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  1. The logistical nightmare is getting my refund and FCC. After I get what's due me and use my FCC Princess will not be my first go to site anymore. I will explore other options and I know I like Azamara and Viking.
  2. I did a TransAtlantic cruise from Barcelona to Florida and it was essentially a cruise to no where. I enjoyed all the seas days. If I knew everyone was tested for Covid then I'd be willing to board.
  3. Stock is up today at $16.27 a good sign especially for those who bought in at $8
  4. Getting back on topic the premise was a cruise where everyone was screened for the virus to best of the ships ability and then nobody would get on or off in an effort to keep it safer. I'm ready for a get away but not unless the risks are minimal. Minimal doesn't mean perfect.
  5. I would like to see the ship have a quarantine block of rooms with a NEGATIVE air flow to prevent cross contamination. If the screening tests are readily available and fast I personally would be happy to take it along with all embarking passengers
  6. Almost anything from Princess can be found on ebay and cheaper.
  7. It could be their mailbox is too full to accommodate any more email at this time.
  8. In the case of the virus it's not only yourself but others you bring the virus to with your right to make stupid decisions. The old cliche comes to mind "one mans freedom ends where another mans begins. " Remember Typhoid Mary?
  9. My point was about screening before boarding and not allowing any chance of outside coming inside with the virus. I like sea days but understand others don't.
  10. Who would join me on a 5 or 7 days cruise out of San Pedro that would have to stop for a few hours in Ensenada but no one disembarks. All safety measures like temperature before boarding and other CDC guidelines being followed. The caveat would be no chance of picking up any virus (not already on the ship) at ports and hopefully no one who embarked was ill. RCL is talking about a quarantine section of rooms on their ship just in case and only allowing 50% passenger capacity. Buffet would not be self serve and seating at all venues would have social distancing. Under the right conditions I would venue back. The biggie for me would be no ports to pick up any virus.
  11. Be aware these suites have sloping ceilings which can make the cabin feel small or claustrophobic to some.
  12. So if the lifeguard at your beach says you can't go into the water right now due to a sever rip tide shouldn't it be your choice if you want to swim in a rip tide? Some people need to be protected from themselves.
  13. Any of TA's gotten an answer about this? Surely someone knows.
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