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  1. My experience, the included insurance with Saga goes through medical screening about 12-18 months prior to departure date. They have a policy of all or nothing - if they cannot cover all existing medical conditions (with or without an extra premium), then you will be declined insurance, with the choice of either arranging your own insurance and getting a refund of the Saga insurance, or cancelling the cruise with a full refund. The screening is quite straightforward, and (again my experience) they assume that most of their passengers will have existing conditions (one Captain asked b
  2. A few years back we were on holiday in Italy, visiting a small village in the Naples area. We were browsing inside a souvenir and china shop, when the shop keeper closed the doors and drew the shutters across the window. He explained that there was a funeral and the coffin was due to leave the house of the bereaved, so all homes and shops closed their doors and blanked the windows as a mark of respect.
  3. With most insurance documents, it is the exclusions (especially the "general exclusions")which make the most interesting reading. In fairness, I think this is a situation that has caught many travel insurers on the hop; previously, most round UK cruises called into UK ports, so UK passengers could be offloaded for ongoing treatment under the NHS. As they get to grips most insurers that already cover cruises will probably confirm that treatment by the ship's doctor will fall under the medical emergency section and be covered regardless of whether in UK waters or outside. Until th
  4. Saga usually are quite a bit behind other lines in announcing itineraries, in usual times this would probably be September but might be earlier this year. If you think you may be interested, you an always do an advance registration, have to do it by phone. £90 per person, fully refundable, which gets you a brochure and then a phone call to book ahead of general sale. If you book, the money is deducted from the deposit. If you don't book, you can either get a full refund or roll it over to the next brochure. If you book elsewhere, or simply change your mind at any time,
  5. Assuming that most ship's doctors (who are independent contractors) will charge similar fees. An unusually painful cough - consultation fee £51, cough medicine £3.75. An unexpected faint - which involved ECG and blood count - £576.00. Neither needed any follow up appointment, the above costs are each for a single visit to the doctor. Fortunately, the faint was covered by Nationwide insurance - and they did ask for itinerary and where the ship was at the time. Ship's doctors are not cheap. Very good, but not cheap.
  6. The application of the dress code can, I am afraid, sometimes be less strict outside the dining room. The code applies after 18:00, and while nobody gets into the dining room in shorts, it does happen that sometimes people will still be in the library or lounges (including sometimes the bar) well past 19:00hours, still in shorts and Tshirts . Maybe they did not notice the time, but there are a few who will not get changed until they are ready for dinner (they have to change then - they'd never get past the Maitre'D otherwise). Having said that - DH and I have been to dinn
  7. Very probably. Most people will (or should) be expecting last minute changes - even in normal times, it is not unusual for unexpected changes (weather, strikes, revolutions, etc) to happen - just a fact of cruising.
  8. Maybe Saga know something we don't... the cruise is now on general sale,and Douglas is still on the itinerary. The Orkney Harbours official website only has cruise ships scheduled for 2022 - nothing for 2021, so don't know if that means they have not yet made up their mind, or the website needs updating - or Kirkwall is suddenly going to disappear from the itinerary. I bet whoever has to plan and arrange the cruise itinerary is getting extremely stressed out - will they, won't they, do we include it, do we leave it? Not an easy job at the best of times - even harder now.
  9. I think the idea is to try and be fair to those with cancelled cruises, to try and give them first options on replacements, rather than simply cancelling and letting those with cancelled cruises join the general scrum of rebooking. But nobody has ever had to deal with so many cancelled cruises in one go - whatever they do, however hard they try, somebody is going to be at a disadvantage. Let's hope this is the last round of cancellations and postponements - and for sure they'll be pulling out all the stops to make the replacement cruises as enjoyable as possible (they need happy peop
  10. They have cancelled a huge number of cruises, so I suppose they are really struggling as their normal systems were never designed for this. I really hope that you manage to get through and get satisfactory solutions soon. The Saga shareholders, (according to the shareholder chat forum) (is an open forum, so I can see it) are all thoroughly *****-a-hoop at the minute. Somebody posted the info they got from Saga management at the end of 2019 about what they needed to earn to make a profit. That was 80% occupancy at £234 per person per night. So they are all looking at
  11. It is on the travel update page https://travel.saga.co.uk/travel-updates/coronavirus-cruise-passengers.aspx According to one of the saga shareholder general chat pages (I am not a shareholder, but sometimes gives some interesting info) the new cruises go on general sale on Monday, and somebody apparently has a link to management and posted what they are: Great British Isles Tour - 11th July - 14 nights. Spirit of Discovery - from Tilbury Northern Isles to the Fjords - 8 nights - 25th July - Spirit of Discovery - from Tilbury. Northern Isles to the Fjords - 3rd July
  12. They are calling people on the cancelled cruises in sailing date order, and according to their website they are currently contacting those booked on the Idyllic Norway 3rd August.
  13. Ah well, they say you only hear people's true opinions when they are drunk...
  14. I thought Fletcher's post was a total wind-up just to get everybody going. Nobody out of school still has the "my shoes are better than your shoes because they cost more" attitude.
  15. Acute medicines - Mine just says "No records held" (that is on both the GP practice SystmOnline and the GP practice via the NHS app). At least our cards have the batch number and our name written on it. DH does have the wrong year, mind - 2022. 🙃
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