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  1. Our cruise was for Sep 2020 We cancelled Apr 15 Ouir deposit refinded Jun 4
  2. Two things ... Not all classes of WN tix are refundable, And For those that are non-refundable, WN issues a credit valid for 12 months from the original flight purchase date ... Any excptions due to Covid are on the WN website
  3. I believe some ships still may be on the other side of the world repatriating crew ... maybe give those crew something to do to earn their keep? Also ... If the company has any liquidity at all, it should be used for pax refunds before it is sent down the medallion rabbit hole. JMHIO
  4. And you know this as fact how?
  5. Thanx for clarifying ... interesting stuff
  6. The restrictions apply to all pax regardless of citizenship
  7. Can't happen ... PVSA
  8. We had been booked on that same sailing ... not comfortable flying and sailing at this time ... cancelled April 15, and Princess refunded our FCD on June 4 ... we chose refund rather than return to our Princess acct
  9. Yep, their pumpkin pie is really bland and blonde in color, as I doubt there are any spices in the pie. I further believe that it was commercially prepared and not baked fresh onboard ... like recent breadstix, french toast, waffles ... low-quality all.
  10. No go ... I do not believe we will see any sailings til 2021
  11. I doubt it's that trying to process and issue credits and refunds IF a company actually has the financial liquidity and resources to do so
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