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  1. As of March 2nd, it also includes teachers: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/retail-pharmacy-program/index.html
  2. Take 5 is a nice looking bar....but sorry...it's just not the same as Crooners.....☹️
  3. I put a new cruise ON HOLD and when I called them, they changed the on hold date to April 11th. They said I still needed to fill out the form they sent about what you wanted. They said they were handling the cancellations first and then they would do the moves of FCC etc. They said they had to move it back into my account first and then move it to the new cruise. I guess I will wait a few weeks and see if that happens. A couple traveling with it said they got the same message.
  4. Yes. We got the official email from Princess. We booked online. Maybe you didn't because you went through a TA and your TA is supposed to notify you? Just guessing... Yep..our 2022 cruise on the Crown is also cheaper than the Sky this year.
  5. Not everyone will want to move to the cruise in 2022. Some will just cancel. Some (like us) are moving to a cruise in 2022 with the same ports, but in a different month.
  6. Question for anyone who has cancelled and booked a new cruise, but not the one that was 'automatic' for 2022.... Yesterday, I put a new cruise ON HOLD since we are traveling with another couple and want to be in a cabin next to them. I called this morning asking them to move the 'money' from the cancelled cruise to the new cruise. On that cruise, I had $200 in FCCs for each of us, plus an FCD was used for the deposit....which I didn't understand at the time, but that was also a cruise previously cancelled. Anyway, this person told me that I had to wait until "Princess" moved the FC
  7. I am actually hoping the replacement cruises have a bunch of typos. We were supposed to be on the Sky in 2021 and the currently listed cruises in 2022 are on the Crown even though the announcement says they are on the Sky. Really hoping they are on the Crown---my favorite ship---that would be the only positive thing. Groundhogs day anyone?
  8. I am going to trust the magic 8 ball. I asked whether my end of August UK cruise would go? It answered "Without a Doubt"! Works for me. 😁
  9. Maybe not... Interesting story... Russia is trying to lure people to get their vaccine by offering free ice cream: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-30/as-others-rush-to-vaccinate-moscow-lures-takers-with-ice-cream?sref=2xIinRXp
  10. At our (MN) Department of Health briefing today, they indicated that although they would be 'widely' distributing the J&J vaccine when available (our 1.6% of the total ☺️) , they would likely use it on populations that are difficult to get to return for 2nd doses. Their examples were the homeless population or those with transportation difficulties.
  11. We did have a kettle in fall 2019 on a trip from Southampton on the Sapphire to the Canary Islands. We were in a balcony if that matters. It might also be true if there is a very large majority of Brits on board? On our cruise, I am guessing nearly 90% Brits....
  12. My state (MN) has been using the saliva testing and even built their own labs to process the tests. It takes about 10 minutes to fill the tube with spit. We have several by appointment locations to do the spit test, but also have the option of doing it from home:
  13. It depends on the cabin. On the Crown, the Premium Balconies are mostly related to location. I 'think' on that ship they are either on the Aft of the ship or on Caribe deck mid-ship which Princess determines are better locations. The balcony may be larger, but you need to check the deck plan and visually determine that. On the Crown, all balcony cabins (regular and premium) are larger--half covered and half- un covered. They don't have a couch. The dimension difference is usually the size of the balcony which is included in that calculation. For 2 people, we haven't felt cramped in a balcony c
  14. I have one cruise booked through a TA and one I booked online through Princess directly. Can the TA "see" both cruises or can she only see the one I booked through her? I guess I assumed she would see both of them, but she has been trying to sell me the destination that I don't have booked through her. I only sometimes book through her if she has a good sale going on....but I've never mentioned that to her... Just curious.... Thanks.
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