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  1. We now only book the Princess Plus option, so the mini-bar set-up is not that important to us anymore. We switch it all out for water bottles...
  2. A few months back our 2023, Sydney to LA, 27 day cruise on the Emerald was cancelled. Princess moved us over to basically the same cruise on the Majestic, 28 days, in April 0f 2023. At that time, the Majestic cruise was $2,000 pp more for the same cabin. We were very happy with the way they handled this cancellation.
  3. This also happened to us on several cruises. The reduced prices were for new bookings only, which would cause us to lose a lower priced airfare. On these "only new booking" price drops, we have not been able to get Princess to budge on their position. This is after several discussions with supervisors. Pre-covid days, we never had a problem prior to final payment.
  4. You might have to rebook your air? A few weeks ago, we re-fared a South American cruise because of a price drop and we lost our air booking. We had to rebook it.
  5. A few months back, our 2023 Emerald cruise, Sydney to LA, was changed over to the Majestic. It took about a month for us to see the changes...
  6. This has been the topic of conversation for the past month. You might want to search the threads for the discussions...
  7. Having sailed on both many times, we prefer the Emerald. But, they are both very nice ships and you will not be disappointed in either one.
  8. With the sailing of the Majestic in Alaska, the Maitre d'hotel position has been renamed the Director of Restaurant Operations. For us, this new name gives the impression that the position is now more of a "Bean Counter" position and not the traditionally hospitality driven responsibilities of the Maitre d'hotel. In our experience, the Maitre d' has always been very visible, accessible and helpful. Time will tell how this affects the dining room service and atmosphere... The following is the Wikipedia definition of the position; "front of the house", of a formal restaurant. The responsibilities of a maître d'hôtel generally include supervising the waiting staff, welcoming guests and assigning tables to them, taking reservations, and ensuring that guests are satisfied.[
  9. We usually do longer voyages and USUALLY the one segment is economically better for us. It's all a matter of doing the $ math and seeing which one is better for you. Enjoy your cruise! Btw, we might be on the same cruise. We board the Regal on Oct 26th (2022) in Rome for 37 days...
  10. We are hoping for an early September approval for kids under 12. This would allow sufficient time for a December cruise...🤞🙏
  11. Anyone notice that there has been a change in the Maitre'd title? Now called Director of Restaurant Operations. Interesting???
  12. We are also booked on this cruise with 5 cabins and our 7 yr old granddaughter. I'm sure Princess has not canceled the kids on this cruise yet because there is still the possibility that kids under 12 can be vaccinated this fall.
  13. We are not currently onboard (we will be on the Majestic for New Year's). But, I can tell you that the staff is a bit nervous as to how DMW will actually work in real time. Time will tell...
  14. Totally agree, airfare seems to go up as you get closer to your departure...
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