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  1. LACruiser88

    Grand Schedule Adjustment

    Golden going to be sold to P&O next year, followed by the Star in 2020...
  2. LACruiser88

    Coral Princess

    Having sailed on all the above mentioned ships numerous times, there is nothing that compares to the Royal Class ships! From the cabin layouts, the showers, the in-cabin wall-mounted large screen TV's, the on-demand TV programming, the dining options, the decor, the bar venues, should I continue? We like the Coral and will be sailing on her in a couple months, but PLEASE there is no comparision to the Royal Class Ships!
  3. Not worth the hassle for $100!
  4. LACruiser88

    Waitlisted for Hotel in Sydney

    We have upcoming cruise out of Sydney in March of 2019. The Princess hotels were limited to one very expensive choice. We booked great hotel, at fair price on our own...
  5. LACruiser88

    Ruby Plaza Deck

    We frequently book cabins on Plaza deck. The doors to the Piazza are frequently closed at night, not always. We have never been bothered by noise from the Piazza or from above.
  6. LACruiser88

    Are Elite Perks Generous Enough?

    My biggest issue with the Captain Circle Program is that it is based on Sea Days and Cruise Credits. It should be based on Sea Days Only. It is not fair to reach Elite status by doing a bunch of short cruises. Just saying...
  7. LACruiser88

    Captains Circle Savings?

    We always check prices before making final payment and Princess has always honored a lower price.
  8. LACruiser88

    WiFi calling with Verizon

    I have not used the above mentioned app, but making phone calls via Skype or Facebook Messenger work well via the ship wi-fi...
  9. LACruiser88

    Schengen issue on Transatlantic cruise

    We have done many TA from Europe to Florida after spending as much as 45 days in the Med. We have never had our passports stamped...
  10. LACruiser88

    any experience buying wine at port in Barcelona??

    There is a great wine shop in the Grand Central Market (La Boqueria)...
  11. LACruiser88

    Is SHARE being phased out?

    I believe Curtis Stone contract was for 5 years. I don't seeing it going away before then, but should not be expanded to any more ships. Sabatini's menu should be seeing a change soon, so I've heard...
  12. I totally agree that Princess should update their tier system. Too many cruises have TOO MANY Elites. On these overloaded cruises it has taken as long as 4 days for our laundry to be returned. I know you are listening Princess, PLEASE HELP!
  13. LACruiser88

    Most traveled luncheon

    It varies quite a bit depending on the passengers. With over 500 sea days, we rarely get invited on Los Angeles based cruises. On international based itineraries we make the cut about 50% of the time.
  14. LACruiser88

    New perks for more traveled !

    More rumors! How about waiting until Princess makes an official announcement...:confused:
  15. LACruiser88

    San Pedro progressive check in

    Best time to show-up in San Pedro is 3:00 pm, you walk right on with no lines at all!