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  1. That's kind of the point, actually. 😉 Port arrival times are estimates at best, and one of the multiple variables that change from one cruise to the next. So it's all a matter of how much you feel like gambling!
  2. It is an option, just not one that I like. 😉 I know some people love it, which is great. But I always seem to find fewer options, less flexibility with changes/cancellations, and pricier flights.
  3. The Windjammer also has sugar free options, usually a Crystal Light-type fruity drink.
  4. I'm trying to decide if I want to gamble on an 11:05 flight. We're sailing out of Port Everglades and flying out of FLL, so they're practically next door, but I know it's still a risk. Especially since taking our own luggage isn't an option. Air2Sea starts their flights at 11:30, so it isn't too much of a difference, but still a difference. There are plenty of flights later in the day. However, they're 1) a lot later, 2) not direct flights, and 3) much pricier. So I'm torn. 🤨 For those who have cruised in the past couple of months, what has been your experience?
  5. DH and I both work in fully masked workplaces, but in the weeks before our cruise, we plan to cut out everything else that isn't strictly necessary. We're also fully vaccinated and not overly worried about a bad outcome if we did get Covid, but we want to do everything we can to get on that dang cruise! 😉
  6. So glad you enjoyed your cruise!! It's hard to even imagine 500-something passengers on a ship that size. 😳 Did you by chance have dinner at the Solarium Bistro? I know it can work differently from ship to ship, so I'm curious how the Odyssey handles things. Specifically, were there single-serving appetizers that you pick up yourself, and entrees delivered to the table? Or something else? Thanks in advance 🙂
  7. For what it's worth, I've seen conflicting information on the Rising Tide bar ... some say yes, some no. I don't have first-hand knowledge either way, though.
  8. Another fan of Alaska in May! In fact, I've only done the first few weeks and the last few weeks of the season--I don't mind cooler weather in the least, and I can get a nice suite for the same price as the cheapest balcony mid-season. For me, it's a no-brainer.
  9. I think we're talking about different things here ... I was asking about the suite lounge, rather than the Diamond lounge. Although I'm definitely looking forward to taking advantage of those Diamond drink vouchers! 🙂
  10. Oops, my ignorance is showing. 😉 Which ships/classes would this NOT apply to?
  11. Hey, one out of twenty ain't bad! 😄 Glad you enjoyed.
  12. Imagine my surprise when I was watching France's evening news and saw a piece on the Wonder of the Seas as she heads out for her sea trials! It's at the 17:00 mark at the link below. Yes, it is in French, but the footage is pretty cool--I particular like the look of the tiered pool decks. Besides, if you took high school French it might be fun to see if you remember any of it. 😉 https://www.francetvinfo.fr/replay-jt/france-2/20-heures/jt-de-20h-du-vendredi-20-aout-2021_4722629.html
  13. Thank you everyone, I have lots to watch now! And @Hogbay, my apologies, guilty as charged. 😄 Lately I've been enjoying Views and Queues--just a cute young couple that are lots of fun to watch, especially their series on the Adventure which was her first RCI cruise.
  14. Hi folks! I've been checking out vlogger videos as I research RCI ships I haven't sailed before, and I've learned two things: one, there are a lot more cruise vloggers out there than I realized; and two, I enjoy some of them a lot more than others. 😉 Assuming that they aren't also travel agents (because I know we aren't allowed to name TAs here), who are your favorite vloggers that feature RCI ships? Bonus points for why you like them. 🙂 Thanks in advance!
  15. @pippy32388, thank you for doing this, and for anyone else who needs a laugh: the title of this thread really threw me for a loop, since for me, AMA means "against medical advice." 😳 So I learned something new today, and I'm relieved to know that the OP isn't making questionable medical decisions! 🤣😂
  16. So sorry this happened to you. Thank you for your great attitude, and best wishes for a quick recovery!
  17. Definitely true that the passenger demographics can create a different vibe! I've only been on the Mariner once after the "amplification," but that cruise was consistent with my overall experience with 3-day vs. 4-day cruises: the 3-day itineraries falling over weekends do often become floating frat parties (I gave them a couple of tries but eventually just gave up), but 4-day itineraries are shorter versions of what you would find on a 7-day cruise. Our 4-day on the Mariner was the usual mix of everything from kiddos to retirees. Of course, this is only one cruiser's experience and your mileage may vary. 🙂
  18. Unfortunately the simulation cruises are only two nights, regardless of the length of the cruise when it's carrying paying passengers. Of course, in today's climate anything can change, but all of the simulation cruises so far have been just the two nights. It makes sense, really--since they're not generating any revenue, it's not a smart move to keep the passengers on board longer than necessary. But for those of us who have to fly to the port, it makes it a lot less appealing. 😕
  19. Love, love, LOVE this post!!! Yes, shock and disappointment and frustration are all understandable and totally normal. But a positive attitude goes a really long way. Not to mention remembering that we're talking about the ultimate "first world problem" here -- having the luxury of taking vacations at all puts us waaaaay ahead of much of the world's population. Thank you for your refreshing attitude, and I hope you & your family have a fantastic vacation!
  20. I'm intrigued by this! So theoretically, if Cruise Agency XYZ has booked a block of rooms, I would have to call them to find out the pricing? Would the website just say "call us for details?" Again, assuming that they're playing by the rules. 😉
  21. Wonderful, thank you in advance! Enjoy your cruise and today's anticipation. 😊
  22. With this much radio silence from three people who had been posting, there may be internet issues. We might have to wait until they get back to hear how it went. But that doesn't mean I'll stop checking! 😉
  23. The Mariner is one of my favorite ships, so I am admittedly biased. 😉 Unless something changes in the COVID era, you don't reserve shows, but you can reserve some activities such as the virtual reality bungee-trampoline thing. The overall pace is definitely not as hectic as the Oasis class ships. I've never done MTD so I can't help you there. I avoid smoke like the plague, so I've never been in the casino--but I guess that means you don't have to walk through it, since I've been on the ship three times! 😄
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