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  1. I agree that this appears to be utterly stupid. Does the stupidity however, rest with P&O or with the UK government? It may be that their protocols forbid cruise lines to allow passengers to go ashore except on organised tours, but with no restriction on what form those tours take. So allowing passengers to walk ashore to explore is forbidden, but transporting them elsewhere to walk around all afternoon is OK. Utter madness!
  2. As a solo cruiser, the problem I have with Viking (and many other lines) is that they do not really cater for us. The Viking ships have no single cabins and sole occupancy of a twin brings a 100% single supplement, making their cruises extremely expensive for us. The new Saga ships however, each have 109 single cabins at an effective single supplement (measured against the equivalent twins) of 40% or 50% depending on the cruise which makes Saga much more competitive as far as solo cruisers are concerned.
  3. Wise words, Avril. Other people's reactions to you often depend on your perceived reaction to them. If you make it obvious, even subconsciously, that you dissapprove of them for whatever reason then it is quite likely that they will respond in kind. Attack is often seen as the best form of defence!
  4. Dissappointing news, but it looks as though P&O are doing all they can to mitigate the situation. I am due to fly from Manchester in January to join Azura in Barbados so it sounds as if I will be ok. I sincerely hope so, as it would be my first ocean cruise for 2 years and I am really looking forward to it. But I would appreciate conformation as soon as possible that this is so, so that if it is not I can book an alternative elsewhere.
  5. Try Firefox. It uses Mozilla's own Gecko browser engine rather than the Chromium used by Chrome and (nowadays) Microsoft Edge. Sometimes works when the others don't. It is also more secure.
  6. Probably wore something much more discerning like Converse sneakers and Prison Blues jeans!
  7. I have been in the Caribbean tier since it was created (previously I was a Goldy) but have never received an invitation! Perhaps it is because I take the coach down and usually don't arrive until well after lunch.
  8. I must admit that I am confused. The Gala Night has been replaced by the Celebration Night, but has it been replaced or merely renamed? If so, why? And is it still a black tie night, or have P&O followed some others and moved to the more flexible "dress to impress"? Strange things happen at sea!
  9. From memory, on P&O the "midnight buffet" was actually available from 11:30 and was served in the MDR! The MDR was the only option for dinner and those on early sitting tended to become peckish later in the evening. That was in the days before freedom dining and all day (and night) eating in the buffet. Once more flexible dining arrangements were introduced the midnight buffet became an anachronism and was discontinued.
  10. But to go back to the original question, I would personally like to see the reintroduction of those "little touches" which existed when I first sailed with P&O in the 1990s. Like .... Canapes on the bars before dinner and at the captains reception, where they served real champagne. A plate of assorted chocolates after dinner instead of uninspiring nibbles carefully counted out at one per diner. Drinks in the bars and on deck served on single use paper coasters. Flowers in the cabin. Things which probably did not cost a great deal in the context of the cruise fare but which made it seem a more up market experience.
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