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  1. lived in Albuquerque (ABQ) and have 4 children ( mommyof4)
  2. We were looking at this cruise as well, the way my TA explained it is because it starts before the restrictions are over ( no cruises longer than 7 days) and ends on US soil the CDC regulations come into play. Now looking into the TA from Rome, gets us to another continent ( Africa)
  3. i don't live with the attitude of if I die I die, i'm just not afraid of death. I do what i need to keep myself and those around me safe.
  4. When do we sail??? I'm not looking to get covid, but if I get it and die I get reunited with my daughter who has been gone 9 years in November. Which is why we cruise, to get away from everything. I really need to cruise
  5. Avoid being the couple for the marriage game of you embarrass easily, nothing is offblimits, it is rated R for a reason.
  6. I know this is wishful thinking, but I think it would go a long way in customer service for Princess and other companies to go ahead and give cruise credits for those cruises paid in full and then cancelled by them. Just my Opinion
  7. Keeping my hopes up that we will still cruise in November. has anyone done this excuionrsion in Cozumel? if so what are your opinions. It is a ship sponsored tour. Thank you
  8. just got back from costco. at $8 a pound i had to pass on kerrygold
  9. i only buy butter Kerry gold is a favorite
  10. what about those that do have a chronic condition that is well controlled? Asthma is a chronic Condition that can be well controlled High blood pressure is a chronic condition that can be well controlled Diabetes is a chronic condition that can be well controlled A person who is on long term meds for certain Chronic conditions that are well controlled. Vacations are the best way for these people to relax which will help these people remain healthy
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