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  1. I looked at the link and they really want to collect a mailing list for spamming and selling to other travel and related agencies. This is how you get on so many lists. Needless to say I didn't enter.
  2. cruzsnooze

    Getting Help from Princess main office

    where was it hidden in plain sight?
  3. cruzsnooze

    Tipping Sanctuary

    You pay a daily tip amount which covers everything except Bar and Spa so you can tip more but it's not expected or necessary.
  4. cruzsnooze

    ocean medallion on royal ?

    I was told they would not be available after OM takes over because the door locks would be removed.
  5. cruzsnooze

    15-day Los Angeles/Hawaii

    Although it is a lovely cruise it was too expensive for the few ports. If they had some over night stays in port I would have liked it much better. The naturalist they had on board was very interesting and I attended all her lectures.
  6. cruzsnooze

    Maybe it is just me .........

    I suppose my question is, Why does this matter to so many people ??? WHY does it matter to you? I don't understand why you care to comment on what some else comments on. Their opinion is just as important as yours and you all have the right to ask/ comment on what ever you want. OP sounds like they feel superior to others IMHO.
  7. cruzsnooze

    ocean medallion on royal ?

    If you could get just the cruise card I would. The RFID come in a packet of 10 for a dollar so why fumble with aluminum foil. I have the sleeve over all my credit cards now too, they still fit in the sleeve in my wallet since they're so thin.
  8. cruzsnooze

    ocean medallion on royal ?

    I bought a ten pack of RFID blockers for OM. I'll pull the medallion out only when I want to use it and thus won't be tracked.
  9. cruzsnooze


    You are entitled to 2 bottles per day. They are delivered each evening and left on the dresser. If there is a problem go future sales area where they have the brochures and look up what's included in a full suite and show that to guest services or the loyalty amb. and it will be corrected for you.
  10. cruzsnooze

    Full Suite Questions

    It is one bottle of water per day per person not 2 as someone wrote above. The main dining is open embarkation day but they will try to steer you to the buffet, just say no thank you, which dining room is open today. Sometimes I have received Jack Daniels Red Label not the Dewars so it's hit or miss. Don't forget you have Club Class dining not the regular anytime which is wonderful.
  11. cruzsnooze

    Shore Excursion Best Price Guarantee Question

    what site did you use for a comparison for your price Guarantee for this excursion? I'll be in Cabo on my Mexican Riviera cruise in March. Thanks.
  12. cruzsnooze

    Shore Excursion Best Price Guarantee Question

    I just submitted for that excursion 3 days ago and they haven't responded. What web site did you use for the comparison for the gty please.
  13. cruzsnooze

    Traditional Enhanced Dining?

    Club class doesn't have an assigned time, it's anytime with little or wait so that doesn't sound to be what enhanced means.
  14. cruzsnooze

    Santiago to Buenos Aires

    If you book the cruise come over to the roll call. We are a small group but have many shore excursions booked so you could get suggestions of what's out there. Patagonia is the highlight of this itinerary for me followed by Port Stanley. The Drake passage I have done before and am hoping it's not as "nauseating" as before but I do have a supply of Meclizine this time.
  15. cruzsnooze

    Santiago to Buenos Aires

    I am on the Feb 8 sailing, is that the one you are looking at? It will be my second Azamara cruise and I am looking forward to the smaller ship and more inclusive amenities. My other sailing with Azamara was 10 years ago and they were completely different, even the name was different as they didn't have the CLUB in their name. I sail with Princess a lot and am burnt out of the crowds and mass market mentality.