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  1. pms4104

    The Royal Should Do Well in The West

    Curious in what way the clientele out west is different. Can you please expound on your comment?
  2. pms4104

    Princess Gift Cards now on princess.com

    Princess has offered them on their website for several years. Thank you for the reminder
  3. pms4104

    Princess Gift Cards

    Bought plastic Princess gift cards a couple of years ago and applied them, once onboard, to our acct ... no problem. Words of caution: keep a paper trail of your purchase and the use of the cards toward your fare and other things you may expect to be reimbursed in event of travel insurance claim. Some insurance may not reimburse gift card amounts if you are unable to prove you actually paid for the cards, and are actually out $$$, rather than got them as gifts.
  4. pms4104

    Princess website changes

    Hasn't it been about 2 years now since Carnival Corp let 200 IT peeps go in favor of outsourcing their work to a French firm? These employees had worked on Carnival, HAL and Princess projects. So, if those who were let go worked on the website design and execution ... maybe that explains the current site. The offshore peeps really messed up HAL's site .. and now they're having a go at Princrss' site. Anything's possible.
  5. pms4104

    Toiletries on Princess ships?

    Princess provides shower body wash and combo shampoo/conditioner in in-shower dispensers ... I bring my own. Princess also provides lotiin and bar soap, both of which I find accdptable.
  6. pms4104

    Upsell Offer

    Whether an upsell cost is a good deal od not also would depend on one's origibally booked price ... launch fare or, based on demand, lots higher or lower than that.
  7. pms4104

    Princess website changes

    No changes for me in upper Midwest ... maybe Princess is market testing or rolling out changes regionally.
  8. pms4104

    Captain's Circle Question

    I was trying to make a point about entitlement. Actually, I'm pretty darn good at managing stuff and making logical decisions. I thank you for your concern and pity.
  9. pms4104

    Captain's Circle Question

    I'm trying to imagine if everyone entitled to priority anything brought along 3 more people with them ... or, if everyone invited to the Captains Circle party brought along 3 more. Seriously, it makes ng head hurt.
  10. pms4104

    Wondering about the "3 For Free" Promotion

    My guess is that if Princess is prepaying the grats, and the passenger reduces kr removes them, the prepaid amounts would be refunded to he who paid them. That would be Princess.
  11. pms4104

    Ruby New Cabin Door Locks

    As to the missing mailbox, think I'll bring along a brown paper bag, mark it "Mail", find a non-marring method to affix it to our door or the former mailbox location.
  12. pms4104

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Our Nov 18 Coral sailing from L.A. already reflects the new times ... so it's starting soon.
  13. pms4104

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    So when the Ocean Medallion is fully operational fleetwide perhaps there will be loud beeps when TD peeps try to enter the AT dining room ... no need for staff to verify, as the Ocean Medallion will alert who's in the wrong dining room, and staff can redirect them. Wonder if the Ocean Medallion IT peeps have been tasked to make it happen. More than one way to fix the long lines.
  14. pms4104

    General Comments

    Yes, page load is pitifully slow ... I've used Chrome and Opera browsers on both my phone and tablet, and the site is so slow that it reminds me of dialup. This site only, so I know it's not my devices.
  15. pms4104

    New Format - New Questions

    Any reason loading pages takes so long? Used Chrome and Opera on my phone and tablet...this is only site so slow on these devices and browsers.