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  1. Enough with the nickel and diming us at every opportunity. Next thing you know Pizza will be included but $2 extra if you want pepperoni.
  2. I don't tip again, it's already included in the upcharge.
  3. It's viewed as a nice perk when it used to be the normal amounts of OBC not long ago before they cut it in half.
  4. I use that Big Box membership store and they do not call or email us with anything. I am fortunate to get 15% back in cash and OBC and reduced price shore excursions. I have asked this TA to call Princess and see if there are any perks I may have missed and they are accommodating however you need to initiate th call to them.
  5. I know you cannot use a Carnival Gift Card on Princess, I tried to buy one and they told me it doesn't cross lines even though they are the same company.
  6. I personally won't book a non refundable fare. When booking a year out too much can happen to change the dates or my availability so I want flexibility.
  7. I'm still getting the new format with the thumbnail photo's that take a long time to load. The information isn't as available on this new format, I hate it.
  8. The suite perks for elite tier are minimal already. They eliminated the nice canvas tote bags they offered suites. They eliminated post cards from all cabins. Ethis makes a mini suite look more appealing.
  9. You really do sound like sour grapes because you seem to put lots of things down. Lighten up --be happy- life is short.
  10. Crown or Sabitini's are open for breakfast to full suites only. That's why it may appear to be open for breakfast but it's restricted.
  11. I went on an Amazon river cruise and did get yellow fever vaccines however if you don't need them go on your excursions and take a few precautions. We WASHED our clothes in permetherin which last 2-3 washings. We used a deet based mosquito repeleant. Also wear long sleeves and long pants and secure with a rubber band so insects cannot sneak in and wear shoes not sandals. Also a safari type hat with netting to the shoulders. We were on the Amazon a week so it didn't seem extreme but for an excursion I can see where it would seem like a lot to do. If you do go on your excursion bring benadryl cream and capsules.
  12. since it's a non refundable deposit many people won't be very excited, I'm not.
  13. actually there are places reserved for suites such as the concierge loung. Club class is significantly better service and has no wait. ONLY full suites dine in the specialty restaurant for breakfast. Also the thermal suite is included complimentary for full suites. Suites also get into the priority line at guest services. The suite perks are not really a divider amoungst passengers like the Haven is on NCL. If Suites didn't have some special perks no one would book them.
  14. Do you have to wait any time period between fills?
  15. There will always be exceptions since not everyone has a smart phone. You think the cruise line will tell you not to book with them because you don't use a smart phone?
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