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  1. Even if removed, the grats are refunded to he/she who paid them ... why would you ask?
  2. Those bump outs have very small balconies, rail to slider/outer cabin wall.
  3. So, that threat has come and gone. A multi-million dollar fine was levied. The court is monitoring the corporation's remediation measures. Princess was not the sole offending line in the corporation. The corporation needs to be held accountable for the violations ... they need to pay
  4. Conspiracy theory? IMHO ... probably good this judge held on to this case. Bottom line is that the corporaton apparently did not learn their lesson, continued with their many violations ... AND covered up their violations. Why do you think there is a current flurry to reduce waste? Eliminate single-use plastics? Etc?
  5. According to a a Miami Herald story I saw this a.m. (sorry, I don't have link but found it thru Google), Micky Arison and Jan Swarz appeared Oct 2 in front of the same judge who has seen them recently. The same judge who threatened to ban the entire fleer from US ports. Bottom line: she told them they're not working hard enough and fast enough to remedy their corporate pollution issues.
  6. Trade ENTIRE set.up for one bottle of wine
  7. We rip CD's, our own or from the library, using the Media Player in our Windows 7 (yes, 7) laptop. We then drag and drop to move them to micro SD cards that we insert into our phone or player. I bought a basic Samsung ON5 phone for $50 ... works great. It was offered for TracFone, and I never installed their SIM, but I can use it for wifi.
  8. Well, Princess cutting it in half then providing one set up per elite would surely cause a ruckus. But carping about the current perk is not helpful to anyone, and I doubt it envourages Princess to provide more of anything for free
  9. But the OP stated that her mom "offered to pay for our trip" ... doesn't sound to me to be a gift or a present ... From my perspective, the saddest thing is NOT being booked in an inside ... but that the OP may not feel comfortable with "Thank you, Mom, your offer is very generous, but we can't let you treat ALL of us. It's more than enuf that you book the girls in your cabin ... and we'll take care of arranging a cabin for us two. Really, Mom, we so appreciate your very generous offer, but it is too much for you to pay for all 5 of us."
  10. Once the 3forFree promo ends, you will lose that air credit if you opt for a different promo ... unless it also offers an equal air credit
  11. Assuming a decent promo with a refundable deposit exists at that future time ... to say nothing if cabin availability .
  12. There's a reason it's called a "future" deposit ... Princesd might apply it to an existing booking ... as payment but without any OBC ... that's how it should be
  13. The only legal protection for ESAs: the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986.
  14. Our experience has been that we needed to show our GE card to enter that lane ... 1-1/2 yrs ago
  15. No, Real ID has nothing to do with kntl travel, currently or otherwise
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