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  1. You don't have to socialize if you don't want to... ☺️ You also don't have to order a drink if you don't want to. DH and I enjoyed it because it was quieter than some parts of the ship....and we just sat by ourselves. It is also nice when it is on the ships that have a Skywalkers as it is a nice view if it happens to be while leaving a port.
  2. We were just on the Sun in February. At that time, the desk 'chair' was a stool with no back. At that time there was also a barrel chair. There was no small table in the cabin, but there was one on the balcony.
  3. We love balconies on the Grand Class ships. In February, we were on the Sun Princess and prior to going, I was concerned about the size of the balcony. It turned out to be 'ok', even though smaller. Now we are looking at a cruise on Regal. We have never been on the Royal class ships. I know these are also small balconies. Can someone who has been on both the Sun class and Royal class tell me what to expect? Are the Regal balconies SMALLER than the Sun class....or about the same size? Trying to decide if I should pay extra for the bump out balcony on the Dolphin deck. TIA.
  4. We just did this cruise also in February on the Sun and the Bay of Islands was one of the ports. (Sydney to Sydney)
  5. The cruises in Australia don't seem to offer beverage packages ahead of time. However, they have been available on board. We just got off the Sun Princess on 2/17 Sydney to Sydney. The price of the Soda Package On board was $7 AUD / Day. I thought that was a GREAT deal! There was no cup that came with it (and no big bottles of water either as some reported on other ships)...and it was kind of odd as I didn't see it advertised. I just asked for it at one of the bars. I saw both the PBP and the Coffee "Card" advertised.
  6. I think there are no guarantees. I thought I would respond since I see you are from New Zealand. We were just on the Sun Princess in February round trip from Sydney to New Zealand and DH wanted to bring on a bottle of wine from a couple of the ports there. I warned him that it could be taken away. However, we walked on with a bottle in 2 ports and no one said anything. We would have paid the corkage had anyone requested it.
  7. It might be a little late for the OP, but we just got off the Sun Princess on 2/17. The price of the Soda Package On board was $7 AUD / Day. I thought that was a GREAT deal! I am surprised you could purchase it ahead of time....it never showed up for us in the Cruise Personalizer. (I am from the U.S.) There was no cup that came with it (and no big bottles of water either as some reported on other ships)...and it was kind of odd as I didn't see it advertised. I just asked for it. I saw both the PBP and the Coffee "Card" advertised.
  8. We stayed near the airport the night before the cruise. The next morning we went back to the airport and picked up the Princess transfer from the airport. Just another option....
  9. When we were leaving from Southampton a few years ago, we used the Hoppa bus to get to our hotel. We came in the day before our cruise and stayed at a hotel near the airport. https://www.londontoolkit.com/lhr/hotel_hoppa_bus.htm We bought the tickets online ahead of time, padding the time greatly to allow for luggage pick up and customs. We ended up ready to go before the time on the ticket and it didn't seem to matter to the bus driver...just took the next bus. We bought round-trip tickets, so the next morning we went back to the airport and picked up the Princess Transfer to Southampton... Easy.
  10. Thanks much. Okay, I think I 'get' it now. We will actually be leaving from Wynyard Station, so I think I 'tap on' there and then don't 'tap off' until I get to Katoomba. We will be picking up the replacement bus at Central. Too bad about the track work though. It makes a fairly long day trip even longer, with the replacement buses.
  11. Thanks for posting information about track work. This one won't affect me, but it did cause me to go and look at my planned train from Sydney to Katoomba (Blue Mountains) on Saturday, February 2nd. I see that part of that journey is being replaced by a bus. If I look at the Opal Travel app, it indicates for this bus replacement "Opal not available". Does this mean I can't use the Opal card for this part of the journey and if so, how will I need to pay? Thanks.
  12. Be sure and be someplace on Panama Canal day that you can hear announcements. We were up and on an outside front deck at 5:45 AM as we had heard from announcements the night before that we would start transiting the canal at 6:45 AM. After going through the first locks, we went to the back of the ship and watched the gates closed. We were supposed to meet our excursion (ferry through the canal) at 8:45. Thinking we had plenty of time, we went and got breakfast in Horizon Court. Fortunately, we heard an announcement about 8 that they moved our meeting time UP to 8:15 AM! A bit of a race to finish breakfast, get back to our cabin and grab our stuff and get to our meeting place. So do listen for announcements that day....as anything can happen... πŸ˜‰
  13. Yup. You can ask to share. We generally make a reservation for 2, but the one question they always ask is "Would you like to share?"
  14. Something about those Lido deck balconies.... We had a 'move down' offer about 4 years ago...ours was from a Lido deck balcony to a Caribe deck balcony. We didn't get as much back as you did, but we did get a nice chunk of OBC. Enjoy your cruise! :cool:
  15. We also stayed at the Hotel Continental in August. I would describe it as a bit quirky. :D We weren't crazy about the free food and wine, though DH thought the beer was good (it was hot....might not have had to be too good). However, for us, it was all about Location Location Location. Right on Las Ramblas with a tiny balcony overlooking it. It was so hot when we were there and we would just stop back into the hotel to cool off---the A/C worked great!!! We also used the Aerobus from the airport..the only confusing thing was figuring out which direction to head for the hotel from Placa Catalunya while being jet-lagged....we decided next time we will bring a compass! Easy walk to the Metro which we used to get to La Sagrada Familia. Easy walk to Placa Catalunya for the Ho Ho Bus. Easy to 'ramble' down Las Ramblas. :cool: Clean and nice---I think our balcony room had been refurbished...I don't recall any pink, though the eating area had the floral wallpaper. It might not be good for the mobility challenged. The elevator was out when we arrived. If this happens to you, assuming you are with someone else, have them go up the steps (while you wait with the bags) and get the hotel people to carry your bags up.......it is several flights.....a bit too many for me to drag my suitcase and ended up breaking my handle. :( We would stay there again....though I can see where it wouldn't be for everyone.
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