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  1. Because she has public areas designed to cope with the number of passengers carried, as do Oriana, Arcadia, Oceana and Britannia. Azura and Ventura do not. The Grand Princess carried circa 2500 passengers with public space designed to cope with them. Then Princess got greedy and added an extra deck of cabins to later variants, increasing the number of passengers to 3000. But they did not have any extra deck space or internal public areas. Ventura and Azura are of the later Princess design, ships carrying 3000 passengers with public areas designed for 2500. Which is why they feel overcrowded, why seats in the buffet restaurants are in short supply, why you sit so close together in the MDR......
  2. They may also squeeze toothpaste onto your toothbrush whilst you are at dinner, for ease of brushing when you return.. 😀
  3. As per previous replies, 15 mins or so from the shuttle bus drop off point, 30 mins from the ship if walking all the way. But there are also private taxis waiting outside the cruise terminal and if you get off early and get one of these direct to the cable car station you can beat the rush provided that there is not another cruise ship in port which arrived earlier and whose passengers may already be there.
  4. It depends on how many tenders the port can handle which determines the number the ship can launch.
  5. Royal Clipper has european 2 pin sockets, type F in the attached link. The current is 220 volts, 60 Hz. As regards your chargers, these should have electrical specifications on them somewhere. My iphone charger for example, says "Imput 100-240V~50/60 Hz" which of course means it can operate at any voltage between 100 and 240 volts on either 50 Hz or 60 Hz current. https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/
  6. Venice limits the size of cruise ships to less than 96000 tonnes. This limit was introduced several years ago after evidence emerged that the wash from the mega ships was damaging the wooden piles on which the city is built. P&Os Aurora, Oriana, Oceana and Arcadia are small enough to go in, as are Celebritys Constellation and RCIs Radiance classes. But Azura and Ventura are too big, as Iona and her sister will also be. So if any of the latter ships include Venice on their itinerary , they will have to dock at Trieste as the nearest port which will handle a ship of their size and bus passengers in. I do not believe that these ships currently include Venice on their itineraries for that reason but if P&O get rid of alll their mid size ships to concentate on mega ships it will be the only way they can include Venice.
  7. Funny how you cannot remember things, usually because they have not previously mattered! I have sailed on the clippers several times, and know that they have US style flat pin sockets. But I cannot remember whether they will take a 3 pin US plug with a round earth pin as per attached image or only the unearthed 2 pin type. IT has not mattered in the past because my old travel adaptor had only 2 pins, but my new one has 3. Can anyone enlighten me?
  8. Interesting. I have been in the Caribbean tier since its inception, I was previously a "Goldie" For a time I was Baltic. But I have never been invited to such a reception at check in on a single occasion, and was unaware of its existence until I read this thread.
  9. I suspect that it is not the etension lead itself which is regarded as a potential problem, but what people may plug into it. whilst the ships electrical circuit will cope with the load of most domestic appliances which may be plugged into it, it may not cope with the load of several such appliances effectively plugged into the same socket via an extension lead.
  10. Star Clippers ships usually get into port early and disembarkation starts as soon as the ship has been cleared by the port authorities and the luggage offloaded. Typically this will be around 8:30 am. You are usually asked to be off the ship by 10:00. These times may vary so it would be advisable to check with Star Clippers before booking a tour.
  11. Thank goodness for that. I have booked a "strictly" themed cruise despite rather than because of it, because it was going to where I wanted to go at the time I wanted to go. I have no interest in "strictly" whatsoever. Indeed, when someone first asked if I watched "strictly" I head not heard of it and thought that the BBC must have started a reality tv documentary set in a BDSM club as in "this is Mistress Stern, who treats her gentlemen friends extremely strictly"
  12. IMO they already have. I looked at the menu on a recent cruise on Azura and could not find anything I would like to eat. American diner / British cafe items were noticable by their absence and there was little to distinguish it from the fare offered for no charge in the MDR apart from the lava steaks (?) which came at an extra extra charge. And I was less than impressed with the Glasshouse on Britannia which was a pale shadow of that on Azura and more of a restaurant than a bar.
  13. Preferred the Beach House in the early days on Ventura when it was a no cost alternative dining venue offering comfort food - fish and chips, sausage and mash, burgers, french onion soup etc. For when you get that craving for something simple and familiar.
  14. My thoughts exactly. Whilst I would not disagree that exceptional service might very occasionally warrant some financial recognition, it concerns me that P&O regulars are already saying that they will tip as a matter of course. If this practice becomes widespread it will come to be expected, with those not participating being regarded as skinflints. P&O need to nip this in the bud and make it overtly clear that tips are not expected by the staff and that passengers are not expected to give them..
  15. Breakfast is served in the main dining room as well as in the buffet. Auto tips / service charge. It is my understanding that tips will no longer be expected after removal of the automatic charge. Presumably staff wages will be increased to compensate. Black tie nights. A dark suit and tie would be perfectly acceptable.
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