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  1. They are good to go, no assembly required!
  2. At least it sounds like everyone has gotten their Medallion for the correct cruise. We just got ours for a cruise that was cancelled 6 weeks ago! And we still can't get our Nov 6th cruise on the app!
  3. We just made appointments at a local CVS (Agoura Hills) for Nov 4th. They had many time slots...
  4. You were lucky! For us its been a month with the same issue and we are still waiting!
  5. We got the same call for our Nov 6th cruise. It has not shown up on our app yet. The Medallion folks have been "working" on it for a month! I guess we'll just show up at the pier with our documentation.
  6. The last time we disembarked there was in late November of 2019. They did not have kiosks, but did have 2 lanes for Global Entry. Only took us a few minutes to pass through.
  7. We have a recently booked cruise on Nov 6th that is not showing on the app because our cancelled Nov 5th Hawaii cruise is still on the app. I was told by the Medallion folks that the new cruise will not show up until the cancelled one is removed by the folks in the Santa Clarita office. But, in your case they both show up, crazy! Unfortunately, we can not complete any of the pre-boarding steps until the cruise shows on the app. Our worst case scenario, we will go to the pier with our paper work and complete the process there.
  8. From the Princess web site: Yes. In accordance with health authority directives, these cruises will be operated as vaccinated cruises, as defined by the CDC, with guests and crew vaccination rates approaching 100%. These cruises are available for guests who have received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the cruise and have proof of vaccination, in accordance with CDC guidelines. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination and the dates given will be required and will need to be shown at the terminal prior to boarding. Failure to provide this evidence will result in denial of boarding. There is no age restriction on this series of cruises but guests of all ages must be fully vaccinated. 
  9. At the present time, kids under 12 are not able to cruise because they are not able to be vaccinated. It is hopeful, that in November kids 5 to 11 will be able to receive the vaccine. Once this happens, all kids 5 and up will have to be vaccinated to cruise. And, kids under 5 will more than likely not be able to cruise until they can receive the vaccine.
  10. If you were doing your first Panama Canal transit, this itinerary would be disappointing because it misses most of the traditional ports. This is clearly a start-up/re-positioning itinerary. We have been through the canal many times and would have enjoyed this cruise. We are however, looking forward to transiting thru the new locks in February.
  11. Yes you can. They are supposed to bring back many of the features that they took off the Princess web site in November? You can also request an old fashion card onboard.
  12. Which cruise? We are on the Majestic, Nov 6th and again on Dec 29th and we can not pick a time yet?
  13. Interesting. Not the traditional Panama Canal itinerary. We'll be onboard for the Feb 12th, LA to Ft Lauderdale. Looking forward to hearing about your voyage!
  14. I am having a hard time seeing the difference between masking on a 7 day cruise and a 10 day cruise? What am I missing??? Are there more germs on a 10 day cruise? Maybe this is the new President's initiative? He thought the Medallion app was a good idea!
  15. Mask policy varies depending on voyage length. Voyages less than 10 days: First, we strongly encourage guests wear face masks when in public spaces indoors. ALL guests will be required to wear a face mask – with no exceptions – in elevators, retails shops, in the casino, and other designated areas except while eating and drinking. Guests will also be required to wear face masks prior to being seated in our main dining rooms and in the buffet area, and occasionally in other designated areas where larger number of guests may congregate. As a reminder, masks are required during embark and debark in the terminal, and masks should also be worn during the debarkation process on board. Voyages 10 days or longer: All guests must wear face masks covering their nose and mouth while indoors at all times. Exceptions are made while they are eating or drinking, receiving spa treatments relating to the face, during high-intensity exercise, in pools, whirlpools or sauna, as well as in their stateroom. General Mask Guidance: We recommend guests wash or replace their mask daily and choose a good quality double-layer cloth or medical-grade mask. Please note that visors and face shields will not be accepted as a substitute for a face mask. Unvaccinated guests will be required to wear a face mask at all times while indoors, in accordance with health authority requirements. Additionally, when going ashore, guests must be prepared to follow all local guidance regarding masks and physical distancing. The status of local guidelines will be shared with guests prior to debarkation at the destination. These new requirements are being implemented to protect our guests and crew while onboard. Several destinations have implemented their own requirements and all guests will be required to follow the protocols in each destination we visit. We expect these requirements will be temporary and we appreciate your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you aboard.
  16. In order to accommodate an earlier start to our return to service for Crown Princess, we will be cancelling the following voyages: • Pacific Coastal 4-day voyage departing Los Angeles on April 29, 2022 • Alaska Sampler 4-day voyage departing Vancouver on May 3, 2022 Guests booked on these cancelled cruises will have three options: Option 1: Princess will offer to move guests to an equivalent cruise (see replacement voyage list). The rebooking offer will have the added benefit of protecting the guests’ current fares, incentives and promotions on their recommended replacement cruise in the event the new cruise fare is higher. Your new booking will be in the equivalent category, subject to availability. This is the default offer. Option 2: Future Cruise Credit. Sail with us again by accepting a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) of 100% value of cruise fare paid as a refundable FCC. This gives our team a chance to shine at a later date by using the Future Cruise Credit on any voyage booked by and sailing by December 31, 2022.
  17. ALL guests will be required to wear a face mask – with no exceptions – in the following areas/situations: Elevators Designated indoor entertainment areas Retail shops The casino, except when eating or drinking Prior to being seated in our main dining rooms and in the buffet area Occasionally in other designated areas where larger number of guests may congregate During embarkation and disembarkation in the terminal During the disembarkation process on board
  18. In the past several months, we have been on 5 domestic flights back to LA from other States. There has been no mention of this form. This is the 1st I've heard of it?
  19. Sometimes this has been done so they can hang the failure on someone else and try to come out clean on the other side. Jan, is that what is happening???
  20. I stand corrected, the following from the CDC: Quarantine if you have been in close contact (within 6 feet of someone for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) with someone who has COVID-19, unless you have been fully vaccinated. People who are fully vaccinated do NOT need to quarantine after contact with someone who had COVID-19 unless they have symptoms. However, fully vaccinated people should get tested 3-5 days after their exposure, even if they don’t have symptoms and wear a mask indoors in public for 14 days following exposure or until their test result is negative.
  21. Since "Mrs Whoever" was in the same cabin as a positive testing cabin mate, common sense would dictate that she be quarantined. Am I missing something??? Until someone who actually has this occur to them tells us about it, we are all guessing as to the actual response by Princess.
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