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  1. What if the other person doesn't drink alcohol? You have to purchase something you won't use?
  2. So not on Symphony? What kind of breakfast is served in the Diamond Lounge? We are new to Diamond.
  3. Watching it almost every day. We are on Symphony for 2/8/20. Will only purchase one as I don't drink much of anything besides some wine w/dinner. We do have a $50 credit so hoping to use it then.
  4. We were on a Westbound TA last November on Celebrity Silhouette in a "hump" cabin with a deep balcony. Dodging Hurricane Oscar, all the balcony furniture was removed for most of the crossing. The last 3 days of the cruise it was replaced and we could use it. It did not stop us from being out there for a time every day. I wouldn't hesitate to take the balcony ocean view.
  5. We were on Silhouette last year and were in the casino every evening and very happy with the no smoking ban. You sit very close at the tables and I, for one, would not stay if there was a smoker there. The casino was plenty busy for a 15 day TransAtlantic. Conversely, we were on Vision for a 12 day Baltic cruise and I have never seen such an empty casino. Dealers were standing around waiting for guest who never arrived.
  6. We stopped in Kusadasi on our 2015 Med cruise and with our private guide visited Ephesus, the Virgin Mary's house, had a lovely lunch and saw a rug making operation. Our tour was ephesusdeluxe. I organized it through our Roll Call and there were 16 of us. The bus was limited to 20. At that time, booking it early, it cost $50/pp. Everyone was very happy with the tour and we still had time to visit the shops at the pier.
  7. For the 2K, I'd take the OV and save the money for a JS on a longer, more exotic cruise. That being said, we took an OV for our 12 day Mediterranean and Baltic cruises because they were so port intensive. Especially the Med as we were gone 8+ hours and were really pooped when we returned to the ship. We did get a larger hump balcony on Silhouette for our TA last November. Unfortunately, we hardly used it do to the rough seas and cold weather. Sue
  8. We used ALLA for all the ports on our Baltic cruise and were very pleased with the guides, transportation and sights seen. I don't feel that we missed anything. The price was much better than the ship's tour and there was only 12 of us on most tours and 15 of us in St. Petersburg. I joined a group I met on our Roll Call who had already booked ALLA. We received a discount for booking all the stops as well as an early booking discount. We were very pleased.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I did find one posting on this forum that itemized all the cabins plus pros/cons. If we do the Med, it will be about the itinerary first. Our last cruise in November was a TA on Silhouette which we loved. Next one is on Symphony to try out the biggest ship. Both were booked with verandas. I would be happy with the Solstice class vessel but DH wants to try Edge/Apex. We'll see what happens when the 2021 itineraries are released.
  10. DH & I are looking for a Mediterranean cruise on Edge or Apex in 2021. We don't like the look of the Infinite Veranda arrangement. Are all the verandas like this or do they still have some "regular" balcony cabins? What do most cruisers think of this arrangement?
  11. We booked ALLA tours for all our stops on our Baltic cruise and only paid when we were in Russia. They quoted the current exchange rate and charged in rubles. I think we had to guarantee a credit card when booking. Best tour ever.
  12. We maintain our weight on a cruise by eating 2 meals a day only. Might have a small snack around 4 PM so we aren't ravenous at dinner. And always take the stairs. I have lost weight on a cruise because I wasn't snacking after dinner.
  13. We brought back sealed smoked salmon from Alaska in our suitcases w/o any problem.
  14. We booked our TA because it was booked as Boston, Broadway and Bermuda. So it wasn't just about the crossing. Our daughter lives in Boston, so we got a visit in with our only grandchild. NYC was an overnight and a private tour of the 9/11 site. Bermuda was another private tour of the entire island with another overnight, although we left @ 6 AM giving us essentially another sea day. Ended up at FLL.
  15. Yes, we were going west. Got turned around. LOL.
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