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  1. Nowadays she would probably be classed as a small ship. Even the enormous 70K tonnes 1800 passenger QE2 would be barely mid size. How things have changed!
  2. I watch the programme yesterday and thought it by and large to be fair comment. What came across to me was that the cruise lines were used to dealing with highly infectious viruses like noravirus and had tried and tested protocols which they put into place. They had however, no experience of dealing with a life threatening pandemic such as Covid-19. When the nature of this became clear they should have suspended operations immediately. But they continued to operate and added to the problem. IMO fair critisism.
  3. Horses for courses. I recognise that there are those who like to keep themselves to themselves and are not interested in socialising with their fellow pasengers. I also believe that they are very much in the minority, and that for most cruisers the social life onboard is an important aspect of cruising. None more so than for solo passengers like myself. Were I still to be sailing with my late partner, being forced to keep our own company might have been just about acceptable if the itinerary was attractive enough to compensate. But the prospect of dining alone on a table for one every evening and being forbidden to socialise afterwards holds no attractions whatsoever. I need to know what I letting myself in for, and that it will be a holiday not an ordeal, before I pay my balance. And unless I know, I will not do so and will forfiet my (£50) deposit.
  4. Sadly, I am in complete agreement. For a solo passenger it would be a joyless experience best avoided.
  5. Oceana was due to sail from Valletta Malta to Dubai on the 15 October at the end of her aborted Summer fly cruise season. She is now in the UK. As P&O are due to recommence cruises on that date it may still possibly go ahead as she would have to go through the Med anyway to access the Suez canal.
  6. The longer this goes on, the more likely imo that one or more cruise companies will go bust. As customer demand is likely to be depressed for some time once the effect of FCC wears off, I cannot see a stampede to buy redundant ships. Rather, I would see the remaining companies adjusting to the new reduced demand and keeping capacity at or slightly below it, creating a sellers market. This would enable them to increase prices and margins. Instead of price they would probably compete on quality, as my logic (is it correct?) is that the major part of the cost of a cruise is keeping the ship sailing, the cost of food etc is relatively small. So we could end up like we were a generation ago, with cruises being once again expensve luxury holidays.
  7. Denarius

    Polo Shirts

    I find this most odd as most of the lines Saga appear to be targeting - Azamara, Oceana, Viking immediately come to mind - have a smart casual dress code every night and to my knowledge accept polo shirts. I was considering booking a Saga cruise but have now changed my mind.
  8. Sadly, I must agree. I cannot see cruising recommencing whilst social distancing is still required.
  9. This is an ominous development for Canary Island cruises, and Mediterannean cruises sailing from the UK. The former will be impossible for as long as Spanish ports are closed to cruise ships unless a special exception is made for the islands - unlikely imo. The latter very difficult if all staples like Vigo, Coruna, Cadiz, Cartegena and Barcelona are out of bounds, leaving only Lisbon (?) and Gibraltar to break up a long haul to French and Italian ports - if berths are available, tendering would appear impracticable if social distancing is still required. Not good
  10. This ship, essentially a larger version of the Royal Clipper, was built for the latter's owner Star Clippers and was to have been named the Flying Clipper. A dispute between Star Clippers and the shipyard however, resulted in her not being delivered. Star Clippers cruises are not cheap, typically about £2000 per person per week cruise only - flights and transfers extra. I expect Golden Horizon to cost similar, as Star Clippers (and to some extent Wind Star) will be her main competitors. I douubt if they will be going for the mass market.
  11. They also have a Facebook page.
  12. I am watching the situation with interest as I am due to sail on her next January, and my final balance is due one week before her repositioning cruise. If the latter does not go ahead, I suspect that the whole Winter season will be cancelled for both her and Britannia. As I paid only £50 deposit, I will not throw good money after bad. If it does, I am hopeful that the season will be completed and I will pay up. Fingers and toes crossed!
  13. There was an article in the paper last week about an analysis of satelite pics of Wuhan general hospital (shown in the article) which revealed a sudden increase in the number of cars on the car park in October last year. It was speculated that this could have been a result of Covid-19 over 3 months before China admitted its existence. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8416163/Satellite-photos-hospital-car-park-China-suggests-pandemic-taking-hold-October.html
  14. Oceana is my favourite P&O ship. Aurora is the one I like least. I like Oceana's free flowing interior, the atrium, the small bars and intimate spaces, a proper nightclub (Le Club), the library, breakfast in Cafe Jardin, the little deck bar at the stern. To me Aurora comes over as dissjointed. A pub where the only place to stand or sit at the bar is in the walkway outside, and filled with the noise of people using the latter. A nightclub with a walkway right through the middle, ditto. Restaurants which you enter from the deck above. A sliding pool roof whose mechanism covers a large part of the adjoining deck. But as they say, one man's meat is another man's poison!
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