specialty Restaurant?

    Included in the $29 charge for the specialty restaurants is a gratuity but what amount they won't disclose.
  7. cruzsnooze

    Princess is Number Two!

    Azamara is not a fair comparison since it's 690 passengers and all inclusive, it's a better cruise experience and is not a mass market line.
  8. cruzsnooze

    What Gratuity to Leave at Specialty Restaurant?

    I do not leave a third tip. I tip once in the daily auto gratuity, second in the up charge for the specialty restaurant and you want to tip a third time? All wait staff are included in the daily gratuity.
  9. cruzsnooze

    Upsell Offer

    I think the daily price is too high.
  10. cruzsnooze

    Thermal suite / Sanctuary - suite benefit?

    The Golden didm't have a thermal suite either.
  11. cruzsnooze

    Azamara Pursuit Roll Call

    There were 2 rolls calls and the mod combined them but the bad link is the prevalent one when you try to get to this roll call.
  12. cruzsnooze

    Specialty Restaurants

    Tip is included in the up charge so we don't tip twice
  13. cruzsnooze

    Ruby New Cabin Door Locks

    Instant everything is becoming the norm. People are so addicted to their phones they can't drive without talking or texting. We just have different means of unwinding and mine is to leave tech behind when cruising. I carry the patter sometimes and that works for me. I think you're in the majority and that's why everything is going digital.
  14. cruzsnooze

    Ruby New Cabin Door Locks

    When I checked my email in the internet cafe (after I log out so I stop using minutes) I checked my folio to see my account. They also have a printer next to guest services for printing a copy of your account.
  15. cruzsnooze

    New dining times on Princess

    I started a thread about coming off the Ruby this week. The dining was 4:45 and 5 pm for early. Anytime started at 4:30 so you could just stay afternoon tea for early dining! Early seating does not allow for a trip to Skywalkers for a P/E/Suite cocktail anymore.