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  1. I am looking at an Island Princess family cruse next spring. On Grand class ships, there is a connecting door on balconies that can be opened, so if you have 2 balconies next to each other, you can walk between them. I know the Island is a smaller ship and a different design. Do these connecting balcony doors exist on the Island? We are specifically looking at mini-suites on the Caribe deck 10 Aft area. I do know about changes made to Island Princess that many don't enjoy. I will also miss the International Cafe. 😥 However, it is the one cruise we found that checked there rest of the 'boxes'. This cruise is more about getting back on a cruise ship, an escape from the cold and for the little grandkids -- a first cruise. To them, I am pretty sure it will be a HUGE ship! 😁
  2. Oh ugh. This is problematic for us. Our 2 year old and a 5 year old grand kids are supposed to be on a cancelled and rescheduled once already family cruise in February. Their parents absolutely intend to get them vaccinated once the approval is there, but it's going to be cutting it close for the 2 year old. 😒 I wish if Princess is doing this, they would at least move back final payment which is in November, until we see more timelines for vaccine approvals.... (And just an aside, both kids have absolutely no problem wearing masks whenever they are required. The 2 year old thinks that is just a normal part of life, since most of her life has been during covid. 😷)
  3. I doubt it's because you go thru a TA. The only time we ever had anything simiilar to this, it was actually a 'downgrade'. 😁 Princess called me (and I had booked thru a TA) and offered to give us some very nice onboard credit to move to a lower level balcony cabin. This was several years ago and we had booked one of the Lido deck balconies on a grand class ship. They offered several choices and when I heard "Caribe" deck, I said "Yes please! ". This was back before Princess realized many of us really like those big balconies. 😉 Not sure why, but for some reason, they really wanted my cabin. Maybe a big group or something?
  4. Diet Coke Neither cans nor bottles. Only from the 'gun'. See this thread for more info:
  5. DH always has me find and bring along a map of the area we are cruising in. Magnets work great for hanging it on the wall! 😊
  6. If you heard this on Don's channel..... I think he must have been thinking of the Island Princess and the comments below that video reflect that.....
  7. Welcome to Cruise Critic! The short answer is Yes! you can use it in the MDR for any drinks. I can't help with the Southampton questions. See this thread for more:
  8. YYMV However, DD just applied for passports for her 2 kids and her husband applied to renew his. They DID NOT expedite them, but they got all of them within a month. Just FYI.
  9. Actually, you are no longer allowed to bring cases of water on board (unless they are in cans or cartons). This is from the Passage Contract which I couldn't find on the Princess website by itself, but you can find if you do a mock booking: Guests are also prohibited from bringing water, sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages on board that are packaged in bottles. A small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., sparkling water, sodas, juice, milk) packaged in cans or cartons may be brought on board on embarkation day, only if carried on in Guests’ hand luggage (not in checked luggage). A small quantity is considered a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12 ounces each or less per person. Guests will be asked to discard open beverages in plastic containers prior to boarding.
  10. ...and if the OP is looking for something similar to Alaska... How about Norway?
  11. ...and then if they got rid of the artwork, just think of all the extra space! 😉
  12. You are really lucky! I would go for that. Our stop (also in August) is cancelled and replaced with an overnight in Cobh / Cork.... Now trying to decide if we want to fly in a couple days early to Dublin and then fly to LHR to go to Southampton to get on the ship.
  13. We received notice from Princess that the Dublin port has been cancelled for our 2022 British Isles cruise. 😒 They didn't give a reason, but a bit of googling seems to indicate it is partly a result of Brexit. https://afloat.ie/port-news/dublin-port/item/50479-availability-concerns-over-berths-for-large-cruise-ships-at-dublin-port Thought I would post it in case people miss the email.....
  14. Not to mention the fact that we all know that depending on who you talk to at Princess, the answer might vary... 🙄 Getting some 1st hand answers from others can be helpful, even if that is also not a guarantee. 🙃
  15. Just thought I'd add this link to document your post: https://www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/waterfront/events/cruiseship.asp
  16. You can just stop by any bar and pick up a bottled water any time you like. You can also request them in the dining room. I believe it is only 1 at a time per person, but nothing to stop you from stocking up in your cabin.... 🙂
  17. Of course, you do have to be able to find these elusive wonderful TAs. I currently am on the 3rd one I have tried (based on a recommendation of someone I met on a ship) and she is 'ok', but I really don't see enough of a discount to make me use her on every cruise. I have yet to find a TA who has the knowledge that I have on my own. So, pretty much back to booking most cruises on my own...unless I happen to run into one of the above people on a cruise who will give me the name of their TA.... 😀
  18. Hmmm..Although I have no reason to believe all of this is true in the article--why is this Cruise Law website the ONLY place I can see this on the internet? One would think the media would be ALL over this. Quite odd... 🤷‍♀️
  19. @beg3yrs Thanks much for sharing what you did. I tried something similar, but it still didn't clear. Next I tried just changing the whole flight and picking seats that were available for the outgoing flight. When I got to the return flight, there weren't many seats available (especially since it didn't clear the ones we were booked in), so I decided it was getting too messy. I just 'x'd out back to My Account. Then I went and looked at the flights again. Too funny. NOW we are back to our ORIGINAL seats! 🤪 Anyway, now we are 'good', though I will continue checking as it seems like Princess has some issues with the EZ Air online app. Thanks!
  20. Be sure to check your seating assignments on the new flights they give you. We just had this happen for February 2022 flights that we have 7 people booked on. We WERE all seated together, but now I am still trying to get that back to being straightened out. My Delta app is correct, but Princess doesn't see the seating assignments. I am hoping this will sync overnight. Last night I fixed one flight and today Princess has that one. I can't book the seats on the Princess site because...of course...they are already assigned...to US! 😳
  21. My DD might have a different opinion about the 'need'. 😁 There will be 7 of us together (2 cabins). When 2 of the 7 are 2 and 5 years old.....the more available bodies to help corral them and carry on 'stuff' the better....
  22. I have seen others ask this question, but haven't yet seen an answer. Are you able to book the arrival time for another cabin connected to yours at the same time as you book your time? Just trying to coordinate since we are traveling together....
  23. Just one thing to add. When we have managed to be one of the first groups to board and I go get my first drink, I have gotten into the habit of asking the bartender for sure if the package shows up. On 2 different cruises, it didn't show up yet and he said they must not have loaded the packages yet for the cruise! On my last cruise, it was 2 hours later and a trip to Customer Service before it was loaded. I found this really annoying and likely the cause of several charges that shouldn't have been on people's bills. This was pre-pandemic and pre-Plus so I hope they have fixed this problem by my next cruise.
  24. As I understand it, the bar used will be the one nearest to you when you order it. At least that's the way it worked on our Medallion cruise pre-pandemic. So, likely all bars are being used, but they could be busy or not depending on how many are ordering.
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