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  1. Just recently getting back on Cruise Critic and can't believe Bob is no longer contributing his expertise. He was the BEST !!!!
  2. They charge NJ residents extra !!! Just kidding. See you are from OC. My wife and I grew up in Linwood and Northfield and summers on the OC beach and boardwalk. Could use a slice of Mack and Manco pizza !!!
  3. Can I use my 3 diamond drinks in the MDR?
  4. Both ships are well maintained. Advantage to Navigator for ship layout. Love the 4 story Promenade. Royal ships better kids activities. Advantage Libery for comedy clubs and free food options (Guy's burgers, Blue Iguana, Deli, Wok) .. better pizza and 24 hr ice cream.
  5. There were 10 ships there on Thanksgiving day and it was fine.
  6. The free burger at the pool grill is just average. I was not impressed with the Ernesto burger which is an extra cost.
  7. Guy's burgers are the best. Royal's are the worst. Celebrity, Princess, and HAL are ok.
  8. It was closed because the question was answered and did not require anymore BS.
  9. You do not need to know the detail .. just answer the OP's question.
  10. I feel your pain. People on here can be vicious and want to know all your personal issues. I was attacked 2 weeks ago for a similar post everyone wanting to know the specific issue so they could help. IT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS.
  11. Good summary. You will find newer Carnival ships more to your liking. Love all the free food options on Carnival and the comedy club. Can't beat Royal if traveling with kids or grandkids.
  12. As of my last Carnival cruise in Sept 2018 they still did.
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