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  1. Maybe they just need more money to stay afloat
  2. Is it possible that the issue lies with the credit card company rather than with Princess? Have you called them?
  3. For us, it isn't so much about the cost of a smart device versus that of a cruise vacation. It's the requirement that I use my device rather than Princess' wonks designing software that would work on a proprietary Princess-provided device. During the initial rollout, Princess said a device would not be requitred, but that ir would enhance your experience. I understand Covid has been a game changer ... but this seems like a less personal ecperience, and a way for Princess to cot staffing and save money. The press release mentions mobile chat via my device ..
  4. This conversation belongs on the NCL forum, does it not?
  5. I believe that the only fully covered minis are on Emerald deck ... the final 6 cabins on both port and starboard
  6. I vaguely recall that, due to possible fire hazzard, Princess would only permit fire retardant decorations, such as those sold by Princess ... tho I doubt there is a way to certify them so.
  7. OP: book and pay for the cabin you want to sail in. In all honesty, I would be surprised if Princess offered any free upgrades when cruising resumes ... perhaps paid upsells at an amount that Princess deems fair to them ... translation: I would not expect a Dollar Store type of upsell add-on. It's a new day ... until cruising restarts, the lines will continue to deal wirh refunds a d a boatload of ever-growing expenses. Don't embarrass yourself by asking for anything ... but, again, book what you wanr and lose the expectation of free upgrade.
  8. And the $50 pp credit is from a promo? A refare? If we do not get your question, maybe the Princess rep was equally confused
  9. But beyond CDC requirements, are not all CCL lines subject to separate additional restrictions due to their environmental crimes?
  10. Well, it is about more than the CDC ... the corporation has to satisfy separate requirements due to its environmental crimes ... CDC cannot wave a magic pipe to make those go away
  11. Restarting is about more than CDC ... the corporation needs to satisfy separate requirements due to their dnvironmental crimes ... CDC cannot negate that
  12. Where did that come from? The OP said nothing about PVSA.
  13. Not necessarilty OK in the UK ... but the local authorities there, not the CDC, need to be involved in sail/no sail.
  14. I would surmise that KWs mention of environmental standards would preclude any and all CCL ships from visiting
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