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  1. I may be very old-school ... if I wanted to reach out to highly-placed executives regarding pressing issues, I would compose a respectful and concise letter, send it snail mail and use registered mail with return receipt requested.
  2. No need to yell. You can take off caps lock now
  3. But we did have MedallionNet on iur sailings.
  4. Off the Ruby 2 wks ago ... no Medallion yet ... but the reader-panels next to your cabin door are installed and operational to unlock your door when your card is touched to the panel. Don't know what type of lanyard you have ... but be aware that you cannot punch a hole in your card and expect that it will work. The shops sell lanyards with plastic sleeves for your card.
  5. Can't honestly speak to your question as I have not yet had the pleasure (?) of an OM cruise ... but it sure seems like a huge wad of $$$$ and an awful long time to bring the program to a fully operational state.
  6. Unlike the suite/elite program, I don't believe Princess has a formal policy for CC wine swapout. It is one thing for Princess to allow all red or all white ... anything else mentioned likely was a one-off. Seems the value of one coffee card exceeds that of the wines. A fair tradeout might be $10 OBC or 4 cans of soda. Enough tradeout requests ... and Princess might modify the CC perks and remove the complimentary wines.
  7. Shouldn't your TA contact Princess and explore this issue on your behalf?
  8. So if Princess considers the pax-made mailboxes to be door decorstions ... must they be of flame-retardant materials?
  9. pms4104


    Well, guess we won't be able to shop again at the Radio Shack there ... likely the very last RS anywhere.
  10. While (almost) everyone may have such devices, it is disappointing that the tech gurus in charge of the program didn't engineer a self-contained device.
  11. If every voyage on every ship operates with a target revenue goal (and I don"t know if thst is the case), you may have to pay corkage again. I would check with Princess HQ.
  12. My comment did not reflect the current dining options ... simply what could happen if passenger behavior interferes with the turnaround day process. What's so hard about respecting Princess' directive? Don't know ... I'd hope that those who go to their cabins before Princess says to do so would explain that. I also understand the 1pm thing may not be on every ship at every port ... but posts above lead me to believe that some of us see the Princess directive (when and where it is announced) as being for everyone else.
  13. I'm waiting for the loud and indignant outcries should Princess determine that no one (but for crew, staff. contractors and the like) will board the ship til all cabins are ready at "around 1pm". The most immediate impact: cabin stewards will be able to work more efficiently without interruption from (potentially 18-20 cabin loads of people) those seeking special favors. Crew and staff are trained to not say "no", so this should take some pressure off these hard-working people. A side effect: the Princess bean counters will treat it as an opportunity to save money and skip offering an embarkation lunch ... except maybe for some cut-up fruit or cheese and crackers in the buffet area. Well, perhaps a real meal for the in-transits would be offered.. Oh, the horror! One more cutback, one more way for Princess to mess with us! And the reality will be that such a change will be a reaction to those who could not respect Princess' directive to stay out of the cabins and passenger corridors til Princess gives permission. As to stowing stuff: if I can keep track of my stuff to and at the airport, on a 4-hr flight, at and from the arriving aitport, to and at the hotel for a couple of days, to and onto the ship ... really what's another hour or two yo schlepp my stuff?
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