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  1. I think my assumption for a while has been that it would be an annual vaccine like the flu vaccine. My optimism is that the early vaccines will not be quite as good, but the more people that get them would reduce the likelihood of getting covid. They will continue to improve on the covid vaccine as they did with the Shingles vaccine. Soooo...we won't be back to 'normal' next year....but we can hope for improvement.
  2. One would think that for medical supplies and vaccines, the government could charter a plane or something? Or perhaps I am being too logical? 🙄
  3. I remember getting the rather dubious swine flu vaccine in 1976. I was going to the University at the time and they were inoculating people in (long lines in) the Student Union . I think they were also using National Guard Armories and High School gyms to do the inoculations. It seems like those types of places might also be a possibility. My state has been using Armories for Community Testing sites.
  4. Flights recently opened for a cruise scheduled for late summer 2021. EZ Air is REALLY limited in the options for Business Class....NONE for my preferred airline. I looked at Premium Economy and it is a HIGHER price than booking directly through the airline. However, it is Flexible, which is the ONLY way I would be booking right now. It DOES have the times I want, so I might just book the Premium Economy as a 'place holder' in case the prices go up instead of down. I think the airlines are pretty limited on flights they are offering (at least through EZ Air) right now until they know how many people will be comfortable flying by then....
  5. My DD is an NP for Long Term Care facilities. She is now being tested weekly....with the nasal swab that goes up to your brain... 🤪 I think that is the current CDC recommendation for LTC staff.
  6. We have used Delta several times with EZ Air out of MSP and have always been able to pick our seats in any class. Shortly after booking it will also show up in your Delta Miles account if you log on there (even before final payment).
  7. I heard one of the docs on t.v. describing some of the people going in for tests as "the worried well". I thought that was a great description why some might go get tested. In my state they are having some random community testing just on specific days that anyone can go to with or without symptoms as they try and determine how widespread it is.
  8. More for those who continue to look for sources of information: Webinar: The Review Process for Vaccines to Prevent COVID 19: A Discussion Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH, Regents Professor, University of Minnesota, Director CIDRAP (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy) Stephen M. Hahn, MD Commissioner; US Food and Drug Administration Margaret A. Hamburg, MD, Former Comminssioner; US Food and Drug Administration The link is on the page below---scroll down a bit ---couldn't paste it as I got a note that you tube links cannot be pasted or something like that..... https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/ Dr. Osterholm also has a weekly Podcast regarding various topics related to Covid-19: This week’s episode: https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/covid-19/podcasts-webinars/episode-27
  9. MedJet Assist has information about Covid and they will transport you home....though of course....the port has to be willing to let you off the ship AND you must be admitted to the hospital for Medjet to apply: https://medjetassist.com/medjet-blog/blog/2020/01/24/medjet-services-alert-coronavirus
  10. This is a Premium Deluxe Balcony--D719. All the Premium Deluxe Balcony cabins on Dolphin D711-D725 and the balcony cabins Aft on Dolphin D701-D710 have these larger balconies. There are also a bunch of Premium Deluxe Balconies on Dolphin forward and a couple regular balconies on Dolphin forward with these nice balconies.
  11. Yes. They seemed about like Caribe deck on the Grand Class. Here are some pictures.
  12. There are some regular balcony cabins Aft on Dolphin D701-D710 which have larger balconies. There are also some Premium Deluxe Balcony cabins on Dolphin D711-D725. We stayed in one of those in February and they were very nice. They had a love seat and a nice big deck.
  13. I think you should also discuss it with the airline along with Princess. We have the same situation for a February 2021 cruise, that I doubt we will end up going on. I booked air thru EZ Air without the under 2 year old. My plan was that once the tickets were created, I would call the airline (Delta in my case) and be sure to get the infant added to the ticket. We did this on a non-cruise with my other grandchild when he was under 2 and Delta added him to his Mother's ticket, but then also had to create a 'free' ticket.
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