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  1. For sooner status, book as a solo in a full suite ... 3 cruise credits.
  2. Yeah, cuts down SHARING ... but I think the PBP at full price of approx $70/day can be had by less than ALL in cabin
  3. Seriously, it's not that complicated, is it? Wait til Princess sails with 100% full ship.
  4. What's next ... add-on for salt free, kosher, gluten free, etc.? $4 veg burger sounds like a cash grab. Princess: can you find more ways to p*ss off your clients?
  5. There are two totally different types of vaccine technology, and I would hope that one's MD would direct people appropriately. And, if unable to get any of the vaccines, I doubt I would put myself in harm's way.
  6. If indeed Princess' new policy July 1 and forward is cancel and rebook and no more refares, all reps and travel agents ought to be held to thst same standard. Possibly travel agents could see their commission impacted by a price drop ... but what about in-house agents who might go above and beyond, and allow refares?
  7. I wonder ... If, for instance, an individual is too immunocompromised to get vaccinated ... Is it wise for them to be at sea for a couple to several days?
  8. As long as people continue to book, everything at Princess mgmt hums along nicely, and they see no urgency to fix anything.
  9. And ... the special cake we received Feb 2020 was more suited for fish food than for human consumption.
  10. Indeed, if no one shares their customer non-service issues up the food chain, life at Princess goes on uninterrupted.
  11. Sadly, Princess seems to count on past passengers being loyal and returning to Princess no matter how badly they treat us or talk to us. One thing Princess could do is to randomly listen in on calls ... and take corrective action on their phone reps as necessary. Lotsa people looking for jobs nowadays. That's just the tip of their customer service iceberg.
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