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  1. We were in the Med in May, 2015 and it was quite warm. The pools did get plenty of use on the sea days. What with climate change and Europe getting warmer I don't think there will be an issue.
  2. We are booked on Symphony for next January and chose an OV balcony on deck 9. We have cabins above and below us for quiet.
  3. Our last cruise was in Nov-2018 for our 50th Anniversary on Celebrity Silhouette for a TransAtlantic. We were hoping they would have the L & M game so we could try out. But alas, it never happened.
  4. Last time DH wore a tux was in 2006 on a 14 day LA-Hawaii RT. Most of the men wore them at that time. In all fairness, we did sail in January so the cruise did lean to a much older crowd. That being said, our last (2018) TA Southhampton-Boston-NYC-Bermuda-FLL was on Celebrity and there is no Formal Night. DH commented more than once how nice it was not to have to carry a suit along. Of course, being a girl, I have many more options. Our next cruise is not until 1/22 on Symphony and I know there will not be any Formal wear for hubby.
  5. We did the Med in 2015 and booked romecabs.com for all our Italy tours. There were 8 of us and it was much cheaper than the ship's tours. But, Covid-19 is a game-changer. All will depend on health restrictions in the countries you visit.
  6. Hubby will text and receive texts. I can't be bothered. I do check in every day via email on the ship's computer. I'm sure the day will come when we will absolutely need a smart phone. But he's 78 and I'm 75 so who knows if we will need it in the future?
  7. I see people totally addicted to their phones, messages, apps, etc. For what? Instant access to games, other people's inane comments, "social" media? It breaks my heart when I see a family out for breakfast and while waiting for their meal, each one is on a phone instead of engaging with each other. I feel that all this technology is isolating us from one another. We each have a flip phone which has all the features but we choose to limit it to phone calls. Most of the time, mine is turned off.
  8. DH & I are holding the line against smart phones. We do have a laptop and I have always signed in for our cruises w/o any problem. All vaccinated and looking forward to our cruise in January.
  9. Several years ago, I don't remember the exact year, we did a family cruise with my parents and several cousins~14 of us~on Grandeur and we had after dinner "shots" every night. My cousin ended up with 2 full sets of glasses. We took turns buying the rounds. I remember one called French Kiss. If we weren't relaxed enough after a long dinner, we sure were after a couple of those drinks. Sue
  10. Thanks everyone for the information. If we get the drink package for DH, we will get the refreshment package for me. We are not sailing until 1/29/22. Our last trip on Celebrity in 11/2018 was a TA from Southampton to FLL by way of Boston, NYC & Bermuda. They were pushing the drink packages & offering discounts throughout most of the trip.
  11. We are new to Diamond level and taking our first cruise as such. I'm reading now that instead of 3 drinks posted on your card, that there are vouchers to be used on "any" bar. Does this apply to ordering wine in the MDR? Also what about specialty coffees? Can you use the vouchers for that? We are debating ordering one drink package for him and a refreshment package for me as I don't drink very much. Any info would be appreciated. Sue
  12. I don't see it in the cruise planner. They do offer a Royal Lunch which is a "traveling" meal as each course is in a different venue. That is $30/pp.
  13. We are booked on Symphony for next January and have been watching assorted cruise videos which sometime highlight the Chef's Table experience. DH was very impressed by this and would like to add this to our cruise experience. This will be our 16th cruise and we thought to add something new to our trip. How do you sign up for this and what is the cost? I was always under the impression that this was akin to dining with the Captain and it was an invitation only venue. Sue
  14. Thanks Ken. How did you like this location/cabin?
  15. We are booked in this cabin next January. Has anyone traveled in this cabin? Wondering whether the bed is near the balcony or the door? Prefer the latter but looking forward to this cruise and this cabin. We were booked last in February, 2020 but Hubby had a serious health issue (Not Covid-19) on the day we were leaving and ended up hospitalized. Thank goodness for health insurance so we didn't lose any money.
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