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  1. They won't be sending her to the fjords then. 😀
  2. I am age 73 and so am towards the front of the queue for vacination. I intend to take it. Whilst I have cruises booked for 2021 however, rearrangements of those booked and cancelled, I will not be booking any more unless and until some resemblance of normality returns to life onboard. I want a holiday not an ordeal.
  3. Saga have confirmed that this is so. They will provide a shared car and charge a mileage rate for the excess mileage in excess of 250 miles each way. The current mileage rate is £1.75, so if the distance was 300 miles you would pay 2 x 50 x £1.75 which is £175.
  4. I have four future cruises booked at present, three in 2021 and one in Jan 2022. Three of them are rearrangments of cruises cancelled because of covid19, the other a replacement for a cruise on Oceana cancelled when P&O sold the ship. I am not inclined to book anything else until I am reasonably confident that it will in fact go ahead, although an article in today's paper may possibly indicate a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8931375/Cruise-ships-set-sail-January-coronavirus-lockdown.html
  5. I think that these come in group 2, after care home residents and staff.
  6. Thanks for the info. I estimate it as around 290 miles, which is an additional 40 miles each way. So that is 40 times £1.85 equals £74 each way, say circa £150 for the round trip. In the context of a single cabin fare on a Saga cruise that is a marginal cost, and one I would be willing to pay.
  7. If Saga would drive me down to Dover as it will to Southampton (even if it meant paying a charge for the additional 50 miles or so) I would not rule out sailing from there. But I would not want to drive myself, and getting there by public transport would be a nightmare.
  8. Azura in the Caribbean, January of this year. Should have done Ventura in April, Royal Clipper in July and MV Dalmatia (Croatian coastal voyage) in September, but all cancelled - as is Azura next January. Keeping fingers crossed for Spirit of Discovery next May!
  9. It has now arrived, almost seven months to the day from the cancelled cruise.
  10. I live in Bolton. Southampton is within the 250 mile limit, Dover is not. As I would not wish to drive to Dover and Saga do not offer a coach transfer, this effectively rules out about half of Sagas cruises as far as I am concerned.
  11. I note that Saga have today cancelled all sailings before April 2021.
  12. Had emails re cruise credit for my cancelled cruises next Jan on Azura and next May on Oceana. But nothing yet for my cancelled cruise last April on Ventura. Odd!
  13. No way. For me the ports are the main parts of a cruise, not being on a ship. Having said that, I did an Atlantic crossing a few years ago and enjoyed it. But that was a bucket list experience, and I visited places at the other side of the pond before flying home so the transatlantic voyage itself was only part of the holiday. Not sure if I would have been so keen if I had just flown home!
  14. Whether I have sailed with Cunard (for the record, I have) or how many times is totally irrelevant to the question I posed (note, posed not answered). Which was, do the authorities class the Queen Mary 2's scheduled Atlantic crossings as cruises or as transatlantic transportation?
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